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Publication numberUS2325224 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1943
Filing dateOct 21, 1940
Priority dateOct 21, 1940
Publication numberUS 2325224 A, US 2325224A, US-A-2325224, US2325224 A, US2325224A
InventorsHolman Bryant Thomas
Original AssigneeFrankfort Distilleries Inc
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Botile holder
US 2325224 A
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'July 27, 1943.. T. H. BRYANT, SR

BOTTLE HOLDER 7 Filed Oct. 21, 1940 (1ft megs- T fibl 736ml;

@U EW 9 y it is not absolutely necessary thatthe Patented July 27, 1943 Themes Himm Br a WBi mer Y-Q- Signor to Fiankfiort Distillemies, Incorporated,

v .I-joui'svilIeIKy a corpora'tib'nof. Vfiest V r nia .1 i r hpplicationfletohexi 21, s e eemrnmeeat I 15 0mm. (al. 2035 4 ton for "receiving the bottl'eto' substantially lock such-bottleagainst rotation.- v

Although obviously applicable; to other the invention is the solution-of a*'prolillerii*-'-en v countered with rou iicl whiskey bottles shipped in square cartons Where the wlifiskeY-ioottle contai'ns front and-back labels intended to o'b servedithrough front and reanwirrdows ih carton; Y I 1 Heretofore; it has been icmricfthatwhen ship ping the rouncl quart--01 other size-bottle in a" square carton windowin thefiont of the carton through whee the front lel'iel sh'o' e1 v show, it has always been my experience thettthe bottle" turns orrotates while transit sothat som times the "b ck label would be showi njg through-"thorium of the-cartorrand were; f the front label throughtfieismail lei 'openifig iiithe-- bottle is-rar elyin the correoir pos'ition which" is extremelir-undesirahl fromi a s em-r111 tracts' -from -th'e' app'earance' of-th package."

From a Federal regulation s't andiaoihhwliile "s' a'liigm with the carton openings, it i's-'veryfdesimhifthat this situation should always obtain to always reveal the mandatory informationi-onthe Whiskey labels-so as to avoid' the nec'essity fo'r'taking the i without: in any introducingalterations; to;

the 'const'ruction of either the bottle or" theiear ton in whichit. is- C r -tamed, the never device co'nsisting of a sepa-rable platform mai-iu factui eu separately; from the-carton: and:readily ih trocluo abieithereini to receive the-bottle wh'ezrthe fi lledi bottle is; piac'ech inathe carton; :th'e arrahgementu being: suoh' that thetnplatform V or 1 bottle: hbliderifi will be concealed by the walls of the cartomso -fii 15a'clEage--With a bottle homewmst'aued ther while pe'rformi-ngits ume-be it wi ii make mvenem-rs to" Se I creeping upwardly of the loo 1e"-toi'- a-ypositibri where"'th-e' platforni mightundesirahli f Show through one'o-I' the windows' o i the'carton; th --the foregoing and other objects in view; mention will be more fui'l'y'de'scrihed hem inafter, and 'Will; be more-I particularly poihted outirrthecfairnsappendiedheretoi-' like 01- correspondingeralviews"; f

Figure 1 is 1 a front elei' 'auzi-on;with parts-broken a'hdQ partsshowm in section; ofa w-hisl ie5 part's throu hout? these;

constructed in accordance with the present vent-ion".

Figure -2 is a I rear ei'ei'l atibn'al view of the same 7 H I With parts brokenaway anci pa'i-tsshbwn iii the back of the carton. This is an eXtreni-e cas'e Figure 3' isavertical sectic in' o'nf the nee I 33 in Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a horizontalvsectio rtakenfonfthe Figure 5' is a bottom; persuecth e viev v' o'f'iifie'i Referring more'particulariyjto. the drawing," Jiuf designates a conventional round type" ofwhi's'k'ey loottle quite common-1y infusehavi ng thefron't labef fl and' the rear l'abelf l2LjThe. cylihdri'cal wall ofisuch bottles l'is ordihar-ily taperedl 'do'wn: wardly, l In other wvords. such bottle is 1 a section ofam inverted-cone, the removecLa-pex ct which projects downwardly 1 Such bottles are or may be contained in-card boa-rdpryother cartons; 131;, Such cartons-- ma y be squ are as shown in Eigure: {i and: contain in the-front wails thereof a large opening; 14':

througbwhic'n their-Ont tbottle lahele i -l is' visible and a; smaller opening iii;- inthe; rear walk 1 through which; the; rear. bottleqlahel} r2 shows.

