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Publication numberUS2318786 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 11, 1943
Filing dateNov 5, 1940
Priority dateNov 5, 1940
Publication numberUS 2318786 A, US 2318786A, US-A-2318786, US2318786 A, US2318786A
InventorsKenneth Lannert, Korte Alfred C
Original AssigneeCarter Carburetor Corp
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Centrifugal pump
US 2318786 A
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M y11,1943. AQKWE m 2,318


Patented May 11, 1943 NITED STATES [PATENT OFFICE Alfred0.KorteandKennethLannert,8tLlnuis,

110., asaignors to Carter Carburetor 0011M- mstuliamo aoorporaflonofnelaware Application November 5, 194., Serial No. 364,848

iclahns. (q. m-s'n 'I'hisinvention relates to fuel pumpsand more particularly. to electrically driven defltflmll type I It is an object ofthe present invention to provide an improved pump of the above character adapted to operate submerged in the liquid to be It is a further obiect of the present invention to provide a novel inexpensive rotor structure forapumpoftheabovecharacter.

Other obiects and advantages will become ap-- parent upon reference to the following description and accomflmrins drawing. I

Fig. 1 is a vertical section of the pumpconstructed in accordance with our invention. l 'lg. 2isabottomplanview ofthe rotorre- V Numerals I and 2' indicate upper and lower sections of the pump housing'structure. These sections are provided with flanges la and lo and are attached in any suitable manner 'as with which is fitted into the upper housing section I. himp casing members 4 and I are provided with central openings II and i6, respectively, through which passes the rotor I. Opening II also provides a central fuel intake to the volute member 4. Circumferentially spaced fuel inlet ports ll through the wall of lower housing section 2 are providedv and a circular screen it guards these inlets. Motor brush structure is generally indicated at ll being supported in the lower housing section 2. A pump discharge passage is indicated at II which communicates with the groove 4.

In operation, fuel enters the inlet ports I! and flows into the spaces between the impeller blades as indicated by the arrows from whence it is thrown by centrifugalforce into the volute groove 4 and thence out. throughthe discharge screws (not shown). Fitted into the upper end of the lower section I is a pump'easing comprising a disk-like member 8 having a volute groove I formed therein and a disk-like cover member I. Journalled in the housing structure at i and 'I I is a vertical rotor generally indicated at l which comprises a shaft 0, a motor armature II, a pump impeller II, and a commutator it. The impeller ii is formed asanintegral part of a suitably mass of molded, dielectric material which extends around the armature through the interstices of the winding and downwardly into the shell-like commutator effectively bonding these parts together and to the shaft 0.

Thegeneralshapeofthismassmaybevariedas desired, in the present form,- however; it has been shaped to provide ample protection for the armature andtopresentasmoothoutersurface which willrotate submergedinaliqllld wltham'inimum amountof resistance. Itwillbe also understood thattheimpellermaybelocatedateitherendof theshaftifsodesiredinsteadofbetweenthearmatureandimpellerasinthepresentform. It'

istobefurther-understoodthatanyofthecommercial synthetic resins oran'! other non-con- 1 ducilngmaterialhavlng mltablephyslcalproper- .tieaandwhichmaybemoldedinaliquldorplasticstatemaybeusedtoformthismass.

with the above construction it willbe apparent that applicants have provided a compact, rigldelectricpumprotorhavlngamotor armature, a commutator. an impeller, and a shaft ilrmlybonded'togethsr.

Inthepresentformthsimpellerisprovlded bladesilasshowninl'lg.2whicharealso ormedasanintegralpartoftheinsulating mass.

llotoi'l leldstriicmrelslndlcatedatll' passage 2.;

The foregoing descri tion and accompanying drawing are intended to be illustrative and not ing laterally of said shaft to form a disc-shaped impeller.

2. In a centrifugal pump. a rotor including a shaft, an armature core and windings about said core. and a continuous cementitious dielectric mass surrounding said windings and bonding said parts as a unit upon said shaft, said mass including a projecting portion constructed and arranged to form an impeller.

3. In a centrifugal pump, a rotor including a shaft, an armature core and windings about said core. and a continuous cementitious dielectric mass surrounding said windings and bonding said partsasaunituponsaidshaft,saidmassextendinglaterallyof saidshaft indisc-like formats point spaced'from said core to provide an impeller element.

4. In a centrifugal pump, a rotor including a shaft, an armature core and windings about said core, and a continuous cementitious dielectric mass surrounding said windings and bonding said parts as a unit upon said shaft, said mass extend-v 8 laterally of said shaft in disc-like form at a point spaced from said core to provide an impeller element,-and being reduced in diameter to enclose insulated leads outward of said impeller.


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U.S. Classification417/423.3, 310/88, 310/157, 310/43, 310/66, 415/217.1
International ClassificationF04D13/06
Cooperative ClassificationF04D13/0653
European ClassificationF04D13/06D