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Publication numberUS2319729 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1943
Filing dateOct 12, 1940
Priority dateOct 12, 1940
Publication numberUS 2319729 A, US 2319729A, US-A-2319729, US2319729 A, US2319729A
InventorsFord Gladys C
Original AssigneeFord Gladys C
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Umbrella and article carrying attachment
US 2319729 A
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May 18, 1943.

G. c. FORD 2,319,729


My present invention relates to holders, and more particularly to an improved umbrella and article holding device for attachment to a carrying case, such as a suitcase.

My invention refers particularly to an article carrying case, adapted to be removably attached to a suitcase or similar article carrying device at a position adjacent the handle portion thereof. When thus attached the device preferably lies against the side of the article carrying device, and has means for holding a rather bulky and possibly damp article, such as an umbrella, in position alongside the article carrying device and in position also to be readily removed therefrom and put into use. Preferably, but not necessarily, I have provided in connection with the device a pocket or similar element in which may be conveniently carried light articles, or a rainproof article of apparel.

The object of my invention is an umbrella holding device adapted for ready attachment to the handle portion of a suitcase, or similar article, and which device may be readily removed therefrom.

In the accompanying drawing forming part of the specification Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a suitcase showing a device embodying my present invention in position thereon.

Fig. 2 is a sectional end elevation on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1, and

Fig. 3 is a developed plan view of my device with parts broken away to more clearly illustrate the construction thereof.

Referring to the drawing, Ill designates a substantially rectangular member of suitable length and breadth and made preferably of leather or similar material. Preferably formed integral with the member ID, at one end thereof, is a flap or leaf ll of a width slightly less than the combined width of the body 12 and cover I3 of a suitcase or similar article carrying device It.

This flap or leaf H is provided with a slot l5 therein through which may freely pass the carrying handle it of the suitcase l4.

Secured to the body Ill by sewing or in any other convenient manner is a flexible member I! to which is attached a buckle l8, and which buckle cooperates with a strap I9 secured to the flap or leaf ll. When in position on the suitcase M the flap or leaf H is placed on the suitcase M with the handle N5 of the suitcase extending upwardly through the slot l5 of the leaf H and the strap l9 brought into association with the buckle l8 to hold the device firmly in place.

When thus positioned the body I'll lies adjacent a side of the suitcase.

Secured to the body it), on the side thereof remote from the suitcase it, is a flap 2!. This flap is attached to the body it) in any convenient manner, as by the stitching 22 and rivets 23. The flap 2%, together with the body Ill, define a pocket 24 in which may be placed various articles, and particularly is adapted to hold a rainproof article, such as a mackintosh.

At the end of the body Ill, remote from the flap or leaf H and preferably formed integral with the body It is a leaf 25, clearly shown in Fig. 3. This leaf 25 is adapted to be folded over in a roll and upwardly of the body In to define a box or passage 26 in which may be placed one or more umbrellas 29, or a plurality of canes, or the like. In order to hold the leaf 25 in the rolled position, I have provided, adjacent the free edge of such leaf, straps 21 which are adapted to engage with buckles 28 secured to the outer face of the flap 2i. By means of the straps 21 and buckles 28, the leaf 25 may be rolled sufficiently tight to hold the articles, such as the umbrella 29 firmly in position in the device. The entire device may be removed from the suitcase M at any time and may be hung up by means of the slot l5 and without removing the umbrella 29 or other articles from their position in engagement with the leaf 25. If desired, the entire apparatus, above described may be removed from the suitcase l4 and the slot i 5 in the leaf ll thereof may be utilized as a handle for carrying the device with the umbrella 29 in position and with other articles in position on the pocket 24.

Whereas, I have described my invention by reference to specific forms thereof, it will be understood that many changes and modifications may be made provided they come within the scope of the claim.

I claim:

An improved article carrying device adapted to be removably attached to a suitcase and comprising, a body, a flap attached at one end thereof, a second flap attached to the other end thereof and provided with means for removably attaching the same to the handle portion of a suitcase, a piece of sheet material of substantially the same superficial area as the area of the body and attached at three sides to the said body to thereby form, in conjunction with the body, an article forming pocket or envelope, and means on the sheet of material and on the free end of the flap cooperating to hold the flap in article holding position with respect to the body.


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European ClassificationA45C13/40