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Publication numberUS2328366 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 31, 1943
Filing dateJul 28, 1942
Priority dateJul 28, 1942
Publication numberUS 2328366 A, US 2328366A, US-A-2328366, US2328366 A, US2328366A
InventorsTimmermann Elmer J
Original AssigneeTimmermann Elmer J
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Table tennis bat
US 2328366 A
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E. J. TIMMERMANN TABLE TENNIS BAT Filed July 28 Aug. 31, 1943.

O o o o o o o o o o o o 0 o o o o o o 0 0 o o o o 0 o o o o o 0 o o o o o o o o o 0 o o O o o o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o O o o o o o O o o 0 o O O O O o o O G o o O O O o o o o o o o o o o O o o O O o o o o 0 0 0 0 0 000000990 0.00 00 i o 0 0 o 0 "Objectscf;;the invention-are topiov d Patented Aug. 31 1943 I 'I-his., invention relates the table im- ;proved table tennis-bat composedcf ga unitary body includinga *bladerand alhandleizitegrally .united withthe bladeandicomposedofsthe same material and constructedisoithat the .entiredevice ,is of light weight and the blade is comparatively resilient; to 1provide-a;:tabletennis ibatxhavingwa unitary .bo yiaindv handletc mposed fw um um f0! other light weight metal; or composed of solidia ,fled plastic material, theblade beingmrovided with an integral marginal flange or frame 101) 'each of g the two; opposite .sidesthereof merging evenly with the handle; and to provideia hollow handle integrally united; with the bladevby a 3691iobtainrelativelylightweight"and to increase the 1 resiliency and flexibility-of the blade; in combinalt tion;with avsection of relativelyinelastic textile material adhesively attached-to eajchfside oftthe blade and extending across arid closing said pen-- .Iorations, and a sheet of rubbenorsimilar: elastic material attached tog-the outer; surface oit each iof said sectionsby vulcanizationor btherfatta'ohing means, and; thereby held extended and spread uniformly and smoothly upon the blade;

shouldbe apparent from the following description, reference being made to the annexed drawing, in which- Fig. l is a side elevation of my improved table tennis bat, portions of the rubber sheet and the attached textile section being removed.

Fig. 2 is a side edge elevation of my improved table tennis bat. v i I Fig. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the? handle approximately onthe line 3-3 of Fig. 1.

F g. 4 is an enlarged sectional view on the line 4-4 of Fig. 1, showing perforations in the blade and also showing th relationship of the textile sections attached directly to opposite sides of the blade and the elastic facings attached to i t outer sides of said textile sections.

Fig. 5 is a similar sectional view showing a blade without the perforations and having textile sheets attached directly to opposite sides of Other objects and advantages of the invention elastic'faeings attached to the outer-sides =s6i'd textile sections.

f The body-of the devicems shown may be'composed of anappropriatemetallic substanoe subl i xascast silica aluminum-n, or n'riay be composed' or solidified plastic? material having"; the it essential laterally extended flanges 3, thu provid i ng a frame wholly surrounding the blade andbhawing sits router. surf acenrourfdedgiasselearly shown; A handle extends from integral cconnection "with oneend offithezbladeiand is integrally united wiizh the bladeby aicormiectinggpomiomifiiapproinmate 'ly the same ithickn'essminiside elevationiasethe dl'iickness Ref zthe'foladeriincludingl :thetfianges d r "The handlewisiiihollow and "compriscsi two :api-

:proximatelyi flat walls 5 :hauingspotssomknurlsifi 'on their outer i surfaces-land, integrally connected alongtheirmargins byrsmooth'irounded; portions 1. Openings Snare formed imeachiofv the-rounded connecting portions r1 andsa-n opening ildsrformed :at the outer end .c-fq-the (handle.- Theseopen ings mermit free circulationiofwairiinto and through the handle; tending to iminish perspirationdur- .ing warm I .weather. lfhe open ngs. '8 l cooperate with thespots onknurlstfilto, .afiorda better (grip and prevent the handle .fromturning inthehand 7 blade fits closely against and is cemented to the 150 that the edges of said sheets ll abut closely against the inner surfaces of the flanges 3. The edges of the sheets H may be cemented to the flanges 3, Numerous projections I2 are formed integral with the outer surface of each sheet ll the'blade throughout their adjacent areas, andtbo and project beyond the planes of the flanges 3 ntia'lly reduoe the T (Fig. 4). The surfaces of the sheets II are in the same planes as the outer surfaces of the flanges 3. In this construction, the perforations 2 constitute cells that are filled with air, increasing the resiliency of the composite facings including the textile sections I and the rubber sheets ll.

The construction shown in Fig. 5 is the same as that already described, with the exception that the openings 2, functioningas air cells, are omitted, 'and'the textile sections") are cemented throughout the length and width thereof directly to the surfaces of the blade I. This modified construction in which the openings or air cells 2 are omitted contemplates an increase in the resiliency of the material of which the blade is formed. Thus, when the material is highly resilient, the openings'or air cells 2 maybe omitted; and, when the coefficient of resiliency of the metal is below that desired for the blade, the resiliency may be increased by forming theholes or air cells 2. a 1 v a From the foregoing, it is apparent that this invention, comprising a unitary resilient body portion, is substantially infrangible and WiHIlQt become permanently bent or warped, or otherwise distorted under changing conditions of temperature .and humidity. The device is easily handled in playing the game of table tennis because it is of light weight, the formation of the handle affords a strong retaining grip to prevent the handle from turning in the hand of the player, and it is practically impossible for the rubber sheet to become, detached or curled from the blade.

.I claim:

1. In a table tennis bat, a body comprisinga relatively thin resilient blade having numerous flanges; and a sheet ofelastic material attached to and wholly covering the outer side of each of said sections and having its edge engaging the inner side of said adjacent flange and having its outer' surface approximately in thesame plane with the outer surface of said adjacent flange.

2, In a table tennis bat, a body comprising a relatively thin'resilient blade, flanges integral with and projecting laterally beyond the margins of said blade and leaving said blade substantially resilient, a handle connecting portion of approximately the same thickness as the combined thickness of said blade and said flanges integral with and projecting longitudinally beyond said flanges and said blade at one end of the latter, and a hollow handle integral with and projecting longitudinally beyond said connecting portion; a sheet of elasticmaterial fitted Within the area bordered by each of said flanges at the respective sides of said blade and its edge adjacent the inner side of the adjacent flange and also having its outer surface approximately in the same plane with the outer surface of said adjacent flange; and a substantially inelastic section of textile material having the same area as and attached to the concealed side of each of said sheets and also adhesively attached to said blade within the area bordered by elastic material attached to the outer side of each of said sections and cooperating with said sections to confine air within'said holes andalso having its edge adjacent to and contacting the inner side of said complementaryflange and also having its outer surface approximately in the same plane as the outer side of said complementary flange, numerous projections integral with the outer side of each of said sheets projecting outwardly beyondthe plane of said complementary flange, a handle connecting portion integral with andprojecting longitudinally beyond one end of said blade and having a thickness approximately equal to the combined thickness of said, blade and said flanges and leaving said blade resilient, and a handle integral with

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