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Publication numberUS2328095 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 31, 1943
Filing dateNov 14, 1941
Priority dateNov 14, 1941
Publication numberUS 2328095 A, US 2328095A, US-A-2328095, US2328095 A, US2328095A
InventorsMary C Phillips
Original AssigneeMary C Phillips
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Battery holder
US 2328095 A
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,;1 M. c. PHILLIPS 2,328,095

BATTERY HOLDER Filed Nov. 14, 1941 maybe placedand confined. a

Although'I have here specified one purpose and use ot'the invention, I-wish to make it v clearly "Figllls a Patented Aug. i l

mainpurpose of the presentinvention isto, provide'fa convenient holder andsuppo'rt for the electric battery which constitutes apart of apparatus furnished as an aid tdhearing' of deaf persons. Such batteries have substantial size and weight and theirsatisfactorystowage in the pattern is rdided in being asserhbled ar me clothing of the user *ofiers somewhat-of'aprob lem,.particularly to those whose clothing is not well equipped with pockets. But" even where pockets are provided, the weight of a battery placed invone frequently causes unsightly sagging otthegarmenth f 'i 1 Having before me the problem "of enabling women, particularly, to carrybatterie's of'this I character conveniently, withoutzimp'osing weight uncomfortably, or impairing the lines .of their clothing or encumbering their hands, I have devised alhol'der or supportxwhich may be suspended from albeit, girdle or'foundat'ion garment and otherwise' held close to the body so as not to swing, and includes a pocket in whicha battery understood that I amnot limitedto such use, but claim protection for lthe novel principles and article of'Substantialthickness, 'suchlas thebatback sheeti 8%8, fespectively, of Fig; 2.

Like reference characters'designate the; same 7 h triangular ba'cking sheet'or piecea of flexible f me and a -fifontpiece b aiso of flexible fabric,

ofsnialler' dirnensions, stitche d tothe piece a in a manner to 'fo'rnr a'"pock'et wherein an oblong ter y commomy J provided with hearing 7 aid japparatus] maybecontained; The fabric used for these pieces is preferably a closely woyen smooth textile fabric light imweightiand the pieces are made of two or "more-plies each to give ample stre'rig'thij 'lfhe piece b i's fapplied t9 the central area of thebacki'ngpiecea and is stitched thereto alongfits opposite side edges c and deem the t bottom ends threofto the pointsflc' j-and 'd", and

along the bottom jedge' e, leaving its upper end unattached throughout: the full "width between characteristics of the article hereinafter? dew I scribed, andall substantial equivalents thereof, w for all the purposes {and uses to which j-it may be put; Hence the" term battery holder]? by which thea'rticle is called in'the title of thisfipatent and invthefollowingdescription, is table-con-v strued as" including 1 equivalent holderskor' supporters when designed and used for carrying other things than hearing aid batteries and whether applied to the person in the manner herein shown orotherwise. i 9 T invention, whichf at present'I consider preferable to-othersiis shown One embodiment of v be in the accompanying drawing; inwhich-g U a Fig. 1 isa perspective view of the portion 'oiia person's body to which thi ex'nbodimeht of the n d to be applied, showing the i holder appliedthereto;

invention is design Fig. 2 is a front view of the holder removed from the person;

Fig. 315 a similarview of the pattern for the fabric piece which forms the main or back sheet of the holder; showing by dottedlines-the manner inwhich the piece out according to this pattern is folded in being made up into theflnished similar view of the patterniorthe front member ot the pocket, showing by dotted lines the mannerin which the piece cutto that" said points 6 ans id". The piece b is wider than e the. prescribed-width 'oifthe pocket and itsside w edges are'stitch'ed to the ibacking'piece on para l glel linesl "naQrer' together than the-width of the piece; lan'd, in st'itching," the"; lower ends ofthe'.

later'afrnargins of" the piece are: irjldedfunder, as 'indicated by dottedlinesin Fig ifand asshown Lat-randg in the sectional views,fFigs. 7 and 8,

and securedby theseariis-which run parallel with the; edge e, This construction provides funness ih th'epocket to receive-a thickfarticlejlike a battery without materially bulging the backing piece; a 1 t t r i w The upper I taper "and with; notches 'h gand n; th OPP Site i edgesforming aftongue j Bjelow these notches the sideh'margiinspof the'pie ce are folded inward and stitched to the'fadiaqent' ho ly) Dartoflthe a piece to remr 'r'ce the b'a seoi thetongue. I'he tongue-'is pas'sed through'the 510mm flat hook endiof thejfro'nt piece is cut with a or clasp k and stitched down to the back of the and secure the inserted article. h A suspension strap or suspender l is outside thereof and has a-downward extension I equipped with a loop m into'which the hook kl i may be passed. The strap 1, preferablymade of elastic webbing, is extensible inlength, being doubled over and having attached to its end a;-

a time: 0mm in H l t Application Novemberlglll il; Serial lfIo 41 9, 1 40: v' w secured to the uppermost angleof the backingpiece on the a bight of the folded strap, whereby the strap may be made fast to an article of the wearers clothing, such as the waist band of a garment, a belt, a girdle, etc.

