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Publication numberUS2326928 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 17, 1943
Filing dateJan 27, 1940
Priority dateJan 27, 1940
Publication numberUS 2326928 A, US 2326928A, US-A-2326928, US2326928 A, US2326928A
InventorsGeorge F Courson
Original AssigneeHinde & Dauch Paper Co
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US 2326928 A
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Aug. 17, 1943. G. F. coURsoN 12,326,928

' CARTON Filed Jan. 27, 1940 3 Sheets-sheet 1 Aug. 17, 1943. G. F. couRsoN CARTON 5 sheetssheet 2 :"led Jan. 27, 1940 fie. 8


3 Sheets-Sheet 3 INVNTOR. GEORGE Coc/Rso/v A A L d vhhwwvzub ATTORNEY.

Aug. 17, 1943. G. F. couRsoN CARTON Filed Jan. 27, 1940 l a'lfstrong 'coniprel'ss'i'onlstress Iijctlle conm I v f retina up'in' @lumps and cdmpressftogether spy l j tightly' Withi vinternimediate corrugatedffboard 'pads Y that there can be no shifting, sliding or chaf'n'g,L and consequently the yarn on the bottoni` and top`v surfaces ofthev conesis rmly held in place'fandfjIfhis'f-inventionrelates to means for packaging? Y goods fand' 'materials i particularly heavy; `-iorVV fshpnient, andisspecioally descrihedinjconf nection'with aishippi/ng carton` andf'rnethod Af glakngandsecuririg the saine for cones of:` rayon j c jdthe'r'- textilefyarn," as Wellf asiV for] furniture. LTl'iCQ'WldlffOnefjstltended tof'mlude Sch t yarn ,packages gasffcgpsf -q1 1fi11s, if cheese` andthe like" Whetherjjor'notjgeoinetrihashithertobenftught 4,ryo'n"cones,-With-fthe top@ l. andfldttdmg;Ofhonewt :of Contact Withfany z surfaces infthe packageand considera l 'zeff'ortjf other Qwozun callyjcne shared:vr v .necessary;'tojpackag Y has be'enexpended on accomplishing'tlfiisresultt The necessityrforholding the ends @cle arises GeorgeF. VCourson,'Cleveland, Ohio, assigner,tof

f 4VThe Hindea Dawh- Banel.' GDmIIanwSanrt f Y. r duSkm-Qhia vaecrp'ftiowf 011i? 1 1 -4 Applieinemntxiuaryjfzv;1940;fseiralvimf315,952l '5x2 calm.. maval-e Virom thejiactihatarayvon'cone contains atsingleL vj! continuous length of; yarn,"which is* delicate 'and K nd A of y,the :knitting or 'Weaving-"machinery and VV5th y v break inlthelyarnfatany place isdeie'ctiyegand A Vresults ina fir'lzmcal"165s,VV 1t has-rafffdrigly f v Vvbeen the'. continuall` effcrt'fof inventorsin [field to deviseVv v`c orr1.1g ted @hoard lraxackages:l for 'ported vby its` come,"Y butgwith ton-bottom and j sides all. entirely' Vout offc'ontactWith the' iside f Wallsftl, bottom cntana y For 'this Apurpose I- use af'carton'withhads j which may bedescribedasinternally tel'escopiirig, I which I-m'oye uiriward and; tie-by tension fasten ig'lementg With-the. result that 'aiter-the'pack age is filled the cones arefpressfed'together'iirxnly endwise and remainV under axial compression f and the Lheads, are pushedf-in'tozthe container body asV n far asmay be necessary ltomaintain each vertical column of cones in'whatisgsubstantiallya unitary structure.A i y .The accompanying fdrawings' (exceptfortio"j figures which.. showV furniturf'a'y fp'acked byv `my TAN) rangementfmou 'e 2 is a pian View Vo #*Figiu' isjaviewipartly in side; eleyationfv'and ection'" showing a packingfap.

an Y arts me eyation shwing'a iurtherf'nodifeo . Y ntion'.departntrely from? 1 previouslyl t accepted principles; governingQiilieff` l vpackingof delicateyarns, such'f'as rayonhfand; Y same;,r Si; Y. 1g I d fLf/,Eigjrzyis'alview correspondingl to:Fig-.. .l, but Y broken'awayto*show,the,interiorgarrangement l rvertical'se'ction''. .e n f 1.4 f a View; partlyn elevation an :partly Y' 5 -1n.;verticalfsection showing Athe application of my 'method -:fof:'packingV4 toother' goods;y speciiically Y ALfapiece of:filiriiiture;gv t

elevatiqnfof"the;@meistenr the' :saineashowing the' larged verticali section, Vwith l is laiv plan :'Viewrof aifspac'zer` ring vironi-y entraL-.S'ection of the 1 seen'that -fzny containerfoomprisesl an .exteriorv tubeo'r shellof'. rectangular cross 'section1, haying j A yfourgwallsf'all rdesignated generally-bythefrefip-erencecharacter VLiarld.fastened at onezeprner Y ibyygthej usualbox v.makersf joint, r)till/ich Y,is 5 not showinV The `preferred material is heavy cor-#il` t Y rugated hoard.' The heads, eachfjconjiprise V a *Woodenfframe with'one-or morelinersheetsof .corrugatedboard 4 attached'to the underside'` thereof,V and Voverlapping at the' edges; as 'at 5 J

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