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Publication numberUS232579 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 21, 1880
Filing dateJan 2, 1880
Priority dateJan 2, 1880
Publication numberUS 232579 A, US 232579A, US-A-232579, US232579 A, US232579A
InventorsJohn H. Weeks
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US 232579 A
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J. H. WEEKS. Exercising Machine.

Patente d SeptUZI,1880.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 232,579, dated September 21, 1880.

Application filed January 2, 1880.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOHN H. WEEKs, of the city and county of Philadelphia, in the State of Peni'isylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Exercising Apparatus, of which improvements the following is a specification.

The object'of my invention is to provide an apparatus for physical exercise which will be simple and cheap in construction, conveniently portable and adjustable for use, and capable of ready adaptation to the strength of the operator and the description of exercise which is desired to be taken.

To these ends my improvements consist in the combination of two pulleys, each fitted for attachment to a stationary support, a main cord passing around each of said pulleys, said cord being divided into two sections and having snap-hooks or catches upon its ends for attachment, respectively, to a fixed support and to a pulling-cord provided with handles,

and a series of springs or elastic connections interposed, with the capacity of detachment of one or more between the two sections of the main cord.

The improvements claimed are hereinafter more fully set forth. 7

The accompanying drawing is a view in perspective, showing my improvements, and illustrating different methods of using them for the purpose of physical exercise.

To carry out my invention 1 provide two pulleys, A and A, each of which is mounted in a block or hearing capable of attachment to a wall or post either by a screw or a hook. The pulleys may be secured to any suitable stationary support, one being placed about six feet and the other about six inches above the floor, so as to enable the apparatus to be conveniently operated by a person of average height. Two inelastic sections, each having a snap-hook or catch upon each of its ends, constitute, when connected together, the main cord B. The connection of the two. sections of the main cord is effected by means of a se ries of elastic cords or springs, 0, each havin g a ring or hook upon one or both of its ends, so as to be readily attached to and detached from the sections of the main cord.

The elastic cords C may be of uniform or of different tensions, and the series may contain both single and double cords. By unhooking one end of one or more of the elastic cords from one of the sections of the main cord the resistance afforded by the series to the pull of the operator may be readily varied and graduated as desired. The length of the elastic cords O is such as to admit of their being extended to their greatest permitted limit within the space between the pulleys A and A, and the united length of the main cord and connected elastic series 0 should be about twice the distance between the pulleys A and A.

An upper hook, a, and a lower hook, a, are secured in the wall or post, either of which may serve as a point of attachment for one end of the main cord A in the operation of the apparatus 5 and the snap'hook of the other end of the main cord is connected to the frame of a pulley, d, around which passes a pulling-cord, D, having a handle, d, upon each of its ends, to be grasped by the operator.

In the operation of the apparatus, the sections of the main cord being connected by the elastic cords, each section is passed around one of the pulleys, one end of one section'is connected to eitherthe upper or the lower wallhook, and the pulling-cord is connected to the free end of the other section. The operator grasps the handles of the pulling-cord, and by exerting his strength against the resistance of the elastic cords can obtain safe and healthy exercise without undue strain or risk of injurious exertion.

The drawing exhibits three different modes of using the apparatus, and others may be adopted, as desired, by the operator. The re sistance of the elastic connections of the main cord may, by detachment of one or more of its members, be graduated to the strength of the operator with convenience and accuracy, and the apparatus is thus rendered adaptable to use by ladies and children, as well as to the requirements of stronger and more athletic persons.

The apparatus can be conveniently packed and transported and readily adjusted for use in a dwelling, and affords at a small expense the advantages, without the objectionable fea tures, of a specially-constructed gymnasium.

to springs con nectin g the two sections of the main cord, one or more of said elastic cords being detachable at pleasure, a hook to receive one end of the main cord,and a pulling-cord attachable to the other end, these members being combined for joint operation substantially as set forth.

JNO. H. WEEKS. Witnesses:


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European ClassificationA63B21/055D