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Publication numberUS2318122 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1943
Filing dateFeb 7, 1941
Priority dateFeb 7, 1941
Publication numberUS 2318122 A, US 2318122A, US-A-2318122, US2318122 A, US2318122A
InventorsCortlandt Williams Theodore
Original AssigneeCortlandt Williams Theodore
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Article carrier and stand
US 2318122 A
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T. c. WILL IAMS 2,318,122 ARTICLE CARRIER AND STAND May 4, 1943.

| l l L u m m Z M1295; I

Patented May 4, 1943 T orFlCE 1 Claim.

The invention here disclosed relates to article holders of a type adapted to be converted into a form of supporting stand and the general objects of the invention are to provide a holder for articles of general or special utility, which when so desired, can be quickly and easily be converted into a stand for supporting and storing such articles in convenient and accessible relation for use as required.

Particularly, it is an object of the invention to provide a carrier for beach and picnic use, adapted to contain such articles as would ordinarily be associated with such uses and so constructed as to be combined with a collapsible post adapted to be forced into the sand or earth.

Special objects also are to construct the holder or carrier in a way to properly retain and protect the various articles which might be useful for the occasion and which in its function as a stand will support the articles most conveniently for use.

Other desirable objects of the invention will appear as the specification proceeds.

The drawing accompanying and forming part of the specification illustrates one practical embodiment of the invention, but it should be understood that structure may be modified and changed in various ways as regards this particular illustration, all within the true intent and broad scope of the invention as hereinafter defined and claimed.

Fig. 1 is a plan view of the case or container with part of the top broken away.

Fig. 2 is a cross sectional view on substantially the plane of line 22 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view on substantially the plane of line -33 of Fig. 1.

Fig. i is a side view showing the case combined with the post to form a stand.

The case is shown as composed of a body portion 1, a fixed intermediate top portion 8, and hinged top covers 9 and I0.

While usually desirable to construct this case in circular form such as illustrated, it will be realized that the same may be made in square, oval or other shapes.

A particular feature of the case and one reason the circular shape may generally be preferred is that it has a continuous passage through the central portion of the same by which it may be slipped over the supporting cane or post. This passage is shown in Fig. 2 as provided by a rigid sleeve H, secured in the center of the case between the back Wall I2, and the intermediate rigid front wall 8, these walls having openings l3, [4, in line with and forming continuations of the bore in the tube I I.

The cover sections 9 and It, are shown as connected with the fixed top section by continuous or so-called piano hinges l5, l6, and as having dependent edge flanges H, I 8, engageable in close fitting relation down over the rim of the main box section. These dependent rims are shown as carrying hasps I9, 20, cooperable with the key released locks 2|, 22, on the side of the boX.

The interior of the case maybe divided to suit any special requirements.

For general purposes, a substantially central partition 23, may be provided extending substantially diametrically across the box from one side wall to the other, and at one side of the central mounting tube II.

This partition is shown as having a flange 24, at the top turned angularly away from the central tube as an overstanding means for partly retaining articles in the compartment.

In the structure here shown, the lesser of the two main compartments is broken up into two smaller segmental compartments by a cross partition 25, and one of the smaller compartments so provided is closed by a segmental door 26, hinged at the top at 21, to the angularly turned flange 28, at the top of the cross partition 25. This may be a spring closed door provided with a handle 29, and having a close dust tight fit as for the protection of special articles, such as eye glasses and the like.

Spring clips 30, are shown carried by the main partition 23, opening upwardly to receive such articles as oiled silk bags or similar covers for cameras or other articles too large to go into the case.

The supporting post may be in the nature of a cane, but'usually it may be considered best to construct it in sectional or collapsible form, so that it may be stored, when not in use, in the case.

As shown in Fig. 4, the support is made in three sections 3|, 32, 33, detachably connected by screw joints 34.

The top section 31, is shown as having a handle 35, detachably screwed thereon at 36. This may be used as an aid in connecting and disconnecting the sections and for forcing and turning the post down in the sand or earth.

A further aid to the engagement of the post in the sand or earth is shown in the form of a helical screw rib 31, on the pointed end of the lower section 33.

Some form of abutment shoulder may be provided on the post for supporting the case at the desired level thereon. In th illustration, the upper post section has a cross pin 38, driven through the lower end of the same. The bottom of the case rests on this cross pin and, if desired, may have a detachable keyed engagement therewith. In the example shown, the lower end of the through tube H, is slotted at 39, to receive the ends of the cross pin, thus to hold the case against turning on the post and also to enable the case to be used, if desired, for leverage purposes, for turning the post in or out of the earth or for separating the sections.

The cross pin or supporting shoulder in conjunction with the handle, serve as means for retaining the case on the supporting rod. The handle however, is readily detachable, so that the case can be quickly removed. The handle 35 is shown as having more or less hook shaped ends 40, which may be used for hanging up articles, such as coats or sweaters and if desired, this handle may be extended or broadened sufficiently to serve as a seat or rest.

The case is preferably provided with a carrying handle such as indicated at 4|. If desired however, a handle may be provided by simply passing a cord or other carrying element through or into the passage through the center of the case. This passage is entirely closed off from the interior of the container, so that the contents are protected at all times from any such carrying means and from sand and dust, etc.

The box structure may be made partly or wholly of metal, wood or cloth, veneers, leather or leather substitutes, various plastics and the like. The size and shape of the case may be varied to suit requirements, as for carrying the articles used at beach picnics or by beach fishermen and the like. The mounting of the case by slipping it right over the end of the rod assures a firm connection, such that the case can not become accidentally disconnected and the supporting of the case on the upper end of the rod locates it up away from the sand and surface dust to keep the contents clean and to keep the box in sight where it will be easily seen for instance, by the owner bathing or playing nearby on a beach. The height of the support also preferably should be suflicient to keepthe case above the reach of pet animals and the like. By locating the post passage at the center and hinging the cover sections to opposite edges of the fixed top portion, these cover sections may be opened up to positions of rest against the opposite sides of the post. When engaged on the post, the case is braced and held so that the cover sections may be easily raised and lowered against the holding friction of the continuous hinges.

What i claimed is:

An article carrier, holder and stand, comprising in combination, a carrying case having fixed top and bottom walls and an open-ended tube fixed to said top and bottom walls and providing an open passage through said case and closed off from the interior of the case, said case having a hinged cover providing access to the interior of the case at one side of said tube, a supporting post of smaller diameter than said tube, said post having an earth piercing point and having a cross pin at a distance above said earth piercing point, said case adapted to be lowered over said post and said fixed tube being notched at the lower end of the same to interlockingly engage said cross pin of the post, to thereby enable said case to be used as a handle for turning and forcing said post into supporting position in the earth.


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