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Publication numberUS2322519 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 22, 1943
Filing dateJul 24, 1939
Priority dateJul 24, 1939
Publication numberUS 2322519 A, US 2322519A, US-A-2322519, US2322519 A, US2322519A
InventorsIngebrigtsen Matheus O
Original AssigneeJohn Carlton Berg
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Birthday cake tray
US 2322519 A
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June 22, 1943. Q |NGEBR|GTSEN 2,322,519

BIRTHDAY CAKE TRAY Filed July 24, 1939 Patented June 22 1943 BIRTHDAY CAKE TRAY Matheus 0. Ingebrigtsen, Minneapolis, Minn., as-

signor to John Carlton Berg,



Application July 24, 1939, Serial No. 286,183

, Thisinvention relates to new and useful im- 3 Claims.

provements in trays for serving food articles and the like, and more particularly to such a device having means for supporting candles adjacent the outside circumference thereof, "as is often common when serving a birthday cake.

An object of the present invention is to provide a simple and inexpensive birthday cake plate or tray, which is simple and inexpensive in construction, and in which the parts are so arranged that they may readily be kept clean and sanitary.

A further object is to provide a birthday cake plate or tray having an upwardly turned annular flange adapted to removably retain "a ring-like candle supporting member thereon, whereby a plurality of candles may be placed on the tray in a circle around a cake supported thereon.

Other objects of the invention reside in the novel and simple construction of the tray and candle supporting member, whereby when the candle supporting member is removed from the tray, the tray may be used as a conventional serving tray; in the novel construction of the candle supporting member; and, in the construction of the annular flange of the tray which has a vertically disposed wall portion forming a seat for a ring-like candle supporting member adapted to be removably supported in the tray in contact with said flange, said tray and candle supporting member being constructed independently of each other, whereby the tray may, if desired, be used independently of the candle supporting member; and whereby the candle supporting member may readily be seated on the tray to provide means for supporting a plurality of candles in spaced relation around a cake or other object supported on the tray.

Other objects of the invention will appear from the iollovw'ng description and accompanying drawing and will be pointed out in the annexed claims.

In the accompanying drawing there has been disclosed a structure designed to carry out the various objects of the invention, but it is to be understood that the invention is not confined to the exact features shown as various changes may be made within the scope of the claims which follow.

In the drawing: i

Figure 1 is a plan view of the tray with the candle supporting member seated therein;

Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view of the tray;

Figure 3 is a plan view of the candle supporting member removed from the tray; and

Figure 4 is an enlarged detail sectional view showing one way of making the candle support ing member.

The novel tray herein disclosed, is shown comprising a bottom wall 2 having an upwardly turned annular flange, generally designated by the numeral 3. The flange 3 has a vertically disposed wall portion 4 and an outwardly flaring wall portion 5. The marginal edge of the flange 3 is formed with a bead 6 to reinforce the flange and provide a more finished appearance.

The tray, as above described, is constructed more or less in the manner of a conventional tray, except that it has the vertically disposed wall portion 4 which cooperates with the adjacent portion of the bottom wall 2 of the tray to provide a seat for a candle supporting member, generally designated by the numeral 1.

To simplify construction, the candle supporting member, as shown in Figures 3 and 4, is preferably made from a band or ribbon 3 of a suitable material, the width of which is substantially equal to the height of the vertical wall portion 4 of the flange, although this is not essential.

The candle supporting member I is provided with a plurality of sockets 9, adapted to receive candles, such as ordinary Christmas tree candles H), as shown in Figure 2. To further simplify construction, the sockets 9 are formed by slitting the band 2 and outwardly bending portions of the metal thereof in opposite directions, as clearly illustrated in Figure 4. This may be expeditiously accomplished by suitable forming dies. The sockets 9 are spaced apart lengthwise of the strip or band of metal, and the length of the strip or band is then cut to a certain length, whereby when the ends thereof are overlapped and suitably secured together as, for example, by electric spot welding, as indicated at H in Figure 3, the diameter of the member I will substantially flt within the upright wall portion 4 of the tray, as clearly illustrated in Figures 1 and 2. The outermost diameter of the member I is such that the member is frictionally retained in its seat in the tray, as a result of the outermost portions it. of the sockets engaging the inner surface of the upright wall portion 4 of the flange 3.

When the candle supporting member I is positioned in the tray, as shown in Figures 1 and 2, any number of candles up to the number of sockets provided therein may be supported around the cake, as shown at l3 in Figure 2. By thus supporting the candles, the drippings thereof will not contact the cake, as when the candles are supported in the conventional way, directly upon the cake. The cake may also be readily cut or divided into a number of parts without interference from the candles.

The novel birthday cake tray herein disclosed, has proven very popular in actual use. It serves a dual purpose because of the removability of the candle supporting member I. When the member I is removed from the tray, the tray may be used as a conventional serving tray, and when the member I is positioned therein, it provides a very neat and attractive tray or plate from which to serve a birthday cake or other anniversary cake which is to be decorated with candles. The novel tray'herein disclosed, thus provides a very useful article in a home, in that it may be used either as a conventional serving tray, or as a birthday cake tray, by simply inserting the candle supporting member I therein.

In the drawing, I have shown the tray as formed of sheet metal, but it is to be understood that it may be formed of any other suitable material applicable for the purpose, without departing from' the scope of the invention.

In like manner, the candle supporting member 1 may be otherwise formed, as it is obvious that ,ing'formed of strap metal and having portions thereof oppositely bent and cooperating to provide said sockets.

2. A ring-like member of flat strap metal having portions thereof bent outwardly in opposite directions to provide a plurality of sockets for receiving candles, said member being adapted to be removably supported in a suitable serving tray.

3. A ring-like member of fiat material having portions extending outwardly therefrom in opposite directions and cooperating to provide a plurality of sockets for receiving candles, said memher being adapted to be removably supported in a serving tray.


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