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Publication numberUS2326490 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 10, 1943
Filing dateJun 13, 1942
Priority dateJun 13, 1942
Publication numberUS 2326490 A, US 2326490A, US-A-2326490, US2326490 A, US2326490A
InventorsPerelson Harold N
Original AssigneePerelson Harold N
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Fluid dispenser
US 2326490 A
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Aug. 10, 1943. H. N. PERELsoN FLUIDl DISPENSER Filed June 13, 1942 INVENTOR Patented ug. 10, 1943 UNITED STATES. gPf-ilENioFF-1C11,5, FLUID 'DISPENSER y l Y Harold N. Perelson, Hluntingtonolfarlr, U Appiiatnnrune 13,194,2,svria1Na dass? Y aolaims. (c1. cisl-47) My invention relates to improvements in fluid dispensers for vials or other containers of-multiple doses of a therapeutic or similar solution, such dispenser being of Vthe-type disclosed in my application ber 358,057, filed September 24, 1940, now Patent No. 2,289,677, dated July 14, 1942.

Administration of doses of therapeutic vsub-` stances and the like from multiple doseV containers in usualpractice involvesy the use and handling of twoneedles in combinationwith the syringe; a large bore needlerfor extraction of the iiuid` from the container and the substitution of a fine needle therefor for the injection `opera.- tion. Y Use of thev large bore needle permits charg-y ing the syringe without unduev loss of time, whereas the fine boreneedleis desirable Vfori adminis# y tration of the dose.

It is apparent that handling -of two doubles the necessity Yfor exercising precautions requisite for antiseptic operation of the' combination as a therapeutic instrument'. y

An objectfoi the present invention is to provide a dispenser of the Ycharacter described, wherein operativev movement ofrthe dispenser needle is precisely 'governed to'provide for substantially complete utilization ofA the container contents without the exercise of "precisional manipulationvby the operator.V Y fr Y A further object is to provide a closure for the container and mounting for the needle suincientlyelastic to'insu're easy operation together with durable" qualities aiording repetitional intrusion into and retraction of the needle 'from theV container interior and conj'ointlyV embody suicient rigidity of structure to provide the requisite rmness lnecessary to hold the needle in place during manipulation Yof the attached syringe. Y 1

Another objectr is to provide a dispenser such as described wherein the body portion; made of for U. SLetters Patent Serial Numv -avial. l p r Figure 2 isan enlarged top plan view. ofomy..V

needles n f made bythe needle being closed due tojjthe h elastic material such as rubber, embodies not only the requisites above dened but in addition is devised to afford a disposition of. parts as to relative all thickness and arrangement such as molding arts, for example, the removal of forms without mutilation of the product.

-With the above and other objects in View the derstood that various changes in form, propor tion, size and minor details of construction withconforms to the practical requirements of the any of the advantages of the invention.

Referring tothe drawing: -l

Figure anelevational ,view of the dispenser of my invention in relationrto and/as afxed to dispensershown in Figure 1. V Figure 3 isa partjsectional, part elevational viewtaken'on the plane of line: 3+-3 of- Figure 2. Figure 4 is a sectionalviewisimilar to Figure 3 showing the dispenserpartsin operative.:position and conjunction. with a syringe shown in vfragmentary elevation.' i

1 Referring tothe drawingf more specifically-it is seenthatoneembodiment'ofmy improved dis- Y penser .generally'inclu'des an .especially Aconstructed stopper A1 of''elastic materialsuch as f rubber or a rubber. substitute, formed with a chamber B in which a hollow needleC is d isposed so that when the needle isv depressed `the Vpoint thereof` willv penetrateV one ofthe walls of.

the chamber to gain access to the contentsof the bottle D. The needle is exposed for connection with Aa syringeY E whereby the contents of. the"A bottle may be'withdrawnl" Normally thesto'pper supports the needle so that-th Vpoint liesjwithin the chamber and thestopper willprovidea tight closure for therbottle,a .punctur'e previously elasticity of the material. if', f

' "Onex fof the: I vadvantageous 'features `onv the 1 present invention'is'that of reinforcingftheouter i end of the stopper byimeans-of an integral'margifY nal ange l 'which extends outwardlyfrom ando` in the present instance surroundsthe4 outerwall 2 of the stopper;` `The ilange'l provides in ,effecty a circumferentia'l'elastic force radially'active 'Ito return'the'outerlwall -2 to its normal position,v j while the hub-3 'of the =needle C is' gripped-and.

held in an apertured boss 4 formed at the center of the wall.

' Shoulders 5 and 6 onthehub together with the boss constitute a means for holding the needle within chamber C and normally spaced inwardly l from the inner wall 1 of the stopper, it being"v Y 'noted that the chamber B Aextends between theV walls 2 and 1. This holding means 4also holds the needle against being forced through the outer wall so that when it is depressed the outer wall will stretch or yield inwardly as shown in Figure A "4 and allow the point of the needle to penetrate the inner wall "L In this connection it should beV lnoted thatras another improvement the stopper t A is provided on the wall of the chamber B with Y .an annular stop shoulder 8 adapted to engage the Y shoulder E on the hub of the needle to limit the inward thrust of the needle as shown in Figure 4. This feature providing for relatively precise adjustment ofthe point end of the needle as just penetrative of the inner Wall 'I for substantially complete extraction of the .container contents.

