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Publication numberUS2325750 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 3, 1943
Filing dateFeb 6, 1942
Priority dateFeb 6, 1942
Publication numberUS 2325750 A, US 2325750A, US-A-2325750, US2325750 A, US2325750A
InventorsDe Vries Margaret
Original AssigneeDe Vries Margaret
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Convertible doll
US 2325750 A
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Allg 3, 1943. M. DEV vRlEs CONVERTIBLE DOLL4 AFiled Feb. 6', 1942 -3 sheets-sheet 1 il', l.

A TTORNE YS M. DE VRIES Aug. 3, 1943.

CONVERT I BLE DOLL heetS-Sheet 2 Filed Feb. 6, 1942 A1 Tom Eys Aug. 3, 1943. M. DE vRlEs CONVERTIBLE DOLL- Filed Feb. 6, 1942 3 Sheets-Sheet 5 INVENTOR': Mal'gdl'ee I/l'zes, BY @au @M14 ATTORNEYS.

y the doll I3 dressed in a two-piece playsutcomvprising a dress-jacket or guimpe I5 with suspender overall-slacks I6, the latter being provided With a'drop-seat Il, Figi, and shoulderstraps I8, said shoulder straps beingattached at the `rear' to the back of the Aguimpe 'ISL The back part of the guimpe maybe conveniently provided with spaced .buttonsZO and an intervening These buttonsv 20, 22

by aid of button-holes 24, in the latter. To preconceal one pair of'legsfandallow a head and one pair of arms to beV exposed to. view; while when in an invertedposition, it will substantially vent removal 'of the guirnpe I5 and also 'better safeguardY against disarran'gement of the appear- Lance ofthe doll, thesle'eves'arepufed at 2,5 andf preferably securedto the arrns A26 by stitchingv l i' 2l, see Figs. 1 and 2. Y l,

Y Referring nowto thecontrastinglylattred doll I4, AseeyFigs. 7 and 8 toV best advantage,.it will.

be seen said doll Vis Vclothed withV a sleeping suit 28, preferably of, the one-piece Vstyle and having ka1 slit 2&1,v for access to the butt'ons, 2 22,.aforevsaid. Y i l The tWo-in-o-ne doll, herein illustrated byway.

of example; conveniently., comprises a blank 34,

FigQQ; prererablyincluding a main-or body sec`V tifonff35V or approximately, rectiformfcontcur orl having f parallel y sides' 36p-Win11diagonallyrelated f y outwardly-curved,.shoulderederlning ledges',` 3l,

Y A 'si-:pa'rated,by combined neckiandzhead simulating y p'arts .33, 3,9, respectively; Inaddition the body y section 35 also ,embodies lopposingly-directed and,

#for convenience of; description, hereinafter termed 'the main blank Mare-the' cornplernental 'or upper and llower shoulderette-like pocket-formingeomponentslSfSS'hereinbeforeimentioned, each such component' embodying a semi-body section e2 conceal the said head and arms and expose the aforementioned legs. y j

The twoin-o'ne :doll thus ormed is now ready Yfor dressing in suitable attire, for' example rstly with the garments I5, I5 as described, in connec# tionWith the iirst form of dollidesignated I3, andthereafter withvtheY-other garment 28, as

. explained `in connection jwith the second orin of doll I4, or Vice versa `when desirable, it being readily vunderstood that the respective buttons 23, 22 are affixed, as hereinbefore set forth, vin'- cidental tothe dressingoperation.

756,151 embroidered thereon to indicate the de'- siredjcharacterizing condition',- such as being awake orV asleep; whereas the respectively asso-V 'ciated' portions of thejhead sections 39, E5 can vhave faces 53;;5l-gstencilled thereon, or: such faces may ber hand-,painted .orvotherWise,formed-, injreverse relationship*withrespect to the'general Yplane of ,the dollg-fandnallysuitablehead-dress Y E@ is preferably-attached .toor. formed on. the

rearvof the respectiyefaces 158,159'. 1

oidental to drawing outthe doll-head bearingV the lface '.59 throughjtheslit or access v. opening 4Q, iromtheuppercpocket Vdened'by-the parts 35 pandff; vvherigthe associatedarms and' legs 6I,V

,52 Yare individually and'A Vsuccessively Withdrawn fromi said pocket las readilyv understoodrom Figs. ,fl-,and 6`r morewparticularly. The legs V653' Now, it `Will be readily understood that when-the Y comporien'ts I9, Sfarereversely laid on the main blankrSv/ ithfthestraight edges foftheformer f 'adj'oim'ng the transverse'mediany of rthe latter; s j asrrindicated Y'byA-,tl'ie dotted line 41 across Fig. 9,

and said` Iparts arevuhited by, sewing along the ,gure, that a' hollow 'structure results; such structure having a'transverse slit or access-opening lig. 3, defined by theadjoiningstraight edges"'45.' `VlThe hollowstructurethus formed is v`nextjturned'insideout, whereupon the respective limbsformed bythe eonfrontingupper half-arm thereto, "and closed-'in by seamings as indicated by'.the' `respectively associated r'heavy vdot-and- `dash lines 50, 51.1 Each leg is formed from com# "plernental' blanks 52,153, Fig. 12, by sewing saidl f Vblanks together alongr the lightdot-and-dash Y glines- 55, indicated in said iigure, next turning the structure inside-out and then stufiingf-itV V-wthrtheappropriate llenfandthereafter seamf ing the thuslvformed'lirnbs to the shoulder-denin'g eliges 3?-, Eig.; 9, or the. main structure, j previously describe,d,alongthe `heavy dot-ariddash lines 55. of Fig.12, inan obvious'- manner. Y l :It will be `understoo dthat,therdolllbody includes fopposingly-relatedipocketsdened by the blank v34, and .thriresievg S.110111@lerrttr Components 21,3,.33 aaah pf. Whuhf.when;n position.; will tive and educational advantage.

