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Publication numberUS2323552 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 6, 1943
Filing dateNov 14, 1942
Priority dateNov 14, 1942
Publication numberUS 2323552 A, US 2323552A, US-A-2323552, US2323552 A, US2323552A
InventorsMarion Harry, Frank J O'donnell, Jesse A Perlstein
Original AssigneeMarion Harry, Frank J O'donnell, Jesse A Perlstein
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Paper clip
US 2323552 A
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July 6, 1943. MARION 531% 2,323,552

PAPER CLIP Filed NOV. 14, 1942 I I PJ- ln-ueutor [107w jyarz'an/ Jesse A. PerZsiez'rz/ 2 50,7023 J Oman/n ZZ Patented July 6, 1943 TES FATENT OFFICE PAPER CLIP Harry Marion, Jesse A. Perlstein, and Frank J. ODonnell, Newark, N. J.

Application November 14, 1942, Serial No. 465,608

1 Claim. (C1. 24261) Our invention relates to improvements in inclination being the same in each instance, and paper clips of the resilient Wire type, the prinsaid ends inclining from one and the same side cipal object in view being to provide a simply of the clip. constructed, inexpensive, and strong device of As will be clear, by merely placing the front this character for attaching papers, and the like, ends 5, 1 over the edges of sheets of paper, or together by straddling the same, and which is the like, to be clipped together and in straddling adapted to be applied by merely forcing the relation to such edges and forcing the clip forsame against one edge of the papers. Wardly against said edges, the loops I, 2 will be To the accomplishment of the above, and subpried apart by the edges of such sheets to clampordinate objects presently appearing, a preferred in ingly engage the same.

embodiment of our invention has been illustrated The foregoing Will, it is believed, suffice to imin the accompanying drawing, set forth in detail part a clear understanding of our invention in the succeeding description, and defined in the Without further explanation.

claim appended hereto. Manifestly, the invention, as described, is sus- In said drawing: ceptible of modification without departing from Figure 1 is a view in top plan of our improved the inventive concept, and right is herein repaper clip in its preferred embodiment. served to such modifications as fall within the Figure 2 is a view in side elevation, and scope of the appended claim. Figure 3 is a view in longitudinal section taken What we claim is:

on the line 3-3 of Figure 1. A single piece clip of resilient Wire including Referring now to the drawing by numerals, a pair of inner and outer complemental straight our improved clip comprises a single piece of resided loops of elongated form having sides dissilient wire, of any suitable gauge, bent upon posed parallel, the inner loop having a rear end itself, substantially convolutely, to provide a pair disposed at a-right angle to the sides thereof of inner and outer complemental, straight-sided and connecting one side of the inner loop with loops I, 2 of elongated form and having sides 3, 4 an opposite side of the outer loop, said loops disposed parallel and engaging, the inner loop having wedge-shaped front edges spaced apart 2 having a rear end 5 bent at a right angle to longitudinally of the loops and inclining forsaid sides and connecting one side of the inner Wardly and to one and the same side of the plane loop I with an opposite side of the outer loop 2. of the loops, said front ends inclining at an The loops I, 2 are normally disposed, for the obtuse angle from the sides of the loops and a major part of their length, in a common plane. the same inclination.

The loops l, 2 are formed with wedge-shaped front ends 6, 1 spaced apart longitudinally of HARRY MARION.

the loops and inclining forwardly at an obtuse JESSE PERLSTEIN.

angle from the sides of the loops, the angle of FRANK J. ODONNELL.

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U.S. Classification24/546, 24/67.9
International ClassificationB42F1/08
Cooperative ClassificationB42F1/08
European ClassificationB42F1/08