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Publication numberUS2325478 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1943
Filing dateJul 24, 1941
Priority dateJul 24, 1941
Publication numberUS 2325478 A, US 2325478A, US-A-2325478, US2325478 A, US2325478A
InventorsCollins Walter H
Original AssigneeCollins Walter H
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Laundry drier
US 2325478 A
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July 27, 1943.

w. H. COLLINS LAUNDRY DRIER Filed July 24, 1941 ,ZhvenZ-ar- WALTER H. COLLINS fl; 7119 afl-lorneya WWW L3iClaimsLflCl. 211 113; a. l

This invention relates 1 iaieqrynlies, ,More

particularly it relates to portable laundry driers,

such'as may conveniently be used in the bathroom of a small home orapartment, for drying small articles of laundry.

It is an object of my invention to provide a small, inexpensively-constructed laundry drier of attractive appearance which may conveniently be supported from a shower curtain rod or other convenient support in a bathroom'of an apartment or home.

Another object ofmy invention is to provide a Another object of my invention is to provide a drier of the above type which may be constructed from standard or stock materials to a large extent, and which .can have its parts separately made and assembled. 7

Other objects and advantages of my invention will become apparent as it is described in connection with the accompanying drawing.

In the drawing Fig. 1 is an elevation view, partly in section, of. one form of my invention.

Fig. 2 is a bottom plan view of the invention shown in Fig. 1.

, Fig. 3 is a broken detail view of a modified form of the invention, looking into the bottom.

Fig. 4 is a transverse section View of the form of invention of Fig. 3. 7

Referring to Figs. 1 and 2 of the drawing, a hanger l0 made of a strip'of spring steel or other at lug Ma extends downwardly with a flat ver-' tical face aligned with the slot, so that when the lower end of the hanger projects through the head, it may be secured against said flat face by means of screws I5.

The head I is preferably made with a depending flange I 4b which is pierced at spaced points with a series of apertures 16 for the reception conveniently be moving entirely of arms 18. ,The arms {,8 may preferably be made ofwir rods, althoughthey may be made of .other suitable vmaterial having sufiicient strength to support light articles of laundry, On the inner end of the rod [8, balls 22 may mounted by screwing the balls 22, and further by reason of the cooperation of the arm I8 with-the channels leading from the recesses 24, the arms is will be located and. maintained in a substantially horizontal position, extending radially from the head M.

the purpose of decoration, balls 29 are provided on the outer ends of the arms I 8. These balls will hold the arms upon the head lapsed position of the apparatus.-

Preferably the balls 20 on the outer ends of the arms are removable, so that articles, such as laundry as may fications within the scope of the invention will Therefore I do through the head, and also for M in the colnot limit the invention to the form illustrated end of each arm being reversely bent forming a and described. stop, said stop engaging the flange on the head Iclaimz I a o. to limit outward movement of the arm, said aperl, In a laundry drier, a supporting member tures being extended into the top face of said having a hook-like endfa'substantially circular head to enable said arms to depend vertically .head secured on the other end of said supportwhen not in use, and enlargedends on the other ing member, a downwardly-extending flange on ends of the arms to support the arms when dea said head having apertures therein, a'plurality pending vertically.

of arms extending in substantially diametrically 3. In a laundry drier, a hanger made of a flat opposed pairs substantially horizontally from said strip of"meta 1 having a resilient hook-like upper head through said apertures for supporting launend'for gripping a rod or other support, a head dry,-a stopoadjacent the inner end of each arm, secured on the lower end of said hanger, a downmeans on the under side of said head cooperat ,;w,ardly-extending flange on said head having :ing with said stop to locate and maintain. said apertures therein, aplurality of wire-rod arms arms in predeterminedpositions, including chanis extending substantially horizontally from said nels radially aligned'with said apertures.) 3 head through-said apertures, for supporting laun- 2. In a laundry drier, a supporting. member dry, the inner ends of said arms being reversely having a hook-like end, a head secured on the bent to prevent withdrawal from said head and other end of said supporting member a down- -having-po tions substantially equal to said rewardly-extending flange on said head having ii); versely bent portions and fitting in channels in apertures therein, a plurality of arms extending said'headand engaging: saidflange to locate and substantially horizontally from said head through maintainsaidarms in predetermined 'positions; said apertures for supporting laundry, the inner WAL'I'ER H. COLLINS;

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U.S. Classification211/113, 211/171
International ClassificationD06F57/00
Cooperative ClassificationD06F57/00
European ClassificationD06F57/00