The ;.-rotationof; the bottlerw in theicarton obviousiy-disturbs the alignment and: I 6'giStI'yy Qf: the 'bottle la'bei's; H: and! i-2:- with their; respective; carton openings orwindows l4 and lfi-t- To lock the: bottle". against rotation vthe dev'ide 'ShUWiI-iII FIQUIG' 5 is insertedzinthe bottom' of the:

' .,In the use of the device, the manufactured separately of" the "substantiallyv square shape shownin Figure '5' to accord with the internal measurement of th'e cross-sectionalsquare, carton 13. Such holder is in'troduc'e d'into carton and is adapted to receive'the lower portion of the tapering wall of the bottle.

Such device consists generally of a platform l6 having a. round opening I! into-whichthe lower end portion of the bottle is adapted to frlctionally fit by virtue of the weight of the bottle. The platform I6 is held elevated above the bottom of the cartonby suitablelegs or may be originally stamped out 'of a flat piece of cardboard or other stock in the same operation with piercing out the opening H; such legs-" or flanges being afterwards bent down on the lines of flexure 22, 23, 24 and 25.

One or more flaps, preferably two such'flap's 3| and 32, are carried by :thefplatform device,

being preferably made'from the same'pie'ce of cardboard and advantageously extending offgop- 4 posed legs or flanges and 2!. These flaps 3;! and 32 are bent along lines of flexure 33 and34 to enablesuchflaps fl and 3 2 to occupy a position substantially parallel'with the platform I5 but disposed in a plane substantially below said platform. The flaps or wings 3| and 32 are sufficiently wide to overlap the {opening I1 when,

projected downt o. the pla ne in which the flap-s 3| and 32 lie; this being for the purpose of bringing the flapsivli and 32 beneath the bottle which isinsertible through the opening l'i invorder that the bottom of the bottle may rest upon the flaps abovethis point it will not go.

The cardboard also possesses some degree of resiliency and this resiliency will react against the wall of the bottle. Thus the wedge or tapered formation of the bottle wallwilltend to wedge itself in the platform and reacting thereagainst, the inherent resiliency of the material of the platform willtend to resist this wedging action and bind tightly against the tapering wall of the bottle; On the i stock round quart whiskey bottle the size of the' iopenihg I I is made so that the holder will go up on the tapered bottle approximately three-quarters ,of an inch and For the fifth: size bottles the opening 11 would be proportionately'smaller. When the package is complete it will be; impossible to turn the bottle with ordinary hand pressure after the bottle has been placed. in theholder so that if the labels are lined up with the carton windows at the point of packaging, this alignment will be preserved throughout 1 the transportation of the package. When the package arrives at its destination anfd is displayed and soldthe labels will remain in the original alignedposition.

The invention will also be applicable to single Window cartonsor to single'label bottles. In case of round cartons' the holder might be sea cured by adhesive or other meansgagainst rotatsary .in the manufacture' 'of folding cartons,

holders without such naps-3i and 32 have been found to crawl or creep up the bottle'sotliat they show through the cutout in the carton, whichis undesirable, These flaps3! i and .32 are therefore so .relativ ely arrangedin -thecarton and with reference to the bottle that the weight of the bottle will sit on these flaps and hold the bottleholder in position.