It should also be 'noted that the stopper is formed with. airA enlarged head-portion. 9 in which isformedithe enlarged outerv end ofthe chamber B in such manner that the walls of Y the head also the flange I are thicker than ari-- nular portions of theV outer Wall 2 which sur-V rounds the boss 4, whereby the outer end'of thestopper will be comparatively rigid while the .WallY 2 is highly elastic and may be stretched inwardly to allow the needle to penetrate-theinner'wall T11 porting said needle on said outer end wall with its point normally spaced outwardly from and subject to penetrating said inner wall when the needle is pushed inwardly and the outer Wall responsively yields inwardly, a stop shoulder on said needle and a stop shoulder on said stopper within said chamber Vinterrnediately positioned between said inner and outer walls for limiting the inward thrust of said needle.

.3; Ima-dispenser forra-bottle-or the like, a stopper., of; resilient material having resilient inner and outer end walls and a chamber be- ,jtween said Walls, a reinforcing iiange on said stopper extending outwardly from said outer wall, a hollow needle extending through said y outer. end Wallinto said chamber; means sup- However, the outer wall has suflicient body andl rigidity to normally support and retain the needlefwith it's pointf spaced: outwardiyffrom .the inner wall 'T anditofliolds the i needle`I steady for connectionlviththe syringe." f Y.

The rigidity and stabllity'provided at the;outer end of rthe stopper'` byi meansofrthe ange'fl and therparticulax. formationof the"'hea'd9,'f1ends porting said needle on said outer end wall with itsipointf normally spaced outwardly from and subject to penetrating said inner end wall when the needle is pushed inwardly and the outer wall responsively; yieldsinwardly; and co-operating the firmness necessaryto make possible aneasy Y attachment and removalcf-therrneedle'y also. a

ready and easy connection'ofitheasyrin'gez tothe needlexyet provides.' thezdesixedA tiexibility Vofthe outer. wall 2LT to.. enable: easyfpenetratiorr .f of? the stopper! .Ready-access to lthe boss il :for insertion of theneedl. hubv is ,providedfby havingtheouter ends* ofthefboss and flange.` substantially coplanarf. Moreoven the particularfconstruction:oizthe stopperfasjhere providedrmakesfpossblesa 1p1-ac-` ticablevmolding operation fiend" iauiiitatesf re'- moval: of the :L.forms without mutilation: of :the stopper.'- ,1 l vi r. .,I-.claimr A 1 .i

*1. In: a: dispenser for abottle'or: theflike;v a

t stopperl of resilient Vmaterial? havigfresilient inner. andouter end walls"A and av chamber be tween-said walls,v a: reinforoing ange. on: said l stopper extendingsubstantially rightangularly from` said-"outer, end l wall at: the rperiphery; thereot, afhollowfneedle extending :througlnsaid vouter endwall into; said chamber; i and*A means fsupportpoint 1 normally spaced outwardlyff'" from u 'and adapted to penetrate saidainnertendwalkwhen the needieiepushedfinwardiy.'andithe miterend inner-` and outer endfwallsvv andA azchamber be.-

twe'en said-r walls, a; reinforcingfflang; oni said stopper extending outwardlyffrom:said outeriend wall,r a. hollowv needleextending.; tl'iroughrsaidY outer endi wall into' saidf chamber, means sup-v stop shoulders within; the Vchamber and on -said needleffadapted-toengage one'another upon a predeterminede inward thrust of the s needle.

4.'.In. a dispenser'for. afoottlefor the, like, a stoppery of resilient=materia1f having resilient inner and outer endwallsand provided with a chamberbetween said-walls, a hollow needle extending throughsaidouter'end wall and-into said vchamier,gmeans for xing the needle. to saiclouterv wall so-thatthe outer wallv will yield responsive vtoV inward andy outward movement of the needleto-cause-the'needle to penetrate'and withdraw `from Vpenetrationv of said e wall respectively,. and 'stopj members on. said needle and withinthe lchamberadapted to` engage oneranother-tojlimitathe inward thrust of' the needle. v5. Ina dispenser for a bottle or'the like, a stopper oi,.- `resilient vmaterialA having a `resilient outer; Vend.l wall Aadapted to b e .inwardly stretched andfreturned toits-normal position, and alresilient inner end fwalladaptedto -be penetrated,- a marginal Bange onsaidstopper extending substantially rightangularly to, surrounding and reinforcing -said'4 outer endwall, said stopper having'ya chamber betweensaid Walls, a\.ho-llowf'nee die-'extending throughsaid outenend walliinto said chamber, meansfor securing the needleto the outer wall sothat said-wall-willrstretch inwardlv-'responsivefrto-an inward'thrust of the needle and permit- Vthe needle to `penetrate Y said innerwallfandwill be retracted tonormal-ponition responsive :to Withdrawal of. theneedle from said 'penetrating position` andA an apertured boss formedY onY andv reinforcing the center` of said outer end Ywall andqreceiving the-.needlein the aperture-thereosaii -boss being normally substantially co-planarat: its outer end with lthe outer end of said flange.


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International ClassificationB65D51/00, A61J1/00, A61J1/14, A61J1/20
Cooperative ClassificationA61J2001/201, A61J1/2096, B65D51/002
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