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Publication numberUS2321952 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 15, 1943
Filing dateNov 4, 1939
Priority dateNov 4, 1939
Publication numberUS 2321952 A, US 2321952A, US-A-2321952, US2321952 A, US2321952A
InventorsWilliam H Taylor
Original AssigneeCrown Fastener Corp
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US 2321952 A
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June 15, 1943.-

w. H. TAYLOR PACKAGE Filed Nov. 4, 1959 INVENTOR.

'ISTWLE R3 LENGTH ATT2NEYS Patented June 15, 1943 PACKAGE William H. Taylor, Pawtucket, R. I., assignor to Crown Fastener Corporation, Warren, E. I., a corporation of Delaware Application November 4, 1939, Serial No. 302,822

1 Claim.

This invention relates to a novel and improved form of package, the novel features of which will be best understood from the following description and the annexed drawing, in which I Cellophane. This wrapping may be folded over the support and article to form a seam 8, and

then the ends may be folded over the opposite ends of the support, as indicated. If desired, as is usual, a suitable adhesive may be used to hold the wrapping at the various seams and have shown a selected embodiment of the inven- 5 folds. tion and in which: On the support is printed data 9 descriptive Fig. l is a face View of the selected embodiof the article and the upper end of the support ment of the invention; is in the form of a tab H! on which is similar Fi 2 s a back V w f e some embodiment; identifying or descriptive data. This tab is Fig. 3 is a view of the tab appearing in Figs. 10 connected to the rest of the support along a 1 and 2 but showing it detached from the rest weakened line H formed as a series of perforaof the package. tions or other weakening means. There is a The p c age shown herein is one which is similar weakened line in the wrapping, in regis- Partieulerly apted for use in selling parable ter with the weakened line of the support. The slide fasteners and will be described in connectab may be provided with a hole I2 for filing tion therewith. In selling articles of this type purposes, it is common to secure them to a fiat paper sup- In operation, when the article is sold, the sales p r n which support is pr n d a ripperson will tear off the tab In, which may be tive of the article itself. Then the support and d ne without removing th transparent wraparticle are wrapped in Ce lophane or o er ping, because the wrapping itself is weakened transpa ent S t at l o c o e b S palong a line corresponding and adjacent to the port and article and prevent the article from line separating th tab from the body of the be soiled or j e by handling, While at the support. Until the sale is made, the package same time it is disp yed for sale. may be displayed in the usual way. After sale, When the a c e 18 Sold, Of C the entire there i retained the tab which forms a record p k in n the article and its pp r of the sale and re-orders may be made of the and p g, is sold as one unit and it has bearticles sold so as to keep on hand an ample come a erious problem in retail stores to regusupply of the rti 1es, late the stock of articles of this kind because it It 1 be Seen t t t d i record y has been dilncult to keep records of the quantity thus be kept Very easily and Without the necesof articles sold. That 15 to say, customers W111 of having to undo the Wrapping to remove buy articles of this character from the counter any part of a package Within the Wrapping AS a no'rxefzord 2 i ii g fi z sold a matter of fact the tab may be filed on a spike 1s g l g f t l 2: P or hook passing through the hole l2, without tam a1 e 8 ep e e me removing the part of the wrapping on the tab. X 5 5 6 ton I hove devised a At the same time the portion of the package mg 0 n retained by the customer is well covered with form of package which over comes the above difiithe wrapping when received by the customer, culties. This package comprises the usual sup- 40 thus retaining all the advantages of the wrapport I, which 15 of paper as is usual. By use of n it is rem ved b the customer for use the word paper, of course, I intend to refer 1 0 y to the usual support and do not use the word 0 6 r in a limiting sense. This support is shown as I clalmhaving a slot 2 within which is received one package comprlslng a Hat paper support, an end of a slide fastener 3, where it is secured as ag ag gmg fi i jfigpjfgx' g zz f' g ig ggf by a staple t. The other end of the fas ener a id t? t t. t faffiifig ttti bitfg iiiifai i itit ioit cured as by olding over e 0 cm 0 e support, as indicated at sponding and adjacent lines extending across the The above way of securing the fastener or supp rt adja n one d thereof, s d W other article to the support is merely illustraened lines forming a tab at that end of the suptive. port, and data on said tab descriptive of said Surrounding the support and article is a article, whereby said tab may be readily dewrapping l of transparent material, such as tached from said support and retained as a record of the sale of said article.


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U.S. Classification206/459.5, 206/806, 229/87.5, 40/674
International ClassificationB65D75/04
Cooperative ClassificationY10S206/806, B65D75/04
European ClassificationB65D75/04