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Publication numberUS2324777 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 20, 1943
Filing dateAug 18, 1941
Priority dateAug 18, 1941
Publication numberUS 2324777 A, US 2324777A, US-A-2324777, US2324777 A, US2324777A
InventorsHolmstrom Walter A
Original AssigneeDomestic Engineering Company
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Mailing piece
US 2324777 A
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July 2% 1,943:u

m. HnLMsmm Mmmm@ mm;

i Filed m22 18a, :man

. Il nimm@ www EQAKHNS Patented July 20, 1943 UNITED STATSLS PraTENT OFFICE MAILING Piece Application August 18, 1941, Serial No. 407,367

2 Claims.

The object of my invention is to provide a novel mailing piece comprising a return card which is self-addressed on one side and which has a blank space for the senders address on the other and which is inserted through slits in a letter so that the blank space for the senders address will appear prominently and the rest of the card be concealed until removed from the letter which carries it.

It is a further object of my invention to provide a detachable flap which will facilitate removing the card from the advertising letter which carries the card and which will also function to retain the card in the desired position on the letter with the space for the senders address exposed for use.

I attain the objects of my invention by the means illustrated in the accompanying drawing,

` in Which- Figure 1 is a plan view of a letterhead with my novel return card inserted in the slits provided for that purpose, a portion of the letter being broken away to save space;

Fig. 2 is a section on line 2--2 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a perspective View of the side of the return card which is to bear the address of the person to whom the advertisement is sent; and

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the reverse side of the return card which bears the address of the rm sending out the advertising letter and return card.

Like numerals designate like parts in each of the several views.

Referring to the accompanying drawing there is illustrated a letter sheet or advertisement I, having a conventional letterhead 2. On this letter sheet and spaced from the top of the sheet, as shown in Fig. l, are spaced slits 3 and 3a which extend parallel with the upper edge of the sheet. A self-addressed return card 4 is inserted through the like slits 3 and 3a of the letter sheet I so as to bring a blank space 8 of the card 4 into exposed position between slits 3 and 3a, as shown in Figs. 1 and 2. On this blank space the recipient of the mailing piece or advertising matter may write his address III and then withdraw the card from the sheet for the purpose of mailing. The card has a flapf on its upper end which is folded over the letter sheet along the scored line 9 and which serves to regulate the insertion of the card into the slits so that the blank space 8 will come into proper exposed posin tion between the slits 3 and 3a, and will retain the card in this position. It also functions as a convenient flap for the recipient to take hold of to pull the card out for use. Before mailing, the recipient of the card detachee the flap along the scored line 9. The return card carries a printed self-address of the firm which is sending out the mailing piece and also at II carries the necessary postage or printed guarantee that the postage will be paid by the original sender of the mailing piece.

The card is intended to facilitate and encourage the sending of inquiries for prices, samples or the like or literature oi the iirm that sends out the mailing piece.

The lower end portion l2 of the card which extends beyond the slit 3a engages under the back of the letter sheet and holds the card in place and also provides a portion for the instructions regarding the insertion of the name and address of the recipient of the return card in the blank space il just above. Above the blank space 8 are the printed letter contents i of the card which requests the advertiser to send a copy of whatever piece of literature or advertising material or sample that is described in the letter. The senders signature appears at the bottom of the letter sheet at I3 in the conventional way.

The letter sheet may be folded in any conventional manner or may be sent flat enclosed in a conventional envelope like other printed matter.

What I claim is:

l. An addressing or mailing piece, comprising a letter sheet having like spaced slits extending parallel with and near the top edge of the sheet, a self-addressed reply card of suitable width inserted through the aforesaid slits with the main Ybody of the card concealed behind this portion detachable along the scored line before mailing of the reply card.

2. In a mailing piece of the type described, a letter sheet having spaced slits spaced a short distance from and extending parallel with one edge of the sheet, a self-addressed return card insertible through said slits with its main portion under the letter sheet, said card bearing the advertising matter but having a blank space which extends above the face of the letter sheet between the aforesaid slits and which is provided and adapted to receive the address of the recipient of the card, said card also having a foldable flap at one end to control the distance the card may be inserted through the slits and also to function as a means for removing the card before mailing, said flap being readily detachable before mailing of the return card.


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