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Publication numberUS2325273 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1943
Filing dateDec 8, 1942
Priority dateDec 8, 1942
Publication numberUS 2325273 A, US 2325273A, US-A-2325273, US2325273 A, US2325273A
InventorsMerker Pung Paul
Original AssigneeMerker Pung Paul
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US 2325273 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

July 27, 1943. P. M. PUNG COPY HOLDER Filed Dec.` 8, 1942 is P L'gl INVENTOR PAL/LA MERKER PU/VG HER ATTORNEY means are formed especiallyon numbered paper..

when the parts are folded out or extended as shown in the side view Figure 5. Fromthis position they are readily disengaged and folded back into the plane of the box bottom, when desired..

Holding means are provided on the top or cover of the box for lightly clamping the upper edge of the paper to be copied. vSuch holding or clamp by a pair of tabs 26 made by U-shaped .cuts H21 through the body ofthe cover near theedgegof the box which is farthest re-`A moved from the free end of the easel leg. The

cuts are spaced on each side of a longitudinal cen-v ter line and preferably terminate in small holes 28, so that the paper to be held can be pushed up 1 tight against a definite stop. ience of thecover board is hold paper inserted under enforcement, I like to push a small'wire paper clip through a small slot 29, located just above each tab. Y Inorder to suggest this procedure' to the copyistg'a picture 3|- of acommon form .of

wire clip is rprintedacross each slot -as shown inV Figurel. i Marker, means arerprovided for convenience infollowing down =the sheet of' copy.1 -Sucha marker is conveniently made offa heavyzkraft paperstriphaving its vends 32 adhesivelyi united to forma band 33 of such size'as will readily slide .back and forth on the closed box. rA'ilange' 34 extending kfrom one edge of the band,-and foldedy down yinside between band'y and box exerts enough: resilient pressure against the Vcovervto hold the band in {Whateverpo'sition it is pushed to. When 'access tothe box for morecarbon is' wanted, `the marker vband'fis`push`edup abovefthe hinge linev 9`to permit the,v hinged portion offthe cover to ybe lifted. It Will sliding the band, iirstr downwardlyover the fold#l ed in tie-piece and then upwardly over the folded in leg, that the ,marker retain the leg and tie-piece snugly in foldedor y retracted positions, and the cover sition so that theibox' and tight and' compact"package,v shipment'or for storage betweenperic'ds of use.

Means arev alsoprovided'for'aiding the copyist in following accurately thelines of 'thecopy and kin j'closed po# 'Ifhernatural 'reen- 1 4 usually sufficient'to` thetabs, but as reel? .'f

`i's'anfadvantage to .the-..aidedweight "'copyist 'wishes to put the box away in a drawer, it

then acting as a convenient means for keeping the cover tightly closed. When the need arises for mounting material for copying, it is the work of but a moment to the paper to be copied under the clamp tabs either with or without the reenforcing wire clip. With manual adjustment of the marker as required the copying may then proceed. At no timeisfthefunction of the box as a container interferedA with; and access toitfis `merely a matter of slipping the marker band oif the box or up over the nxed cover partk so that the movable cover may be raised. In fact a load of paper in the box its use as a copy holder, since adds to its stability. If the requires-fbutfaninstant to disengage and fold in p the legand tie-piece, and adjust the marker band slidably. arrangedI on also be noted that-by auf :band 1 also functions to to hold all in a snug package.

. 1; A copyholder comprising a box having-top, bottom and side-walls, an easel leg'arrangedvon the bottom wall,1means arranged on the topwall fori holdingmatter lto be copied,.and a marker slidably.arrangedv on the box to vmove'acrossthe face of the top wall. v Y x i .2. .A copy holder comprising a box having. top, bottom andsidewalls, an easel leg integral with the bottom wall, means arrangedon the topwall forholding matter-to becopied, anda marker thebox to move acrossthe' face ofthetopwall.= r s i V3.-A copyI 'holder-comprising a box havingtop, bottomiaandside. walls, an easeljleg arranged on the bottom wall, means integralwith the top wall for; holdinggrnatter to.- becopied,v and a marker slidably arranged on the box to move'across the face of theto'p wall; -V ,4. Acopy holdercomprlsing a box having top, bottomiandsidewalls, an easel leg arranged on theibottomrwall,y means arranged-on the top wall for holding'matterzto be copied,l and a band surits contents form' e;

either foi" original :7.-

checking the .accuracy'of line-forline'copying; l`

cally on the left side; orion both right and leftsides ofthe platen rare numbers 36,' thewarrang'e' ment and spacing ofwhich'with relation'htofaf line through'the holes l28 are' those`A on a 'legal sheet lwith relation to the upperf'edge of thefsheet;

The numbers may be consecutive from l nd's'e'pi arated by anlUnderwood as commonly found on legal paper; or they may be in multiples `of 'asshown in Figure 1, or they may be arranged in'anyother convenient or help.' ,f

` Arranged verti-` l' typewriter double space'.

Figurewlzn-i The able thereon. and having a n* ientlyengaging the box..

rounding. .the l box and slidable thereon asma marker. i g 1 75. A copyxholder comprising'a box having top,

-bottomfand sidewalls, an easel leg arranged on thefb'ottom wall, 'means arranged on the top wall yfor holding matter to be copied, and a marker comprising. aband surrounding the box and slidportion thereof resil` 6'. A copy holder comprising a box having top, bottom and side walls, an 'easel leg and tie-piece therefor.v arranged Aon the bottom wall, *meansv arrangedon'thutop wall for holding matter to be copie'd,and a marker slidably arranged onthe box to move across theA face of the top 'wall.

7. A copy holder comprising a box having top,

bottomk and side-walls, an'easel leg-arrangedon i the bottom wall, tabs integral with thetopwali forholding matter to be copied, said top wall having a; slot` associated with each tab to receive reenforcing means-.for the tab, and a marker-slid- .ably arranged on the box'to move' across the face break out the easel leg andtie-piece and interlock their ends; and then slip

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