invention. vertible-doll rnay@` be rnade-'to -portray dierent'4V Y :characters than illustratedbyy therdrarwings, and other costumes orplothing employed, vvithoui.` inl v any Way. departing. from thegs'piritor'scopeuoi r this invention :as more'conciselylexpressed inthe A following Claims,...` Y 1 fflllavin'g thus described frny-inventionJclaimz f 5,1. A multiple-characterconvertibletoy corn-pv 1 rprisihgV Aa vflexible, hollowfstruc'ture Vhaving an acoess-ifslit withinits planarA co-nnesE-to de ne' opposing'sectionsyineans :forming lsets of body" simulating `rmembersrextending outwardsjrom the hollow'V structure; and; means forclosing the acoessfslit, when onegset von sets; 7.5VA

ofi, the" first, form 'of doll lf3 l are` next folded-upY .Within the pocketrdei'lned .by the lower parts 35 fand d'2, as bestjshown bythe d'otted'outlins in 1 Fig. f5, with consequent retroversion orturninginside rofsaid parts,whereupon the arms 25 land headl bea-ring the face 58arebent over andzinthe manner hereinbefo-re explained.H Obviously the' operation just described isreversed when the'doll I4 is'tobezchangedto the forml I3, and Y may ,be easily learned byl 'a' child', Withf instruc- Fromv the' foregoing the meritsf'and fascinat- V fing attractiveness of the,herein disclosed Vvdoll will l yclearly appreoiatedgwhile itis to beunderstood various otherforms and' arrangementsof .thej doll areVV Within "the contemplation of-this Still 1 further' the Yimproved consimulating members -lare foldedV :into ,'fhqihOllQW v Obviously Y the doll `garments may haveappropriate legends prising anexibie bers` extending `out the associated selected character.`

`2. A multiple-,character convertible toy" commaterial hollow` body,` structure 1 y havingV an access-slit vacross one (side vto dene counterpart sections; plural setslof body inem# t inlglateral projections; opposed' shou1der`ette`` embodying a half-body., Y portionwitha head-simulating and semiarrnV` Wards from the body `struc-VV `formingV projections corresponding with the iirs'tA p ture; and attaching means eiective `to` closethe Y mentioned 'analogousparftsyand means joiningthe surrounding `edges of the main section with",

access-slitpwhen oneset or "sets of the body 'membersare ,foldedwithin the hollow structure, Y to complete representation-oi' the selected charafecten f f'f t V i 3. Thecombination ofc1ain`i`2, wherein the,` body `structure is of approximateiyrectiform contour; the respective, sets of ibody members comprise opposingly-related' head and limbj sec'- tionsrpivotjal Vrelative to thefbodystructure; and

` `the individualV characters `are clothedain" vdis-fY .f tinctive outfits. Y W

v-tlexible material hollow-body portion including v like components each somewhat rectifcrm` contour Withnreversely directedheck, head, and shoulder, simulating Vparts, aswell as spaced, pairs of semiarxn-form! i )the overlaid confrontingedges of theV opposed shoulderette-like components to dene afhollow Hstructure having" an accessslit'deiined `by the adjoining edges of said"components cidental ,tov formation in said'structure.

7.A A body andi infiningends, said shouldersbeing separated by a means providing Van access-slit" itransve'rsely4` propriateller in the` respective heard, arm, and to give substance there-V 5. The combination dof claim Vijvviierein the attachable `to an underlying portion' of `the dress.

6. `A body portion .acrossone major side thereof to deiineopposing f pocket sectionsmeans defining duplicate head, V l and leg, simulating members pivotally rey n lated `to the` body 'portion U Y wards n therefrom in opposing directions; ap- 1 respective dolls are clothed in distinctive dresses,1 Y

i" eachl such dress including s. regional ap, and means ,whereby such ap is releasablefrom and` is `packed tendilaterally Vfrom the terminalsectionsof the f v parallelA sides` with outward 8: Abodygportion"forfconvertible dollsas defined -jinclaim 6, wherein the'joined main sec` tionand "opposed shoulderettellike components l are whollyv turned insidefout, appropriate ller 4into therh'eadrand: arm simulatingjf' parts1and said parts A*are rendered pivotal by i closure-,seaxning across the neck region and along Vlines,substantially paralleling` the vertical cen-` `9; A body portion .forconvertible dolls as de-` iined'in claim 6, Whereinpairs of vpre-formed legs are exibly attached to, the vshoulder simujlating parts, and said legs are foldable Within rthe 'hollowstructurethrough the access-slit de-` l ned by theshoulderette-like components.


of counterpart pockets` p 4portion for convertible dolls 'as re- `cited in claim, :wherein the mainsection is l dened by parallel "sides and intervening out- Wardly curved,v diagonally-related shoulder despaced pairs of half arm-forming projections ex,- i

mergingV into l the

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