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Publication numberUS2328380 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 31, 1943
Filing dateAug 30, 1941
Priority dateAug 30, 1941
Publication numberUS 2328380 A, US 2328380A, US-A-2328380, US2328380 A, US2328380A
InventorsEmanuel Feder
Original AssigneeEmanuel Feder
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Combined business reply post card and envelope
US 2328380 A
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Aug. 31, 1943. E. FEDER 2,328,380




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RICHARD ROE m 2.40 51-. NEH voRK,N.-/. n PIC-3.2 l

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- ATTORNEY I I Patented Aug. 31, I943 N TED: sures OFFICE g I M g fl zezaseojfj f p v coMmNr-ioBUsINEss REPLY Posr cARp' ANDENVELOPE- EmanuelFeder, Newarl;,N;.I. Application August 30,1941; scheme. 409,007,

1 Claim; (o1. 229-43) f? My invention relates to a one-piece business reply post card and business reply envelope of the type inwhich postageis. guaranteed by the addressee underthe postal laws and regulations.

Normally, such business reply cards and envelopes are separatelydistributed depending on the purpose for whichthe cards or envelopes were sent. In manyinstances envelopes aredis tributed when post cards would be satisfactory. Since the postal charge on a business reply postal card is generally one-half of the cost of a business reply envelope, a considerable saving can result if" the proper type mailing piece isreturned tothe addressee. I 1 I I Accordingly, itis theprlmary object of my invention tocombine abusiness reply card and a business reply envelope into a one-piece unit, which will permit the addresser to select either the card or the envelope, or to use the unit.

The postal laws and regulations (section 508), require that post cards manufactured byprivate parties may not depart from fixed prescribed dimensions, andthat theweight of the stock used be substantially that, of the type used in Government post cards. I I

A further object of my invention, therefore, is to provide my one-piecebusiness reply post card and business reply envelope with dimensions and weight of stock complying with the foregoing postal requirements. I

I have further found my one-piece business re- ]ply card and envelope, to be desirable for insertion into magazines, for various purposes such Y I Thus, a further objects consists in providing means whereby my one-piece business reply card andenvelope may be inserted into the binding of a magazine where either the card or envelope or both, may be withdrawn;

I accomplish these and other objects and obtain new results as will be apparent from the Fig. 3is a partially sectioned view showing the envelope closed. V

Fig. 4 is auvie'w showingmy combined postcard and envelope used as a bind in a magazine.

Referringmore in detail to the drawing and 4 more particularly to Fig. l,reference numeral II designates the front panel ofmy one-piece returnpost card andenvelope I0. Integrally aterablygum the'upper border I6, of the upper flap I2, and the two side borders I1 and I8 of the lower flap"I3.

"The stock of my combined businessreply post card and "envelope is preferably made of 100 pound paper stock or any weight satisfactory for use as aGovernment post card, as indicated in section 508, subsection b, of the postal laws and regulations, and is provided with fold lines 20, 2|, and 22 separating the top flap I2, side margin fiap I4, and lower flap. I3, respectively, from the front panel II so that the respective elements may be folded into position and glued to form an envelope.

The post card I5 may be detached from the envelope panel II at the line of perforations I9 positioned at the junction of the post card I5 and the panel I I. I

The device I I! is provided to the user preferably in the form of an envelope and card. Thus,

right marginal flap I4, is folded up along fold 'line 2| and lower flap I3, is similarly folded up along fold line 22, with, the gummed portion I8,

engaging the flap I I, and gummed portion I I, engaging the panel II; I

In this position the post card I5 may be folded up on perforations I9 by the addresser, and the upper flap I2 folded up on fold line 20 with the gummed portion I6 engaging the back of lower flap I3. This may be accomplished by I making the height of post card I5 less than the device described in the following description,

, particularly pointed out in the attached claim, and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which:

,Fig. 1 is a plan view of my one-piece business reply card and envelope, in the open position.

Fig. 2 is the reverse view of the same.

possible to omit marginal flap I4, andattach loweriiap I3, directly to panel II by gummed portions I1 and I8.

Thus, it is possible to return the post card with the envelope without additional charge for the card. I

In practice the front portion of the post card !5 may have imprinted thereon the facing required for mailin under the postalllaws and regulations. This also applies to the front panel H, as shown in Fig. 2.

The remaining sides of the card and envelope shown in Fig. 1 may have advertising printed thereon and/or request for further information,

for a sample, for various advertisements, for a salesman, for a subscription, eta, all of which may be checked off bythe addresser; In addition, the name and address of the user may be imprinted on these faces of the card and en veiope by the same machine that addresses the magazine or original. mailing oi'ece. ables the addresser to merely check the card or envelope without loss of identity. The card. alone This en may be used. In the event the addresser wishes se'rtedas a bind in a magazine, asshown in- Fig; 4,

wherein the magazine 30 is indicated with my device: inserted between the staples 3!, which permitsv the free withdrawal of the entire device from the magazine on the envelope: side. In this view the post card 15 is shownin dotted line hehind the. magazine leaves-32.

Where it is necessary to permanently bind the device it to a magazine or book, the marginal flap may be left extending from panell I, with lower flap l3; gummeddirectly 'tofront panel l I,

M utilized as the portion that, is permanently boundinto the magazine or'book. In this instance the fold line 21' may be perforated.

I have thus described m invention but I de-- sire it understood that it is not confined to the particular forms or uses shown and described,

the same being merely illustrative, and that the invention maybe carried out in other Ways Without departing from the spirit of my invention, and, therefore, I claim broadly the right to employ all equivalentinstrumentalities coming within the scope of the appended claim, and by means i of which objects of my invention are attained and new results accomplished, a it is obvious that the particular embodiments herein shown and de- 7 scribed are only some of the many that may be employed to attain these objects and accomplish these results.

I claim:.

A device for mailing comprising an elongated rectangular front panel, a top flap, and a lower flap integrally connected by fold lines along the longitudinal edges of the front panel substantially: throughout the length. thereof; said top flap having its: upper border provided with an adhesive orgummed substance; means for seal.-

said panel and upper and' lower flap to form an envelope body closed on all four sides of the front panel; card means integrally connected along a transverse edge of saidenvelope' body and in spaced relation to the fold line of the lower flair. and provided with means to facilitate detachment from the envelope body, said integral card meansybein i spaced from said. lower, fold line sufficiently' to: enable it to: be" folded along' the attached transverse edge'and allow the upper flap to be sealedto the lower fiap,.,with'out the I adhesive or gummed substance'engaging the integra-l means; said integralmeans having a size and weighnofv material required for use as a postal card. V


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U.S. Classification229/300, D19/2, D19/3, 229/92.8
International ClassificationB42D15/08
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