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Publication numberUS2328186 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 31, 1943
Filing dateMay 17, 1941
Priority dateMay 17, 1941
Publication numberUS 2328186 A, US 2328186A, US-A-2328186, US2328186 A, US2328186A
InventorsSamuel Bergstein
Original AssigneeFrank David Bergstein, Robert Morris Bergstein
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Automatic box
US 2328186 A
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Filed May 17, 1941 2 Sheets-Sheet l B1 J lg INVENTOR.

6'5 TEIN.





Aug. 31, 1943.

in which it is shipped to the user.

in Patented Au 31, 1943 Robert Morris Bernstein, trustees Bergs tein and Frank David] in Application l7, 1941,1Serial No. 393,892

4' claims (01. 229, 3 1) Myinvention relates to the generai type of boxesknown in the tradeas fAutomatiQ", which are'shipped in net knocked down form'and readilyjerected prior to packingqlt is a widespread -practice at the present time to stitch or staple these types of boxes, and in my invention thecost and other attendantldifficultiesof the stitched or stapled box are eliminated, providing asuperior product. a

It is one object of my invention to {provide an automatic overlap, type of box that is adapted to .high speed manufacture on existing, folding and gluing machinery; Another object of my invention is to provide a process forthemanufacture of this box in which thereare no stitches or staples present, which is aparticularly desirable feature offboxes iwhich arewused to pack garments and the iikebecause the stitches and staples frequently cause tears in the fabrics Another object of my invention is producing ment to provide a betterand stronger finished edge and an extra reenfcrcing end, strip, to assure positive adhesion of the overlapping panel in a pressure conveyor, toprovide a box with additional clearance spaceadjacent tothecorner portions to facilitate "the more ready assembly thereof. Otherobjectsof my, invention vwill become apparentas the description proceeds, reference being had to theclaimsherewith as to the nature andscope of my invention.

Now referring to the drawings:

boxes of this type with-anextra end reenforce- Figure 1 shows a preferred type of flat but and creased blank adaptedflto my invention.

"Fig, 2 shows the iirststage of folding, Fig. 3 shows a succeedingstage in, thelfolding. it Fig. 4 shows :the folding stage, illustrating the flat knocked down box in the-position Fig. 5 shows the first stepin theasseinbly of the box, oneendhaving-been partly raised toaward the; erect position; l

Fig. 6 shows the iinishedw erected boxvre ady for receiving of the contents. n

Fig. 7 is a view, somewhatdiagrammatim-of a,

series'of my folded blanksstacked. in a :con-

ventional-type pressure "stacker.

{Fig. 8 is an enlargedcross sectional view of the end assembly of one of 'theboxes made according tothe present invention. The section being taken on the plane-otline of Fig. 4.

Referring now to the blanks shown'in Fig: 1, this could bemade of anysuitablesemi-rigid or rigid material such;as,iibre, board;-cardboard,

and the like. "By line respectively 01, fold -or lines of cutting 'theblank is laid out to form indicated, having a maihbody panel Ayopposite sidewalls B and=B opposite end walls C and C and corner connecting sections divided by diagonal lines of fold, thetwo portions of each corner of the corner connecting sections being designated-as D and'E or 'D and E as shown.

Articulated to the end walls C and C are overlapping panels marked F and F and articulated to the overlapping panels are auxiliary flanges marked respectively-G and GR Before proceeding with the description it might be well to clarify somewhatxthe use of the terms that will be followed herein. The

terms, (end wallsf and side walls arenot intended to indicateproportions, as one may be longer than the other or vice versa, or they may be of equal length as in the case of a box that issquare but for purposes of simplicity in description the opposite pair of walls which has the articulated overlapping, panels will be referred'to as the ,endwalls, and the remaining pairof opposite walls will be referred to as the side walls. The diagonal scored portions which connectthe side and end walls will be reierred'to as the cornerconnecting sections, and theextra ,panel articulated to the .overlapping panelwillbe referred to as the ,auxiliary flangef r n l Now that the useot'the terms hasbeen clarifled, I will describe my preferred foldingand into the finished automatic box. v

The first, stage of folding as indicated in Fig. 2, consists of folding inwardly the side walls B and gluing operations in the fabrication of ,this'blank B to overlie'the main body panel A, and this same] folding likewise folds inwardly the diagonally scored corner connecting sections,

which thereupon overlie the corresponding end walls of the box, as shown'inthe drawings.

