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Publication numberUS2320450 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 1, 1943
Filing dateJul 16, 1942
Priority dateJul 16, 1942
Publication numberUS 2320450 A, US 2320450A, US-A-2320450, US2320450 A, US2320450A
InventorsValenzuela Pedro
Original AssigneeIsmael Spencer
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Belt clip for pistols
US 2320450 A
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June L 1943. P .VALENZUELA 2,320,450

BELT CLIP FOR PISTOLS Filed July 16, 1942 Fed/0 Valenzuela Inventor UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE BELT CLIP FOR PISTOLS Pedro Valenzuela, Presidio, Tex., assignor of onehalf to Ismael Spencer, Presidio, Tex.

Application July 16, 1942, Serial No. 451,183

1 Claim.

The invention relates to a belt clip for pistols, particularly pistols of the automatic type, enabling such pistols to be clipped to the waist band or the belt of trousers, either inside or outside of the trousers, whereby the pistol is safely supported in a readily available manner, and the primary object of the invention is to provide a clip of the character indicated which will not interfere with the mechanism of the pistol, and which will not interfere with insertion or withdrawal of the pistol from a holster where a holster is used.

Other important objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent from a reading of the following description taken in connection with the appended drawing, wherein for purposes of illustration a preferred embodiment of the invention is shown.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a general right hand side elevational view of a conventional form of automatic pistol showing the device of the invention installed thereon.

Figure 2 is a top plan view of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is an enlarged perspective view of the v clip.

Referring in detail to the drawing, the numeral 5 generally designates the clip which comprises a vertically elongated substantially parallel sided fiat plate 6, provided in its upper and lower ends with holes 1 and 8', respectively, of a sufiicient di ameter to pass the upper and lower screws which hold the side or grip plate H on the side of the handle portion of the pistol which is generally designated l2.

From the upper end of the plate 6 there projects at a slight upward angle a segmental lateral enlargement 13 which is adapted to lie along the flat side [4 of the pistol handle, and this portion l3 has a spring finger l5 projecting still further laterally therefrom. In the arrangement shown in the drawing the upper edge Hi of the plate 6 is angulated upwardly and forwardly and the upper edge I! of the spring finger I5 is aligned with the upper edge IS.

The finger I5 is a substantially parallel sided relatively narrow spring bar which is offset laterally from the side of the pistol as indicated in Figure 2 of the drawing, for the greater part of its length, the outer end of the finger terminating in a laterally inwardly bowed terminal l8 to act in the manner of the terminal of a fountain pen clip or similar clip. Besides adding to the spring action of the finger l5 the outsetting thereof acts to provide adequate clearance for the unimpeded action of the slide stop IS on the pistol.

It will be observed in Figure 1 of the drawing, that the upper part of the pistol clip is spaced sufficiently below the slide 20 of the pistol to avoid any interference with the action or disassembly thereof, and that the lower edge of the spring finger is located above the trigger assembly so as to avoid interference therewith. As a result, the slide stop, the slide assembly, the bushing, the barrel, the recoil spring, the recoil spring guide, and the plug of the piston can be removed from the pistol without any interference or inconvenience from the presence of the clip 5.

Although there is shown and described herein a preferred embodiment of the invention, it is to be definitely understood that it is not desired to limit the application of the invention thereto, except. as may be required by the scope of the subjoined claim.

Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

A clip for a pistol of the type having a hand grip and a slide on the barrel above the trigger, said clip comprising an elongated flat plate for attachment to said hand grip to extend longitudinally along the same and being sufficiently long to extend substantially from the slide to the end of said grip, said plate having an upper end elongated resilient tongue of bar-like form extending from one edge thereof at an obtuse angle to the longitudinal center line of the plate to lie alongside said barrel between the slide and the trigger parallel with the barrel, said tongue having a laterally bowed terminal part for facilitating the insertion of the tongue behind a pistol belt and being provided with a straight major portion between said part and the plate laterally offset from the plane of the plate to accommodate the belt between the tongue and said barrel.


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U.S. Classification42/106, 40/658, 224/271, 42/71.1, 42/71.2, 24/457, 24/3.12
International ClassificationF41C33/02, F41C33/00
Cooperative ClassificationF41C33/02, F41C33/008
European ClassificationF41C33/02, F41C33/00H4