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Publication numberUS2327702 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 24, 1943
Filing dateMar 2, 1943
Priority dateMar 2, 1943
Publication numberUS 2327702 A, US 2327702A, US-A-2327702, US2327702 A, US2327702A
InventorsFlynt Robert C
Original AssigneeBrown Rogers Dixson Co
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Toy for simulating airplane attacks
US 2327702 A
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Aug. 24, 1943. R. c. ,FLYNT TOY FOR SIMULATING AIRPLANE ATTACK Filed March 2, 1945 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Aug. 24, 1943. 0. FLYNT TOY FOR SIMULA'IING AIRPLANE ATTACK Filed March 2, 1943 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 IIHHHIH gvwvwbom I FOBE G/ZW/T m fiJMv M A A S Patented Aug. 24, 1943 TOY FOR SIMULATING AIRPLANE ATTACKS Robert G. Flynt, Winston Salem, N. 0., assignor to Brown-Rogers-Dixson 00.,

Winston Salem,

N. 0., a corporation of North Carolina Application March- 2, 1943, Serial No. 477,740

7 6 claims... ,(CI. 46-81) This invention relates to toysfor simulating airplane attacks and more particularly to toys of the character stated which are adapted to fire or release a projectile which then travels generally away from and in line with the direction of movement of the airplane at the time of firing or releasing the projectile. Thus divebombing attacks may besimulated, although it is not necessary for the projectile to follow a vertical or downward trajectory. 7

An object of the invention is to provide a toy of the kind referred to in which an airplane is adapted to move along a predetermined path, preferably inclined, and to carry a projectile which is released or fired at a predetermined point of the travel and projected forwardly from the airplane.

Another object is to provide such a; toy in which the airplane is directed along its predetermined path by an inclined track. 1

A further object is to provide a toy having a track for the purpose specified above and in which the inclination of the track may be adjusted to enable the trajectory of the projectile to be controlled. 4

Other objects will become apparent from a reading of the following description, the appended claims, and the accompanying drawings, in which:. v

Figure 1 is a side elevation of a toy apparatus constructed in accordance with the invention;

Figure 2 is a top plan view thereof; Figure 3 is an elevation of a target;

Figure 4 is a front elevation of a toy airplane and showing a track in section, drawn on an enlarged scale; i 1

Figure 5 isa central longitudinal vertical section of the toy airplanedrawn onthe enlarged scale; and

Figure 6 is a fragmentary top plan view of the lower end of the track and a supporting base, drawn on the enlarged scale.

The illustrative embodiment of the invention includes an airplane A, a track B adapted to di- H blocks 44 fast on a base 5, a pivot pin 6 extending between the blocks 4-4 and through the track portion 2 for mounting the track B in a manner permittingits being adjusted to vary the inclination of the track part i. A prop I having its lower end seated as at 8 in the base 5 is equipped at its upper end with a pin 9 adapted to be fitted into any of a series of attaching stations Ill on the under side of the track B for holding the track in a selected position of adjustment.

The airplane A includes a fuselage l l, wings l2 and I3 and tail fin i l. Guide members l5 and it are secured to the bottom of the wing l2 and are spaced from each other so as to extend downwardly adjacent opposite sides of the track B for preventing the airplane from being displaced laterally from the track. The wing 12 may be secured to the fuselage by'round-headed fasteners ll, the heads of which serve nicely as slides engageable with the top of the track B.

In operation, the airplane A is positioned on the track B near the top end thereof as shown in full lines in Figure 1 and is then released. It will slide gravitationally down the inclined track part I and when it reaches the curved part 2 it will "level off and then pass over the reversely inclined part 3, finally clearing the track B and going unsupported for a short furtherdistance and'coming to rest on the Supporting surface E.

Preferably Wheels [3 are journalled on the guide pieces [5 and it for supporting the front end of the airplane when it lands on the surface E.

pressed by being pushed rearwardly by the projectile C. The latter is formed with a reduced end portion 23 providing a shoulder Mengageable by a latch 25 pivoted on ascrew 26 at the front of the airplane A. It is apparent that when the latch 25 is swung clockwise as viewed in Figure 4, the projectile will be released and the spring 2| will expand so as to project the projectile D forwardly from the nose of the airplane.

Means are provided for releasing the latch 25 while the airplane is passing along the lower end portion of the track A. In the form shown a cam 21 on one side of the track lower end portion has its curved surface 28 so positioned as 4. In a toy for simulating airplane attack, an

to be engaged by an arm 29 on the latch 25 as inclined track terminating in a lower end portion the airplane moves along the lower end portion which curves toward a reverse inclination; an of the track, thus rocking the latch clear of the airplane including means for guiding the airshoulder 24 on the projectile and permitting the 5 plane to follow the track; a projectile; means on latter to be projected forwardly by the spring the airplane for mounting said projectile for 2! while the airplane continues its flight. In movement with the airplane and for movement order that the airplane may thus continue its forwardly from said airplane; a spring carried flight without interference by the cam 21, "the bby saidairplane and tending toproject said proguide member 16 adjacent the side-of the track ject'ile forwardly from said airplane; a latch on which the cam 21 is located is cut out as at mounted on said airplane for normally holding 39 to provide a clearance space for the cam. said projectile against being projected by said Thus the cam will not be -struck-by anyipartsof ':--spring; mounted on the lower end the airplane during its flight, being engageable portion of said track and being cooperable with only by the latch arm 29. '=said llat'ch during -movement of said airplane The trajectory of the projectile-'can-be con- *alongsaid 'lower end portion of the track for trolled by changing the alignment'of'the track "operating the "latch to enable said spring to proand by changing the track suin'clination. JI'hus ject-. said =projectile.

