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Publication numberUS2326601 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 10, 1943
Filing dateJan 7, 1939
Priority dateJan 7, 1939
Publication numberUS 2326601 A, US 2326601A, US-A-2326601, US2326601 A, US2326601A
InventorsArff John H
Original AssigneeRayozone Products Corp
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Apparatus for producing ozone
US 2326601 A
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Aug. 10, 1943. J. H. ARFF APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING OZONE Filed Jan. 7, 1939 //\/L//E/\/7'UR JOHN H. ARFF- Patented Aug. 10,1943

ating machines; and particularly to a machine for" which will purify gand, 'deodorize air a};

through the'machine';

chine which will operate: at. a-relatively low tem 'perature and" which will not fhavee oiiidiz'i "effect. 7 I the manner set forth in]l owing specifica'- J l 7' tion 'as' illustrated inthe aocompanying ,cirawin in which:

h fied form of-grid.

'throughout'the several views "let light Or-sunIight-i'sereatedby agaseoustube and grid in oombinationyvith-the ri zemeum of inert gas inc10sedintheg1ass tube to {give the V required amount of-current and Voltage 'fiow to enerate ozoneor O3.

ol l and I2 into the latter of 'whiohfextends' the ,jtheaaotioi -oi,thetubejlfl being; f electrode I3"Whichisconnected to'the secondary ieifi' ofia condens'en M. of the transformen lfi whos 'primaryflle is;

' the wiresll and wh meansjof the Wires 24. -Thei placed the 'insulating rings 25*WhiC1T3CQfl spacers for the fluted and. perforatedjg gridj Z5 As n. zone Produets'Corporatio or V V 'Appii ca'tion January 7,1939, swarm; 249356 r v a l i 1IQ I Z i 1 s i This invention relates geriieny' to gas g ener j'-;1 forrnejalong their outermost. edes1ehd the pe 'foraticn's 219 formed atthe bottom thereof;Whit;

-I bottorntportionsrest, upon; they-ins latin rings A 25'and h0ldthe gridj'i ir i'spa'ced relationshi t l e? f e It is. desirable, to empljoy a glas producing pure allotropio o'xygen commonlyknown as ozone. The main object of this invention is the pro duction of ozone ina manner as to keep it" re'e-; o 7 from poisonous gaseous formations Wallis approximately neESiXteenth of I The second object is] to construct a ac thickness and sufficientlyd ly;t0 kep the" Y voltage 'froin'breakirigior pie eingjthe'fisarln'e. 'fThe I distan'oeof the tubeir'om the grid "is also' anprox V 1 rnately 'onee'siiteenth oiflaniinchi i Due to5the" faot th'at thefgrid' pe r,fora;ted, vitlfajcl lltt''testhe flo wrof air there'through offering-the leastarnount -oi resistance-to fthewescafi, fof'fthe ozone-and preventing the. ozone from being further'charged by being confined bet-weenit ?-g1id.'2 6. and "the. r

The thirdobject is repro uce n enem These and. other objec'ts'ar'e "acco inp l ished i tube 0-01 in the field of radiation thereby cre s, ating nitrous oxideo'sgothefoxide equally as bad Fig. 1 is a'dia mmmatio View of the appairitus; AISOfdU- fto'f thefffa ctfthat the gridii26- i .fFig. 2 is a transverse seetiontaken a1ong'theE-2Qj toraltle .aildfiutedgf the. tubei'q is pernnt A 1 e"--' ic W WfiP m the Fig.8 is an enlarged section .takenalong the: l otherw epossible 7 o f: line 3- 3 i nFig. 2. Moreoverflitis' foun desirab e -to cover; Figliis a fragmentary section througha mod ZB'LWi T ;00 1 151 33DQ 1 6 7 v ble"material to' nreverittheallotropio oxygen mm attacking the rn'ateri of whiohythe tube I ,7 eonsjtruoted onfrom forming m cornlo nati nationj bfrthis" otherichemicals which might gothroughs ma Similar numerals refen' to m1i1a; narts Before "entering. into an ,expI V invention, it mustlbe understood thatnumerousi} Lchi e in gaseous form or119,- 1ike -form of air t machines have been invented for producingpzoneQ, 30 form ie po'isonou'speornbination The gri In the machine I am abou'tlto describe uIt ra io- 'is beht' inthe-formsh p allowforfthe'v'fu w Y circulation pfairi anld t e fre rmovem'en of escape therefrom; n

an Whi 1t geaseo s g genft v I ake e fi l zm re silei p Referring in detail to theldrau'ing; there? is nesidof theicircuitiand" w 3 to hfig iflp's li e T S Q QQ showna glass tube 10 having the closed 1 ends fl o'fthf Wlrg' It isQdesirable to ha e thegel'ectrode .l 3' in connected by the Wires I 'I and l8' through a; form-1S0 ;that thefgas to jthe'w variable resistor l9' to a power line 2i! ilndefsthe glass tube Via-becomes" xcitedl'mm're.

controlofaswit-chfl; v I v V o v more rul traryiolet radiatio andmor output of;

The motor 22 of thef nza s e nnetee woe. i.

fanr23ri's positionedjtocireulat e thefaiij pas'tuthe I tube as. e

1 The tube!!! containsfaquantity of gas in-spa 32f of which several are-now in commonu's'e; fo

thepurpose of generating ultra violetlightijl Near the ends I I an'd"'l2 of-1the tube emigr a not allow an excess amount of"cu rrentjto flow. I thereby guarding against the burning of theairv or oxyg n. The tube runs at approximately bleed,-

temperature having a 'tendency to keep the tubedry and to keep down the tendency to-arc, thereby eliminating thepossibilitjv of throwing oil nitrous I oxide from burning air or. other poisonous gases;

' In the use of this device the tube and grid must be fed the right amount of. voltage as to create the radition which surrounds the tubelflj This is accomplished by means of the resistor l9. The

- Ijclaim: I

1 In anozone generator, the combination of an elongated, sealed, gas-filled glass-tube having an encircling grid of sharply and longitudinally fiuted,- perforated metal whose innermost points are spaced from the exterior of said tube and having highttensionconnections to the gaseous V filling and toisaid encircling grid.

'2. In an ozone generatorjan elongated, clear,

gas-filled sealed tube having an encircling grid of longitudinally fluted metal of Starshaped transformer I5 must; be of a type which will w a handle the voltage rise due to the conde'nserac} tion of the grid and tube. That istp say, a'l rans former must be employed with' a heavy enough insulation to withstand the tremendous, voltage received by the condenser holding th charge; v

7 cross section }having perforationsformed along 1 the ridges and valleysthereof, means for holding *j s aidfitube in spaced relation to said grid and high tension connections to the gaseous filling of the'tube and to the encircling grid.

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