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Publication numberUS2328206 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 31, 1943
Filing dateSep 23, 1941
Priority dateSep 23, 1941
Publication numberUS 2328206 A, US 2328206A, US-A-2328206, US2328206 A, US2328206A
InventorsFowler Clarence D
Original AssigneeFowler Clarence D
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Identification badge holder
US 2328206 A
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Au 31; 1943. c. D. FOWLER 2,328,206

I IDENTIFICATION BADGE HOLDER Filed Sept. 23, 1941 Qwuexwbo o fiarazz ('6 P1 002 9 i V r n omont and combinations herein describ dv 52 28306. 1 1 t l IDENTIFICATION BAD GE Home p "Clarence DQEowler';qlastonburyponn. V ApplicatiohySeptembzr23,1?41,Sel ia l No.=412,033 d 1 i a n 40-15) r j o p l o This intentionleldtes tollneensfflor holding i i The strep 'lSis pro videdwith a 'pairof 'outi f an identific ationbadgesuch as s'jofgenerally used .wardly extended spaced" ears II for rockdbly it t in iactories'shlpyards, government buildingsand I mounting'aspring+pressed clip l8, the gripping; projects, and it consistsin the constructions, or, end portion of whlchialls inwardly of thecase i n 19 or "thevjcelendar I3, the operating endflfliof gndvclaime'dg; t t i n )the'clipheing ofsuchleng'th asto'stopinwardly M 1 It is a. cardinal object of the invention to pm;- I of the uppermost endof the body member jlili a p vide a hadgeholder whichIndy .be readily otn Q se 1 19 t a qls c n t ct d 1 tached to the-clothing of a, user and: embodyihgf qwith inwerdlyextended fiangeszl at the top end- 1.1? j- 11183115 wherebygj the ihbldepwill be maintained sides-the lower endbeing open o'that a calenda'r in an upright and clearly visible position. l g maybe frictionally held therewithin; yet remov- A further object of the .inventlonis to; provide] A able -by a 1 11 41 3 the a 2 -83 th B iIO VEI fastening means for thebadgefholder, o e longitudinal ed e o t calendar- B en permitting the. device to be quicklychangedfroni the fiangesIZl above the calendar there is pro'-' on'egarment t'o another; .i i ;15*'vided a transparentlcoverjfl, suitably apertured A stilliurther objectof the invention is the; f so as .to pcsitionzap'ertures "g limniediately'abovey provisionore-oalendar, so constructed as to, er: e r n n i sj the'daye; (T a r u e ma ing-or notations uponthedays repr 'o, 24 permit the insertion of a pencil point so ,as i given month? thus functioning as ayi to make a. notation upon aparticulardeyontin flmezno'randum deviceng', r i i also reminder to'a wear ofth'e badge y j f Additional objects, advantages and features or; p Fr m O O Mii -Wi 1:b e n t Ih Ye invention will be apparent from thefollowing provided acombined badge holder and calendar, i flflfl wmon; considered inrconjunction with the ofzeztreme simplicity innianuiacture; and one i which will' function to positively dlsplayithe ac ompanying drawing, wherein}; p v i p Figure 1 is a, plan Jview ofthe, identification 25 'identiflcation card or photograph, p 1 p l. o

"badge holder, f I S} WhileIhave shown and described my inven l i Figure 2 Isa side elevation thereof, i 'Ifi Q in detail; t is i yway 6f rat on only, 5

- {Figure 3 is arearelevationiotthe device, I "as my ow eli such modifications J: Figured is a, cros secti n on the 11 H b: j in construction,esfairlyfall within the scopeiof" p Figure 5 is an enlarseditragmentary elevation it I claim; ,j I Q V of thecalendaremployed inth'edevice. V identification badge holder. comprising a There is illustrated Vat body member: lilioi" fl ib ebo y m vi ejto sueradlac leather, composition material: oi-4511c like Qf'gen ji one end oflset fromthe vertical plane of the. 1 J erai pear shape. Upon thefront faceoij the membodymember', a platemember in snug engagee' ber lll there is 'securedahadgelf l; d w ment with one side ofthe body memberlandyfixed V in maybe fixed thereto by means of grommets l2 thereto at a medialbort pn o the upp orotherwiseas desired. The badge is in the T end-0t theplate beinggpositioned between the torm or a case tor enclosing the photograph or A t n ue and: t e b y m m a' sprin cli I 1 other identiflcationmeans. '40 mounted on the plate -mem b,er -ior detachably- Upon the rear race of the body member we" 'mOun ins-t eb dY e ri o a armenti and n n calendar I3 is secured: by; means of a. grommet theothen orrivet l4, approx1mate1ymedially;ore strep flsideof the ddrm be if A All; "I'heupperend of thestrap l5 is held fsnugf h, l I-'=.-

3 n 'axainst the body [0 by! means of atohgue jlfi 5 I I CLARENCED struckreerwardlyto accommodate the upper-end i I 1 otthe straptherebeneathfl Q I l

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U.S. Classification40/1.5, 40/109, 40/107, D11/101
International ClassificationA44C3/00
Cooperative ClassificationA44C3/001
European ClassificationA44C3/00B