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Publication numberUS2324725 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 20, 1943
Filing dateSep 3, 1942
Priority dateSep 3, 1942
Publication numberUS 2324725 A, US 2324725A, US-A-2324725, US2324725 A, US2324725A
InventorsRich Frank D
Original AssigneeRich Frank D
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Lavatory fixture
US 2324725 A
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f F. D; RICH L'AvATo'RY FIXTURE July 2o, 1943. l

Filed Sept. 3, 1942 v INVENTOR.' FRANK D. Ric@ BY l ATTORNEYS Patented July zo, 1943 UNITED STATES PATENT oFFicE m-Km Frank n. men, ssamm-u, conn..

Application september a, 1942, serial No. 457,123


This invention relates to improvements in a lavatory xture of a typewhich combines the functions of a wash basin and a urinal.

The central object of this invention is to provide a combination of a wash basin and a urinal related in such a manner that the urinal may be flushed with water from the basin whether it be the waste water thereof or fresh water usedespecially for that purpose.

Other and more detailed objects of this invention will be apparent from the following detailed disclosure of the embodiment thereof illustrated in the drawing.'

This invention resides substantially in the combination, construction, arrangement and relative location of parts as will be described in detail below.

In the accompanying drawing,

Figure 1 is a front elevational view of one form of structure in accordance with this invention;

Figure 2 is a vertical, central, cross-sectional View thereof; A y Figure 3 is a top plan View of the deector to be mounted in the drain of the basin for spraying water into the bowl of the urinal; and Figure 4 is a side elevational view thereof. There are many instances in practice Where the space allotted for a washroomis limited, so that it is difficult or impossible to provide complete facilities in the form of separate fixtures.4

It is therefore an object of this invention to provide the functions of a wash basin and urinal in asingle compact unit adapted to be included lin washrooms of limited space. this object, the further improvementis provided of employing water from the basin, be it waste water or fresh water, for iiushing the urinal. To accomplish this object there is provided in accordance with Athe invention a deflector which sprays or spreads the water practically, in the case of the use'of fresh water, over the inner surfaces of the urinal so as to thoroughly cleanse it.

Referring to the drawing, the fixture is illustrated as comprising a wash basin more or less ofthe conventional type' having a back splashboard I integral with a suitably shaped bowl 2 finished oii" about its upper periphery by means of a depending skirt 3. The -bowl is provided as in the usual case for an overflow drain 4,V and brackets Ii adapted to support the basin by means vwhen in use, as clearly shown in Figure 2. The

side portions of the. wall I2 run smoothly into the side edges of the wash basin, as is clear from Figure Land terminate in offset iianges I3 which nest with the skirt 3 of the Wash basin to provide a substantially continuous unbroken surface.

. Within the side walls I2 and formed integral with In accomplishing of clips or brackets 'I secured to the wall. At 3 is is provided with a depending collar 5 of suitable the forwardly inclined rear wall of the basin!! are brackets I3 likewise adapted to receive any `strips or clips I4 mounted on the Wall so as to support thel urinal basin in proper functional relation with the wash |basin, as clearly illustrated in the drawing. 'I'he urinal 3 is, of course, provided with the usual waste the trap I0. y

The waste outlet opening of the wash basin 2 is formed to receive the deiiecting member I5 which las illustrated consists of a cylindrical sleeve portion I6 terminating at its upper end ina flange I1 adapted to seat in an annular recess at the bottom of the basin '2, as illustrated in Figure 2. Formed integral with the sleeve I6 and depending therefrom is a wall I8 which is .l

of conical form and its surface fluted or serrated as indicated. v'Ihis delecting device when disposed in the outlet opening of the basin, as shown in Figure 2, will serve to spray the water discharged 'from the basinaround the inner curved surface of the urinal basin 9. 'I'his function will be particularly well performed when fresh water from the f faucet 8 is employed, which faucet is so'positioned as to project a stream of water `directly through the opening in the deflector` I5 so as'to strike the inclined uted surface I8.

From the above description it will be apparent to those skilled in the artthat the principles of this'invention may be embodied in structures of other physical "forms, and I do not, therefore, desire .to be strictly limited to the disclosure as" given for purposes'of illustration, but rather to Athe scope vof the claims granted me.

What is claimed is: I 1. A lavatory xture comprising a wash basin having adrain openingv at vthe bottom, a urinal bowl positioned under 4said wash basin in align-` connection, including v ment with said opening,v and spray yforming 'means mounted in said opening for deiiectingy water passing therethrough over the inner surface of said. bowl.

2, A lavatory fixture comprising a wash'basin having a drain opening at the bottom,` a urinal bowl positioned under said wash basin in alignment with said opening, and means mounted in said opening for deflecting water passing therethrough` over the inner surface of said bowl, said means consisting of a removable defiecting member having a fan-shaped surface.

3. A combination of the type described cona,sa4 ,72o

ing a drain opening 'at the bottom, meansv infsa'idv opening for defiecting water fan-wise, and a sisting of a wash basin and a urinal bowl disformed with an integral sleeve surrounding said collar, and a waterdeflecting member mounted in said opening so as to distribute Water over the inner surface of said bowl.


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