the bottoi'nbf the carton withthe platform l6 up and the legs or flanges directed downwardly The square form of the carton and holder 'wi'll'preq vent" the holder from rotating therein. The

bottle 'lflfis then introduced into the carton in:

the usual manner and v is tapered sidewall will enter the opening H which willibe made of such diameter that it will just receive the'lower end of the bottle but that further movement of the bottle through the platform-16 will cause tight-- frictional engagement between' the wall of the opening H and the side wall of the bottle before the bottom; of the bottle rea'ches a rest pizfsltion; upon the bottom of .the'ca'rton l3 The nature of the-carboardmaterial outof which the'platform I6 is made will tend toexert a tight frictional'resistance'to rotary actionuponthe-wall= of'the bottle, counteracting any tend'ency'of the smooth glass to rotatethicken out against thewall of the bottle thus Moreover 5 due to' the cardboard nature of theplatfQrm- IS thewwall, of the opening ll will tendto' spread and to mai 1 M ca t n The fact that the flaps 3| and '32 are carried bythe bottle holder or platform device and extend horizontally beneath the bottle forming a false bottom on which the-bottle rests will pre-. vent the platform it from riding up very far and the cardboard material may be selected'for its friction qualities in which case the flaps 3| and 32 in that area thereof contacted by the bottom of the bottle will exerta'substantial frictional influence resisting any'tendenoy of the bottle to rotate. 1 v I The devicemay be economicallystamped out of flat cardboard stock-to shape, shipped flat for econ mica tra norta o nc ea il n ic ly set up by inexperienced labor at the point of packaging. i

t is ous that arms. ch nts and'i i-i v 'fications maybe made; in the details of construcbo ttle, holder is tion and design of theabovespeciflcally described embodiment ofthis invention without departing from the spirit thereof, such changes and modificationsbeing restricted onlyby the scope of the following claims. I Whatisclaimedis: l '3' 1 In a whiskey package, thecombinationwith a, carton having a window anda round bottle having a label to show through said window, of

a bottleholder'removablymcunted' in the-bottorn of said carton and comprising, a platform having an openingtherein to receive the wall ofthe bottle, and supports for-the platformto hold such platforin above the bottom of the.

2. In a :whiskey. package, the. combination with a square carton having, windows in its front and. :back walls and; a roundzwhiskey' bottle havin front and rear labels adapted. to show through the front and rear windows, said bottle also hav--:

ing -atapered wall-tapering downwardly of 1 a bottle holder'madeindependently ,of said carton ,and removably introduced ginto the bottom portion'thereof, said .bottle holder comprising a square platform .of .a resilient. materialadapted toespreadcand havingw an opening in said platform to ride'up on the taperedwall of the round I bottleb m.

3. In a bottle package, the combination with a carton having a window in its side wall and a bottle received in said carton and having a lab-el adapted to show through the window in the carton, of a bottle holder platform removably dis-- posed in the bottom'portion of said carton and held therein against rota'tive movement with respect to said carton, said platform having an opening therein to frictionally receive the bottle,

legs carried by the platform to support it in spaced relation to the bottom of the carton,oand

flaps connected to the platformand adapted to rest upon the bottom of the carton, said flaps extending beneath the bottom of the bottle to anchor said platform against movement away from the bottom of the carton.

4. The combination with a carton square in cross-section with a window in one of its side 1 walls and a round bottle received in said carton and having a label adapted to show through the window on the carton, of a bottle holding platform disposed in the bottom portion of said car ton, said platform being square and of a size corresponding to the internal dimension of said carton, said platform having an opening therein to frictionally receive the lower end of the bottle and secure it against rotati ve movement,

legs carried by the platform to support it. in

spaced relation' to the bottom of said carton, and.

Y flaps carried by some ofsaid legs and adapted to 1 rest upon the-bottom of said carton, said flaps extending beneath the opening in the platform, said bottle extending-through the opening in the platform and resting upon the flaps to anchor carton to frictionally receive the wall of the bottleand retain the bottle against rotative movement' and the label in substantial registry'with the window in the carton, said means also being held against rotative movement with respect to said carton.


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