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Publication numberUS2326879 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 17, 1943
Filing dateNov 22, 1940
Priority dateNov 22, 1940
Publication numberUS 2326879 A, US 2326879A, US-A-2326879, US2326879 A, US2326879A
InventorsSebastian P Neuhausen
Original AssigneeSebastian P Neuhausen
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US 2326879 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Aug- 17, 1943- I s. P. NEUHAUsl-:N 2,326,879

BRUSH Filed Nov. 22, 1940 IIIIIIIIIIII I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MIIIIIII swung from the full Kline to the dotted Vline posi--Y tion shown in Figure 1.V Y

Y f The clips I9 and 20 are provided with inwardly:i turned angesrlfat their lower` edges (se'e'Fig-/- ares 2l and 3) ,which'are` adapted to 'engagethe outer-ribs |1` of the' lateral brush units I2 andi f rst swung to the dotted'line position whereupon the bristle units can be plac'ed` in.the relatweV 4 position shown? in Figure '2, in which position Figures 5, .sfd-rnhe brush head is indicated by the numeral 23, which is provided with a groove 24'corre`sponding vtothe groove I8 of the above described embodiment. The holder com- 5 prises a pair of 'clips'y 25 and 2li,V clip 25 being Vpermanently secured to-the brush head 23,'v While clip 25 is pivotedto the head at 21 'to .enable the same to be swung fromthe full to dotted line positionshown in Figure 6. When the clip 25 is 10. ,smme,mimar1y to the .dnt-.teme position, the

wrist e seatiunszcan readily fbernlcbd in or re- Vmoved from the VsameV relative position as that Lof the'bristle sections shown in Figure 2, after' A#which the clip, 25 is swung to f ullline position.

the inwardly 'turned flanges 2 I of clipIS lltlgfhe clips 25 and 26 are 'providedwithinwardlyn engage the outermost ribs I1'o f the lattenunits direeteiapges 25a* and'2-, respectively,I for I2 and I4. The clip 2D is thenlswungffromthe engagement fwith the lower portions of ther'ibs Y dotted line. to the full linegfmeitin p gfiggre 1 j wherein the ange' 2Ijthereof1firmly epgagqpecamu Tbefbrwhmntstbgaareveel@ im finm lawn @were eeewenwmemelemmv :dipped into'the paint, thus facilitating thep'ikaille-ev @mbe paizltshmhemmvee brush-@Tha ethwhristlesaadaemt medewer su@ umtsfwiwrawaam fweeduuerend ne bg @mmf rama @armistice f revela-@Mmes anteriori; of .thefibrush ,.neslsiblewitb hrushesebavingm @mamma .,aul- I i negarse partire; P9 t-ereedyemeetratmmnf nt andemereihmeush @leansineGimme iA r1 ieaobe eltereqiin positionering as;

tiws-,andelsm vadedfa of the emsMQgntheideszoirthejhmshn Opposite Yfanges III) are `not turnedirnzifgarxily; mwen-but amleamerclyi..meeneem theosecmpneeseinfethe V hitch 3 8. The armsofithetclifSIL-areisomeeihatffs fsihanede andriesilientfaachizhusV permit. the

UU portion 38a ofthe latchftobifisprlmg over'the slangese 49, into the; .pasitienislnown zin amil-:lines Vin Figure 41o. 11n' suchposinbmniezpomomma engasescbeneathaheemb yoffme ,-.adjaeene merel the flanges 40 andV swung'to th'ddtttdllinebposii;igmslgownqin-Eigur 10,1 whereupon' the brush fanclr'can: readily-be---rempved SZQweesi/iae mee'ieramiedietenbmshmnit gelben @adornan eedzwhenfinesmrwosmmnia Y pivtediedairh givirriithenfgnmnfiea iuashaped f ebrmgewire bevineuende-azinsertediim'onemngs `VAsif-ies of the lateral unitsll i adapted fpgcofaction withv igerliiike vera a-Iferrle at the iu'iperendl thereof-,end elongate Ymembers on opposite Ysides ofy theferruley adapted l .for Yengagementin"vertically staggeregilrelatin 'f vvith similar membersfoffotherbristlefnnitshand With ferruleengagigmeans of abristleholder w'hen the 'said unit andfotherlike lunits are insertedin such holder. f r 3. "Af brush` comprisingfthree *separableelenj-a Y gated similar bru'sh Vi'lr'lits-each lp revded: with @af lfferrule at one' end and. a VHelder for'receivingztlie units in sideby'sid e relation and. provddfwith.