The next folding stepindicated in, Fig. 3, as indicated comprises thefolding in of the auxiliary flanges Gand G} to overliethe corresponding overlap panels F and F as shown. If desired adhesive may beintroduced betweenthe meeting surfacesofr-theseauxiliary flanges and the overlap panels to which they are articulated,

priottoioldingirithe auxiliaryflanges. 1 n

Before thefinalfolding operation, which is shown'in the next drawing, adhesive isintroduced either 'on the surface of. the. auxiliary flange, or on the corresponding meeting surface of the end walls, and in Fig. 3, this a dhesive area has been indicated by, the stippled area on the surface of r the auxiliary, flanges: as shown.

invention. x l

l It will be obvious thatvariations otthe particular style of box from"that illustrated, can be made, without departing from the features of my invention. The blanks illustrated for example 7 7 side wall members;

panels and of such length as'to lie between said 2.-A' knocked down box having infolded side,

walls, outfolded end walls, overlapping panels can beused as a boat or tray, orfasimilar piece of a slightly larger size can be"provided,to

telescope over the piece shown for example,

making a two-piece so-called'full'telescope style box. O'rone of the sidewalls could have a lid panel with atuck, makingaone-piece box with v a hinged tuck top lid, and these and other such [variations are all contemplated withinthe scope of my invention.

, It can also, be :noted that my invention as 1 a herein disclosed is well adapted to one piecetelescope lid styleboxes suchas shown in my Patent No. 2,155,682. "By providing the type of con struction shown herein and carrying out the gluing and folding processas already, described,

articulated 'to said end walls, saidxoverlapping panels being infolded, and auxiliary flanges on thetype of equipment 'asalready disclosed in I e my aforesaid Patent No. 2,145,682, a very useful. andefi'ective one piece telescope type cover box q can be produced, either with or without the reforcing' strip'for the back wall as desired, in.

a single operation. I It would likewise be apparent that variations i canbe made in thepar'ticular former the cutting of the overlapping panel and auxiliary flange, if a so desired. In the particular blank illustrated the outer edges of theoverla'pping panel are cutback somewhat as compared to the point at which the aunliary flange is hinged, which I find helps facilitate the more ready assembly'of the boxn If desired, howeventhls edgeoi the-overlapping panel could be straightinstead of having cut- "away portions, and the auxiliary flange hinged to. it by a line of articulation along the central section thereof. Such variations are also included in the scope of my invention; having-thus described myinventionwhat I claimas new an desireto secure by Letters Patent, is:,

walls; outfolded end walls overlapping panels articulated to'said end walls, said overlapping panelsbeing infolded, and auxiliary flange articulated tosaid overlapping panels lying folded backunder said infolded overlapping panels and adhesivelysecuredto said end walls, said over lapping panels arranged ,to engage members on, g the sidewallstd maintain an erected condition of ,1., A knocked downbox having infolded'side tending beyond said flange at itsends, and said articulated to .said overlapping panels, lying folded back under said infolded overlapping panels and adhesively secured to said end walls, said overlapping panels arranged to engage mem-- bars on the side walls to maintainan erected con dition of said box when it is erected, and said auxiliary flanges being less in length than said overlapping panels and of such length as-to lie ,between said side wall members, and said auxiliary flanges being also adhesively secured to said overlapping panels.

3. As an article of manufacture a knocked down 7 box adapted to ready assembly comprising acut and creased blank having a main body, and side walls and end walls with'corner connecting sections having diagonal lines of fold therein, said 7 end walls having overlapping panels articulated thereto, and auxiliary flanges articulated to said overlapping panels, said side walls being infolded to ojverlie'said main body panel and said comer connecting sections being infolded to overlie the unfolded end walls, said overlapping panels being infolded to overlie said corner connecting sections and said .end walls, and said auxiliary, flanges beingiolded back under said infolded l overlapping panels, and being of such limited length as tolie wholly between said'c'orner con- .nectingsections, and said auxiliary flanges being adhesively secured to said end walls;

4. In a knocked down box, an overlapping panel articulated to a wall and secured in folded 7 position over said wall by a centrally located aux- 1 iliary flange of substantially lesser length attic-1 ulated to said paneLjiolded under to lie between i said wall and said panel and adhesively secured to said wall at least, saidoverlapping panel ex flange acting to space said panel from said Well a suflicient distance to permit the exertion of effective pressure on said panel, in producing said saidtbox when is erected, and ,said auxiliary Q flanges being less in length than said overlapping SAMUEL ,BERGSTEIN.

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U.S. Classification229/182
International ClassificationB65D5/36
Cooperative ClassificationB65D5/3664
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