' invention is intended. What I claim and desire tosecure by Letters vice 'for which a particular embodiment of the I I Patent is: 7

The opposite lower corners or angles of the back pieceare at substantially equal distances from the topmost angleor apex, and-to one of 7 them is secured a strap p and to the, other a flat toned ring r with a protectivertab s backof it,

The strap p is of like construction to the strap Z, passing through a slot in a flat hook t and doubled back, with a clasp u on its extremity to grip thestanding'part of the strap and adjust the effective length of the strap between the hook t and the corner of the backing piece to which the strap is secured. Strap p is adapted to be'passed around the leg of the wearer and the hook r to be then engaged with the ring 1".

When applied to the. use specified inthe introductory part ofthisspecification the fastener o is attached to a garment of the wearer, such as the girdle w shown in Fig. 1, at-the side'of the hip or thigh and ata height such as will locate the-pocket at a convenient distance above the wearers knee. The strap 3) is passed around the wearersleg and hooked into the ring ghaving been adjusted to a length .whichwill confine the holder closely to the leg witholltbeing ,tight enough'to be uncomfortable I The battery, shown in dottedlines inFigs, 1 and 5, is placed in'the pocket and the hook 7c is caught into-the ring It may be notedat this point that, the lower 1. A container for supporting, on the person, an electric battery comprising a backing sheet of flexible material having a wide base and side edges converging upwardly to anapex, a suspender secured to said apex extending upwardly therefrom, means connected withthe upper end of said Suspender for attaching the same to'a garment of the wearer, an extension on said susing a leg "of the wearer, a front piece narrower atits lower end than the base portion of the backing piece stitched at its bOU' Qm andside edges to the latter to form a pocketada'pted to receive a battery, and having a free upper end with sideedges converging upwardly toward the operating fastening member secured to said suspender extension at a height suitable for engageg corners of the backing piece a are madewith ex V cess width and the ecilgesa and a are foldedunder s o as to bring'the outline approximately to that indicated by the dotted lines a3; and a and are sewed fast, This'formation causes the side edges of the holder to lie close againstthewearers leg notwithstanding thetendency .of, the weight of the battery to pull them away.

V It will be a parent from the foregoing description' that the holder is easily adjusted and; practical. It is comfortable to wear, andby virtue oi ,the manner in whichfit is appliedto the body,

I it makesthe weight of the enclosed battery practicallyinappreciable to the wearer. 'The support afforded by the outer wall ofthe pocket, the strap 7 extension Z'and hooksk, assists greatly in dimin-.

ishing the apparent weight.

or left by reversing the positions of v the: leg strap 1 lustration here is hardly thicker than thewidth of the lines ofthe drawing. But of course any suitable fabric of f any suitable thickness weight I and strength may be used according to the serment with the first named fastening member and to transmit to the Suspender the stress, imposed on the front piece by the Weight of a battery contained in the pocket. I r. 2. A holder forsupporting on the .personithe battery of, an aid to, hearing apparatus,comprising a backing piece of flexible fabric, a front piece secured at side andbottom edges centrally to thebacking piece, and being of greaterwidth than the distance betweencthe lines at whichjts side edges are securedto thebacking piece to provide a pocket with suffioient fullness to contain such a battery, the base of the backing piece extending at both sides beyond-the bottom of said pocket, and its ,upperextremity extending abovethe stop of the pocket, and, the ,backing piece ,being of triangular;outline with-side edges oo-nvergingfrom thelower cornersto a central apex at its top, a strap connected toone 'of'said base corners having a coupling'member atlits complemental coupling member connected to theother of said base corners, said backing member, strap and coupling. memberscco-perat ing tosurround a leg of the user ofthe'container andtohold the container close against suchleg,

a ,suspender fastened to the apex of the backing member and extending upwardly therefrom,

means connected with the upper extremity of the suspender for attachmenttow a portion'of the clothing of the user, and means for coupling the 'upper extremity ofthe front'member to said member the weight suspender when as battery is containedhin the pocket, constructed and arranged to transmit to the suspender the tensioncreated-in the front of the battery.

MARY c. rnnimesf

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