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Publication numberUS2324495 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 20, 1943
Filing dateDec 14, 1940
Priority dateDec 14, 1940
Publication numberUS 2324495 A, US 2324495A, US-A-2324495, US2324495 A, US2324495A
InventorsDeming Clarence E
Original AssigneeDeming Clarence E
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Game carrier
US 2324495 A
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C. E. DEMING GAME CARRIER July 20, 1943.

Filed Dec. 14, 1940 2 Sheets Sheet 1 jive/1502 Clarence E Demz'fi AMA By fills A MAM-W July 20, 1943. C. E. DEMING 2,324,495

GAME CARRIER Filed Dec. 14 1940 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 fzvenior (Zarence E. Deming 4 i751 A/forzeyd Zippers or "Talon fasteners.

Patented July 20, 1943 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE GAME CARRIER Clarence E; Deming, Worthington, Minn.

Application December 14, 1940, Serial No. 370,164

1 Claim@ (Cl. 150-52) My invention provides an extremely simple and highly efficient game carrier adapted for carrying various articles, but especially adapted for carrying fish, ducks and the like.

The device involves a container preferably made of thin sheet, metal and provided with a closely fitting cover; a flexible bag or cover, preferably of heavy canvas, and an insulating lining that fits the exterior of the container and the interior of the bag. The bag has closing flaps preferably equipped with interlocking fasteners of the type generally known to the trade as zippers or Talon fasteners.

The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings wherein like characters indicate like parts throughout the several views.

Referring to the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a view in perspective showing the game carrier being carried by a person;

Fig. 2 is a view in perspective showing the carrier with the bag partly opened;

Fig. 3 is a transverse section taken through between the said elements II and I4 so that an air insulation is thereby, provided over the top of the cover. The cover I0 is shown as provided with a foldable hinged handle IS. The bag or cover is provided with flexible handle-forming straps II that form loops adapting the device to be readily carried in the hand, as, for example, illustrated in Fig. 1.

' The bag I3, at its ends, is shown as provided with projecting flaps I9 that are adapted to be stepped upon to hold the bag down while the container III is being lifted out or withdrawn from the bag.

In actual use in warm weather, the game, fish or the like, placed in the container Illmay be packed with ice and thus adapting the game to the carrier on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2, but showing the bag with its flaps closed over the cover of the container;

Fig. 4 is a view in perspective showing the carrier with the bottom thereof exposed to full view; and

Fig. 5 is a view in perspective illustrating a slightly modified form of the carrier.

Attention is first directed to Figs. 1 to 4, inclusive, wherein the container, which is preferably a thin sheet metal structure, is indicated by the numeral III. This container is provided with a closely fitting centrally crowned cover II, the ridge of which extends longitudinally thereof for the greater part of the length of the cover. The side walls and bottom of the container III are covered by closely fitting sheets I2 of insulating material; and this insulating exterior I2 is covered by and contained within a closely fitting flexible bag or cover I3 such as heavy' canvas and which is advisably waterproofed. The bag or cover I3 is formed with flaps I4, the edges of which are equipped with the interlocking fastening I5 which. as before stated, are preferably of the interlocking type known as When these flaps I4 are drawn together by the fasteners over the outer edge of the marginal rim of the cover which extends at substantially right angles to the side wall of the container, the centrally crowned portion of the cover flaps I4 of be preserved in good condition for a considerable length of time. The main insulation I2 and the bag or cover, which also afiords initial insulation, will prevent rapid melting of the ice. This device will be found especially serviceable for carrying home fish that have been caught in warm weather and which can be preserved in good condition only when packed with ice. The interposed insulation I2 may be made of several pieces or may be made as a complete molded article that will fit the exterior of the metallic container.

To protect the bottom of the bag against excessive wear, it is shown as provided with metallic wearing knobs or buttons, I8 as shown in Fig. 4.

The container, which is an oblong structure, may be either made with rounded ends, as shown in Figs, 1 to 4, inclusive, or it may be formed with rectangular ends as shown in Fig. 5. The structure illustrated in Fig. 5 may be assumed to be like that illustrated in the other views. In Fig. 5 the bag or cover is indicated by the character I3, its flaps by the character I 4', its interlocking feasteners by the character I5, and its carrying handles or straps by the character II'.

In the normal use of this game carrier the centrally crowned rigid cover of the container materially assists in packing game within the container by its cooperation with the particular construction of the flexible flaps and their securing means whereby the cover may be first applied at one end of the container and as it is lowered to compress the game the progressively cooperating fastening means may be drawn along the ridge of the cover to securely hold the parts in proper assembled relation and also provide the necessary dead air space for proper heat insulation over the entire top of the carrier.

A commercial embodiment of the invention is illustrated and described, but it will be understcYod that certain modifications as to details of construction and arrangement oi parts may be made within the scope of the invention disclosed and claimed.

It is important to note that the flexible cover has flaps equipped with separable fastening elements which hold the flaps down over the top of the cover II and serve tohold the cover against displacement. Also it )wiil be noted that the flexible cover has carrier straps secured thereto and converging or extended to'a gripping point located vertically above the center of gravity or central portion oi the complete device.

What I claim is:

A game carrier comprising an oblong rigid container having side and bottom walls and open top, a layer of heat insulating material covering the side and bottom walls, a displaceable rigid cover having a raised centrally crowned over the centrally crowned ridge of the cover'to hold the container andits cover against dis-.

portion providing a ridge extending longitudinally thereof and a marginal rim extending fromthe crowned portion at right angles to the side walls oi the container adapted toiit the open top of the containena flexible fabric cover closel y fitting the layer of insulating material on the container walls to the, open top thereof and having a pair oi flexible closure flaps extending therebeyond, each of said flaps being'ot a length substantially equal to that oi the container and of a width substantially equal to one-halt the width oi the container, said naps being equipped along their free edges with coacting separable fastening means which may be progressively engaged from one end of the container to the other placement within the bag and to provide a dead air heat insulating space between the flaps of the bag and the displaceable cover of the container.


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