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Publication numberUS2326493 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 10, 1943
Filing dateNov 4, 1940
Priority dateNov 4, 1940
Publication numberUS 2326493 A, US 2326493A, US-A-2326493, US2326493 A, US2326493A
InventorsMurray Marie M, Pringle Charles E
Original AssigneeMilwaukee Lace Paper Co
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Display stand
US 2326493 A
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Aug. 10, 1943. CQEPRINGLE Em. 2,326,493



Patented Aug. 10, 1943 UNITED STATES ATENTZ'OFFEE DISPLAY STAND Charles E. Pringleand Marie Mwliiurray, Milwaukee, Wis, assignors to Milwaukee Lace Paper 00., Milwaukee, Wis.,--a corporationof Wisconsin Application November 4, 1940, SerialNo.364,156

5 Claims. (o1. 211- 135) This invention relates to display stands, particularly to a collapsible display stand for shelf paper and the like.

Shelf paper is ordinarily made'in strip form having a marginal portion of ornamental design extending along one edge thereof. It is ordinarily sold in predetermined lengths folded in a manner to expose to View a portion of the ornamental margin. V I

.An object'of'the'present invention is to provide a display rack for receiving and supporting a number of specimens of the folded shelf paper in superposed overlapping relation with the ornamental marginal portions thereof visible to the customer.

Another object is to provide such a display rack 'stand of Fig. 1, showing the manner in which the specimens of shelf paper are ordinarily positioned thereby.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the adjustable gauge member employed for properly positioning the shelf paper specimens.

The display stand shown in the drawing comprises an outer frame member H of relatively stiff inexpensive sheet -material such as card board or the like, bent to form substantially parallel side section I3 and I 4 and an intermediate end section l2. A series of shelf members [5 of like sheet material span the space between the side portions !3 and I4, and have protruding end tabs l6 which engage in horizontal slots ll formed in the side members to support the shelves. It will be noted that the shelves are arranged in stepped receding relation one above another, so that the front portion of each is exposed from above.

The display stand shown also includes a gauge member l8 positioned at the rear of the shelves !5 to serve as an abutment for shelf paper specimens a to properly position the same for. display purposes. It will be noted that the member position farther to the rear adjacent the back member l2 of the frame. Itmay thus accommodate shelf paper of two difierent widths and properly position either for display'purposes.

It Will'be noted that with the rear member l8 in position, shelfpaper specimens a may b'e inserted onto the shelves l5 against the member is as an abutment, and that when so placed they are automatically positioned in stepped relation, so that the decorative marginalportiona of each is exposed from above, for the inspection of a customer.

The adjustable gauge member l8is supported by tabs i9. releasably engaged in inclined slots 20 or 2| formed in the'side member s' l3 and M. It

will be noted that the tabs l9 are positioned at the sides of the gauge member. I8 nearer one end thereof than' the other, so that the effective height of the member I8 may be changed byreversing it top for bottom. In this way member l8, when positioned in the forward slots 20 adjacent the shelves, maybe made to extend] above the top shelf I5 to provide'an abutment at the rear of such shelf. On theother hand, when positioned in the rear slots 2|, themembcr I8'is preferably inverted and in such inverted posi-' tion does not extend above the top shelf l5, so

that the shelf paper on the topf'shelf may usethe rear panel l2 itself as an abutment, hiding the member 18- from View.

All of the slots l1, 20 and 2! are-made of notched form, withthe gap at the apexes narrower than the thickness of the tab to be inserted. By this means the apexes between the notches are sprung slightly upon insertion of the tab, giving a resilient gripping engagement. 1

For shipping purposes, the disassembled stand may be packed fiat with the rear section l2 .of'

the frame member and one of the side sections E3 or M disposed in one plane and the other side member folded down thereagainst. 7

Assembly is readily accomplished merely by positioning the frame member, and inserting the tabs of the shelf and gauge members in the slots,

in which position they will firmly brace and'supe 1. A rack for displayingshelf paper and the like comprising a pair of substantially parallel upright side members, a vertical series of shelves supported by and between said side members, said shelves being disposed in upwardly receding stepped relation with their forward edges exposed, a gauge member disposed rearwardly of said shelves to position display material thereon, and means for mounting said gauge member at various distances from said shelves, and at an angle equal to the angle of recession of said shelves.

2. In a display stand the combination of a series of horizontal shelves placed one above the other with the front edges thereof arranged'in receding ascension and unobstructed to permit access to said shelves, side members supporting said shelves, a rear member, means on said side members for mounting said rear member adjacent the rear of said shelves at an inclination corresponding to the angle of recession thereof to thereby form an abutment at the rear of said shelves for positioning articles thereon, and

' means on said side members for mounting smd rear,.member in a positionparallel. to said first named position but spaced therefrom longitudinally of said shelves to thereby form an abutment in 9,. different longitudinal position with respect to said shelves. i

3; In a display stand the combination of a series ofghorizontal shelves placed one above the other with the front edges thereof arranged in receding ascension and open. to permit access to positioning articles thereon, and means on said side members for mounting said rear member in a position parallel to said first named position but spaced therefrom longitudinally of said shelves to thereby form an abutment in a different longitudinal positionwith respect to said shelves, the mounting means for said member being formed to permit positioning of said member with its top above the level of the uppermost shelf when in one mounted position and with the top of said member below the level of said uppermost shelf when in the second of said mounting positions.

4. A display stand comprising a frame having back and two side members, a series of horizontal shelves mounted one above the other be tween the sides of said frame with their front ends in receding ascension and open to permit access to said shelves, an abutment member having mounting tabs at the sides thereof, notches in said side members for receiving said tabs thereof to thereby position said member at dif-' ferent heights when said member is reversed top for bottom. V V

'5. A display stand comprising a cardboard member having a portion forming a back and having side portions folded withrespect thereto to form a U-shaped frame, a series of shelf members having'mounting tabs at the sides thereof, a series of notches in said side members adapted to receive said tabs to thereby mount said shelves one above another in horizontal position with the front edges thereof in receding ascension, said notches being fluted and having a width at their narrowest pointless than the thickness of said tabs to thereby grip said tabs, said shelf.members being positioned and engaged with said frame to form a series-of braces locking said stand in erected position,



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U.S. Classification108/101
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