" means? abutting theupper ends of the ferrulesk 'u nits to converge toward the lower en dsasillustrated in'Figure 2. Thus, by reasonfqtheabove Y mentioned"arrangementarid".tlie'vertical ofset'e; -'tingorstaggering'of-thei1t er1nediatelunit,not orlyfis' the bristle headofi the ompositefbrusli given a rdesirable Welgefshape'in 's iclefelevati@rijbut;tl1e ribs .of Y the intermediate unit are' ca 'iiseciV to engagel the adjacent; ribsgof the-lateralfunits Y ','forv retaining the formerV *u fnit inv operative fposition,. A ,f r f Whilel yhave shown and describedfcertaingern-1l bodimentslof'my improvementslfor theypurposeff o ff illustration, it IWillulo'e apparentthat varioiisff .changesean Vbe made thereinvvith'on Y'departing Y 'einen of tnegintermedietejunit'iina positin Abristieunitjfor a multi for locating the upper'endsjof twolateral units i Jin a plane' off-set vertically from the plane of vthenpper'end of the intermediatennit forfspac` iY A wherein theferigage'able members.: there'of'uare holderfcomprising a''pairof spa'ceel flarfgesde-4 ningl a space therebetween ior' reeeiving th'e lferrillesof saicliiinits'firi gsicle'bv-fside' and" altern ate. vertically staggeredgrelation Withf'tlie 'en gageablejrriernbersof,theliriterrnediate unit inter'- Aengaged with th'e adj acentamernber'sfof the flateral,` units,`V andf means l co'rnlorising inwardly .Y turned lips on the lovver edgesff'said larigesffor, Y l engagingtheother.engageablefmembers o f said 1 Vlateral units v foiretairiiiigl allthegu'ntsjrisaid space.` a

` f5.3 A brusloeoniprising similar separable bristle zofuriitseach havingj'a ferrule at the .lpperfeidjff "I "{saidferrules,beingfprovided With s'irriilarengage-Q r able.jmembersfprioppositefsides thereof andfaf bristleholder provided WitlrimembersV -denirig a1; spiace :frfreceivin'gtherebetween v tl 1e'ferr 1.1les cf `me-by'-jside contacting relation; thfthejadjacen't efngaeeable' V members thereoff f alternate vertically staggeredv relation, an'd t means erigageablelL/Withthe erigageablemembersf *oftheferrulesofthe lateralfiinitsffor retaining l theimitsinfbristle body lforming relation; f j -6.A .brnsh1emprising ajholder provide'd'with 'a, ,lewer surface, havinggaoentral longitudinal ;groovetherein *corresponding in AWidtlito ap- L proximatelyione-third the `Wifitlriof said snrfaee v` -Y l '35"17f7orl dividingdth'e -surfaee into three bristle-unit Y -Vabiittin'gareasagainst'vvhich the'upper endseofethrees'ep'arable similarfbristlerunits vareladapted "tot abutV andeiectthe staggering o-fjtle jir'iter-V y. mediateunitfvertieallywith,respect 'to ytletvv'o; lateral'unitsgvancig ineasiforjgrippingjand re- 'f moi/'ably retainirg such bristle'yunits nfsaid f staggeredV relationfcomprising opposed members Y 'projecting beyond' said lower surface and having inturned' :Terrine-contacting p ortic'msY =at their the respective ribs', tend to cause theztwoiateral V.1fngjtllelovvergericls, o fthe bristles Soij-tl1ei r1ter' mediatejunitfrom-theplane of the1 lower endsv of; the bristlesoffthev lateral unitsg L1A brush orrlprisingr three separablefsimilar-T; bristle units eaehprovidecl with a ferrule at the upper v end'and'.similaropposed engageable means

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U.S. Classification15/202, 15/176.1
International ClassificationA46B15/00
Cooperative ClassificationA46B15/00
European ClassificationA46B15/00