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Publication numberUS2325906 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 3, 1943
Filing dateMar 11, 1941
Priority dateMar 11, 1941
Publication numberUS 2325906 A, US 2325906A, US-A-2325906, US2325906 A, US2325906A
InventorsClaffey Thomas J
Original AssigneeClaffey Thomas J
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Identification tag
US 2325906 A
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Aug. 3, 1943. T. J. CLAFFEY IDENTIFICATION TAG Fi1ed March 11, 1941 Inventor mmm; Jia/ #gy A tlorlley :larged scale.

Patented Aug. 3, 1943 l UNITEB STATES- Yarmarios Y' niEN'rmcArroN TAG .5

..'Claifey, Oconomowoc, Wis.: v Y A'ppi'i'cation Maren 1 1; Y 1941, Serin No. 382,827

' 2 claims.

My invention relates lto improvementsintags Y lfor identifying cattle, theprincipal obj ectvin vview beingto provide a simply constructed; inexpensive device'ofthis character which is sealed, or locked, so that it is tamper-proof, iseasyfto apply,-and

constructed so thateit will not becomeY caught .in

objects and thusbe tornA out .ofthe ear.v To theaccomplishrnent of thejabove, 'and s ub;

ordinateV objects present appearing, a preferred embodiment of rnyinvention has been illustrated in the accompanying drawing, setY forth-in detail'.. in the i succeeding description and dened the claims appended hereto.

In said drawing:

Figure l is a view in perspectiveillustrating the preferred embodiment ofI my invention ap-l plied, A

Fig. 2 is a view in longitudinal section taken 'Y i on the line-2 2 of Figure l and drawn to an en- L Figure 3 is a view in front elevation, 'Figure 4 isa View in rear elevation, and'A Figure 5 is a view ofthe blank, or strip, from `vvhich'the tag-is formed. i

Reference being had j to the and B forming a pairof opposed rectangular drawing byjnus L merals, my improved tagis formed from an elon-Y gated, strip-like, blank*A' of suitable bendable Ymaterial including a body I, a cruciform base f part I, thus forming with said b"o dy part,` bentas describedja closed loop I5 around theupper edg'e 'Y of the'ear IIJ.l The prongs 5,r` as will vbe understood, a r e sufficiently ilexiblejto pass through they l' V'.islot 6' with a snap action and lock the'end 14. Q

[against Withdrawalfrom said slot 6.: The ears 2, r

i are Vnextbentfalong' transverse lines I6, -I'I in wardly: over Ythe'locki'rigend 4r and in overlapping relation, relatively,` toYV cover saidfslot and end andija's best shown in Figure2 lock theend 4'; agains'tvexing out of bent position.Y vFinally the' i' ap 3 is bent'fo'rwardly along transverse' line I1 1 and -then -upwardlyalong transversef line I8 in front of ears 2 againstfthe outermost vear andiits through'the described openings 1, 8, said apthus forming a salfover the "ears 2 blocking access thereto and thus preventing the tag from beingV removed.

y'Any' desired identification data; not shown,rmay .Y lbe provided on the described tag;v V; j Y As will now be seen, the tag of my invention,v

when applied! forms a closed loop I5.aroundthe vupper portionof'the ear-Ill'of the animal which m is locked closedandithus' cannot pullloose, and

the ears 2, and'ap 3, form a sealaround the lock Y* which may bev easily and quickly a'cheievedV andV whichisfpermanent tothe extent that it cannot end B in a tapered locking end forming alockin'g flap 4 and Vprovided Withaterminal pair of opi posed edge prongs 5. The body part I ,intermediate the ears 2, has formed therein a transversely extending slot 6. A rivetfopening 1 is provided in the body part I centrally thereof adjacent the ently seen. i

The described strip A is designed to be inserted l Y through the usual slit Siprovided in the ear Il!v of the animal from the rear of the ear I0; lock ing'end 4 foremost.- The body part I is then bent be broken without rendering the tag useless as re;v gards reattachment to the same or another ani, Y' ma1. i' l f Y .The foregoing wi1l, 'it is believed, sufce to im-- parta clear understanding of--my invention With-l out furtherexplanatio'n.V

Manifestly. the invention, as described,Y is nsu s' f oeptible or modiiication :without 'departing from the inventive concept,Y and right isherein reserved to such modifications as fallwithinthe scope of thesubj oined claims.l Y 1 What I claim is:

p 1. An'ear` tag Vfor cattle comprising astripgof `fiat metal extended .through the ear ofthe ani:

" mal andjbent upon itself and includinganelonltransverse lines I2, I3 intermediate said end \4 and the end B and then downwardly in front of the ear I0.

Such bendingv of the strip I disposes the slot 6 opposite'the locking end 4 and the ears 2 upon oppositel sides of said'end 4. The locking end 4'is next extended forwardly through slot 6 and bent upwardly on line II against the body gated loop having a barbed end interlockedwith- Y one'side of said loop,rand' a; flap-forming extension ofthe other end of said loop bent overand extending-beyond the interlock in coveringrel'af Y vtion toj'the same and permanently attached toi said one side of said loop beyond said interlock,

said side of the lloophaving a pair of opposed' edge klaps folded over said interlock inoverla'pfV Y ping relation intermediate said interlock and: extensionand intermediate the fold ofthe latter and point ofv attachment thereof' and forggning` with the latter a flocked seal-around the interlock.

2. A blank for forming an ear tag by bending `comprising a strip of Ybendalole metal havinga tapered end provided with edge teeth,` and a cruciform opposite end, said strip being provided with a. transverse slot therein intermediate said ends for the insertion of the tapered end therethrough and interlocking of said teethv therewith, said crucifomrend Isirloviiingei pair of `edge earsanda. Y

terminal flap on the strip for bending over said tapered end and slot when the tapered end is inserted in said slot, saidstrip being provided with a pair of rivet openings one in said cruciform end Vand the other between the cruciform end and the tapered end for riveting of the strip to `form a closed loop enclosing the naps and the slot and tapered end.


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