the projectile can be aimed at the target D when 5. In a toy for simulating airplane attack, an the latter is placed in different positions. in'clined track terminating in a lower end por- Theeapparatus disclosed hereinternbodiesthe tionivwhich curves toward a reverse inclination; invention insthe preferred but itisoto :an airplane including meansforwguiding the airbe:-understood-that, changes..may be lmaderwith- .plane to follow the track; .avprojectile;. meanseon out departing) from the dinventionnasedefind in the airplane for. mounting; said projectile "for Y the claims. v movementwith the airplane and. for. movement I claim: forwardlyffromIsaid airplane; -a spring carried ,1. In aztoy .forisimulating airplane. attack, an by said airplane and tending. taproject saidpro- .-,airplane;umeans. for .idirectingr'the airplane to ,.jectile forwardly from said Iairplane; a latch .nmovelcalongta predeternhinedpath; .a; projectile mounted on said airplaneforrnorm'ally holding ,mounted in the. nosenoi the airplane; .a, projecsaid projectile against beingprojected'bysaid tor tending to project said projectile forwardly ,springy a cam mounted on 'the lowen end. por- :from -said nose; releasablenmeans mounted: on tion of said trackand being cooperableew'ithtsaid said' airplane for. holding. said; projectile .ragainst latch during movement of said airplanemalong :wbeing sozprojectedpandemeansvmountedin the "said lower end. portion'of thetrack'forroperatpath; ofzmovementiofzsmd releasable means .and ing the; latch to enable said spring to projeetsaid I :engageable-with said releasablenmeans iopopp oj le; land meansjior mountingesaidltrack aeratingthe lattentoeffect.releasing disa'idproat di'fierently inclined positions toflenablepthe ejectile, .trajectoryrofhtheprojectile to be. controlled.

2.. a V toy -'for :simulating ,vairplane; attack, fij-lnflaotoyfor simulating airplane lattack an an airplane; vemeans ;for .:directing the air-440 inclinedtrackterminatinglina lower-end,por-

plane to move .a1ong.a predetermined path; .tion whichicurvesitowardla reverse inclination; za projecti-le mounted win the nose of the .anzairplaneradapted to rest upon and slidezdown .airplane; 1a spring carried-by said airplane .and v saidatrack; guide, members-fast with the bottom tending o vloroiectsaid projectile forwardly f eof thenairplane andeadapted? toEextend respecsaid nose; a latch.-mounted--on saidairplanefior 4 -45 tively alongside opposite id of saidl t k; for holding Said. Projectile" against rbemgifia proj ,:preventing I lateral-:-displacement of I the airplane -ed; and means ,'mounted in the path of m W- ,vfromthe track; a boreextending' inwardly! from i'ment Said flatchandiengageable vtheifront ofrsaid airplane; a rspringa seatedain Operating effewreleasmg 60 said bore; a projectile loosely fittedrihto saiid =of-.-said,- projectile. L E it :3. Ina:ztoyfiforfsimulaflngi airplaneialttackwan tboreand pressedlagainst bylsaidsprmg alatch airplane; means afOI' directing .the' airplane 1.110 move along-2a; .predeterminedpath; .a chore A .extending -v from .the :nose of= the; airplaneninto; the ..fuselage thereof ;a-spring2 seatediin'zsaid bore;l.a H55 rojectile :loosely -.:fitted 1 into FSBIld-kbOIB v.sand gressedlagainst dry-saidv spring; a-latch-Jnounted lower end portmn of sald track engageable'with POD. said-iairplane and-inormal yr holding said pro- W 'dunng f 'Qfil a a gq jectile inisaidebore .against thel-action of Usaid track'iower "P9 2 DF lEf springpandaamam-mounted in .o-thet-pathn-offlsaid J50 latqh to release the projectile, the gu demember latchnbut; clearof the :path- :of-the airplane and h s ad'lacent a i n i a engageable by: said v latchnas ithewairplanelmoves 'tmsckbeing' d r v d q m p c rpast for: releasing": the latch -zand .-.thus-enabling for said cam t0 sa e t ealrplane toi'P lsaid spring to;' pr oject-.said='projectile-eforwardly 'beyondsaid cam. v I from1-said;inose. 1:65 2 ROBERT C. 'FLYNT.

ing said projectile-for'holding'the projectile in said bore against the urge'ofsaid-spring; an arm on said lat'ch extending adj acent one 'side of =saidtrack;- and--acam -'on-said one si'de ofthe mounted on said 'airplaneand: n-nomna'lly engag-

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