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Publication numberUS2324753 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 20, 1943
Filing dateNov 24, 1941
Priority dateNov 24, 1941
Publication numberUS 2324753 A, US 2324753A, US-A-2324753, US2324753 A, US2324753A
InventorsHermes Alexiade
Original AssigneeHermes Alexiade
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Candle lamp and wick holder therefor
US 2324753 A
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y I H. ALEXIADE. 2,324,753


Application November 24, 1941, Serial No. 420,162 1 Claim. (oi. 67-21) This invention relates to candles of the type known as night candles or memorial candles and deals more particularly with the means for supporting the wick thereof.

The main object of the invention is to provide a candle of the indicated type wherein the wick thereof is fully supported during the entire period of consumption of the wax fuel.

Another object is to provide holding means for the wick whereby circulation of the fuel is afforded at the bottom of the wick so that said fuel is fed by capillary attraction and is consumed from beneath rather than from the top.

A further object resides in the provision of a wick-holder so formed as to engage only the ides of the wick, said holder serving as means for conducting heat to the lower fuel portions in contact therewith to melt said lower fuel portions whereby capillary action may take effect for feeding the fuel to the upper part of the wick,

A still further object is to provide a wickholder whereby the fuel is so fed to the wick that consumption thereof is obviated, the lighted part of the wick merely becoming carbonized.

With the foregoing and other objects, features, and advantages in mind, reference is made to the accompanying drawing in which a preferred form of the invention is illustrated. The following specification, description of the illustrated form of the invention, more fully realizes the purposes of the invention.

In the drawing:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a candle having a wick-holder made in accordance with the invention.

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary vertical sectional View through the center thereof.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the wick-holder shown in Fig. l.

Fig. 4 is a view of a blank from which said wick-holder is formed.

In that form of the invention which is illustrated, the candle comprises a holder or cup 5, containing a quantity of wax fuel, 6, in which is embedder a wick-holder I, supporting a wick 8.

The holder or cup 5 may be of any suitable shape and may be made of metal, glass, ceramics,

etc. Said holder is preferably made with a flat bottom 9.

The fuel 6 is preferably made in the form of a cake to fit the shape of the cup 5 and may comprise any suitable composition of wax or tallow.

The wick-holder I, in the form illustrated, comprises a unitary sheet metal part formed from a blank such as shown in Fig. 4. The blank may be folded on fold lines Ill and II to provide a wall 12 and overlapping portions l3 and I4 to provide an adjacent wall 15. There is thus formed a space l6 between the walls I2 and i5.

The wick 3 is disposed in said space being confined by the mentioned walls.

The wick-holder is provided with feet in the form of oppositely directed lugs l1 and I8, said lugs being bent at right angles to the Walls 12 and M as on the fold lines l9 and 2|], respectively.

The wick 8 may be of any suitable paper, fibre, or fabric material having a structure which will induce capillary action therein, said wick being somewhat narrower than the width of the space Hi to afford ducts 2| and 22 between the lateral edges of the wick and the folded ends I!) and H of the wick-holder. The height of the wick may be so arranged as to have its top edge substantially coincidental with the top of the cup 5 and its bottom edge either in contact with the cup bottom 9 or slightly spaced therefrom as shown at 23.

In manufacture, the wick and its holder may be placed in the cup in a substantially central position and the fuel poured into the cup. Upon solidification of the fuel, the wick and its holder will be effectively and firmly held. The fuel cake, with the wick and holder embedded therein, may be separately made and then placed into the cup as can be understood. By the latter method, one cup may be made to serve several re-fills of fuel cake.

No matter how made, the contemplated structure operates as follows. The exposed portion of the wick is ignited and burns to cause carbonization thereof. The heat of the lighted wick is transmitted to the metal wick-holder which effects a melting of the wax fuel adjacent thereto. This fuel now flows freely and particularly has ready access to the lower edge of the wick at 23 and fills the ducts 2| and 22. The capillary properties of the wick now draw the fuel to the top thereof to feed the flame. This process continues until all of the fuel is consumed.

It will be noted that the wick is firmly supported at all times and cannot fall over as heretofore and that the entire process is uniform in operation to obviate sputtering and occasional dangerous flaring.

Although of relatively simple nature, the invention is capable of variation within the spirit and scope of the following claim. It is, therefore, intended that this disclosure be considered as by way of example only.

i I claim:

A wick-holder comprising a sheet metal blank divided into three rectangular portions and foldable into flat tubular formation with the intermediate rectangle forming one flat wall of the tube and the two end rectangular portions overlapping each other and together forming the other fiat wall of the tube, a lateral extension on the intermediate rectangular portion and a lateral extension on one of the end rectangular portions, said extensions being foldable at right angles to their respective rectangular portions to form supports for the wick tube.


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U.S. Classification431/323, 431/291
International ClassificationF21V35/00, C11C5/00
Cooperative ClassificationC11C5/006, F21V35/00
European ClassificationC11C5/00D, F21V35/00