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Publication numberUS2324665 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 20, 1943
Filing dateDec 13, 1941
Priority dateDec 13, 1941
Publication numberUS 2324665 A, US 2324665A, US-A-2324665, US2324665 A, US2324665A
InventorsAyres Martha Oathout
Original AssigneeAyres Martha Oathout
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Sleeping bag
US 2324665 A
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July 20, 1943- M. o. Aff- Rasi l f 12,324,565

' SLEEPING-'BAG v Filed Dec. 15,1194;


top of an adults bed or elsewhere and considerable independence with reference to the usually considered indispensable home equipment is thereby provided by the invention.

Another object is the combination of a rigid base with a mattress that is therefrom separable for airing and the like.

An additional object and advantage is the combination of quick-detachable securing means for closing the opening by means of which the babys body may be introduced into the interior of the device, a securing means that is independent of that used for securing the cover itself to the base, which latter may remain undisturbed over the course of many periods of use of the device by the baby.

Other objects and advantages become manifest in the course of examining the following description and the thereto accompanying drawing of what I have selected as a typical embodiment of ;f

the principles of my invention out of many possible embodiments thereof, selected solely for the purpose of illustration and not at all to be regarded as limitative.

In the drawing, Figure l is a perspective view of said embodi- Ament as it appears when in use but with the baby not shown, and

Figure 2 is a plan view of the same asrseen from overhead, and

Figure 3 is a similar view, excepting that the device is shown as it appears when said opening is open ready to receive the baby or after the baby has been removed therefrom, and

Figure 4 is a plan View of the same as seen from underneath thereof, and

Figure 5 is a perspective View of the rigid base, and

Figure 6 is a perspective view of the mattress.

The rigid base, which may be of plywood or other suitable material, is indicated by Il, to which is secured an obliquely upwardly extending, arcuated stay I2 formed of flat strip material, such as steel or plastic for example, the two long, mutually opposed edges of the base being indicated by I Ia and I Ib and the two short edges thereof by IIc and Ild. y

Through the arch constituted by stay I2 and overlying base Il is disposed the readily removable and therein disposable mattress I3.

Over the mattress and down along its sides for securing to the underneath side of base II by means of primary securing means or snaps I4, is flexible cover l5, which may be of woven, knitted, felted or otherwise prepared textile material or it may be of fur or otherwise, the marginal parts of cover I5 being designated by I5a.

Cover I5 is provided with permanent opening I5b corresponding locally to the face or head of the baby and disposed substantially equidistantly from the mutually opposed, long edges Ila and IIb, but closer to arcuated, short edge Ilc than to straight, short edge Ild. Opening |511 has as its function to make air accessible to the baby and stay I2, which is adjacent thereto, has as its function to prevent the collapse of cover I5 onto the babys face.

Cover l5 is also provided with closeable opening I6 terminating in or contiguous with or communicating with permanent opening |5b and closeable by secondary securing means Il of the "zipper or any other suitable type adapted `to being more frequently and therefore more quickly operable than in the case of primary securing means I4. The flap portion of cover I5 that is controlled by secondary securing means I1 is designated by I5d.

Other conventional or optional elements contributively constituting a sleeping device for a baby may of course be associated with the herein described essential elements of the instant invention, such as sheets, pillows, rubber sheet, mattress-pad and the like. The closeable opening may be disposed elsewhere, as, per example, symmetrically of the cover. Instead of fastening to the underside of the base, the cover may be secured to the top side or even to the edges of the base. Instead of being a thin' board, the base, together with the separable mattress, may be substituted by a combination box spring and mattress. I disclaim the device wherein the cover extends completely around, that is to say, across underneath the base, because of the needlessly much higher cost of the cover therein, but I do claim A sleeping device comprising: a relatively rigid underlying base; a relatively exible cover, detachably secured to said base, said cover having a permanent head opening that is spaced substantially equidistantly from two mutually opposed edges of said base and having a closeable opening extending lengthwise of said cover and terminating in said permanent opening; an upwardly extending, arched stay secured to said base and adjacent said permanent opening to support said cover above the sleeper.


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U.S. Classification5/413.00R, 5/949, 2/69.5, 5/487
International ClassificationA41B13/06
Cooperative ClassificationY10S5/949, A41B13/06
European ClassificationA41B13/06