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Publication numberUS2328618 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1943
Filing dateNov 27, 1941
Priority dateNov 27, 1941
Publication numberUS 2328618 A, US 2328618A, US-A-2328618, US2328618 A, US2328618A
InventorsCorso Frank S
Original AssigneeBell Telephone Labor Inc
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Telephone booth
US 2328618 A
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Sept. 7, 1943.- F. s. coRso TELEPHONE BOOTH Filed Nov. 27', 1941 n F/G. 24T 'f/ +I 4 Sheets-Sheet Al /IZA /NVENTOR F 5. CORSO s F/G.


4 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Nov. 27, 1941 /NVE/VTOR By E s. CORSO /@QZQQMJ ATTORNEY Sept. 7, 1943. F. s. coRso TELEPHONE BOOTH 4 Sheets-Sheet 3 Filed Nov. 27, 1941 By F s @0R50 UQ @(aQmn/( ATTORNEY Sept. 7, 1943. F. sfcoRsQ 2,328,518

TELEPHONE BOOTH Filed Nov. 27, 1941 4 Sheets--Sheei'l 4 F. S. CORSO @da mw@ ATTORNEY Patented Sept. 7, 1943 'UNTED-ilms PATENT @me Bell Telephoneh Laboratorios, Incorporated, New York, N. a corporation of New York Y Applicationlvoyember 27, 1941, `Serial No. lzllwgBR/l' fromme (Criss- 2) This invention relates to telephone booths of Y metallic construction and Amore particularly -to ,telephone booths of the so-called stall type;4

. The object of the inventionv is to-simplify-the construction of such booths, in'creasingthe rigidity'of their construction and decreasingthe inanuiacturing cost. y

In accordance with this invention, metallic booth construction is provid-edinwhich tour corner` posts are formed by bending laterallyv at a number Vci points relatively thinv metallic sheets, two of the Vcorner posts VIforming geometrical ngures of substantially square cross section while `the other Atwo corner posts are formed withngeo-I metrical `figures of substantially U-shaped cross section combined with angular `portions Aand semi-circular portions disposed to form the entrance `of the booth.

Means in the form of metallic plates secured to ltlflecorner posts along their longitudinal 'edges hold such corner posts in spaced-relation toeach other, the metallic plates extending from the top fdisposedencl-of the corner-posts-downtosubstantially one-ninth the height of 'the `bootlfiirom the surface of the floor on which the' booth may rest to form Vthe outer side wallsfand theou-ter rear wall of the booth. Means for-med fat'the -lower ends of the 4outer disposed sidewal'l'plates and the rear wall plate form ledges whichffare secured `at their -ends as vby weld-ing to thecorner posts `for reenforcing the booth structure peripherally at that level and for supporting metal-lic 'Cover-like sections"fiorini-ng the inner `disposed rear "and side wallsioi the booth. 'The innerfdisel posed metallic cover-like sections cooperate with the common outer disposedV wall plates to form therewith, at the lower ends Iof tlielattenfoasings for housing sheets-'of non-metallic `material as cardboard serving as filler therebetween,V while 'the cover-like sections at the top of the booth and "which are made ofperforated metallic plates, 4form wit-h the outer wall plates casings for noush ing `rock wool material serving for sound-proofing-the top end ofthe booth.

Means in the form of 'angle bars lsecured to the cornerv posts serve for securing the top end and the lower disposed cover-like sections'attlieir intersecting'poi-nts in assembled relationto the outer Adisposedrear andthe outer common side wall plates, while reenforcing the corner posts laterally. Y f

`Means lin 'the form of triangular-shaped plates welded to the ledge portions of the side wall plates, the rear wall plate'and the rearlcorner posts reenforce the vbooth framethus constructed againsta `force applied between the corner posts forming'theentrance of the booth. I

Means is provided at the upper `ends lof the outer"dispose`rd wall plates v'for securing a roof and a ceiling, the latter being made of a perforated metallic sheet which in cooperation with the roof plate fori-ns 'a casing for housing brcus material serving 'for sound-proofing ofthe top end of thebooth. Y f

Means carried by the roof `plate ancient-ending downwardly therefrom forms the front side wall and a lwall element at the 'top entrance of 'the booth, wl'1ile means in the form of a rectangular ly-shaped `plate yengaging means carried lby that element cooperates with a rin ofthe ceiling and the roof to form Aa casing forhousinga lighting fixture at the top front' side of the booth, the rectangular plate being secured along its other longitudinaledge to the ceiling ofthe booth.

Other novel features and advantages of the invention will Iappear from vthe following description and by thev claims appended hereto reference being had to the accompanying drawings in which: i y j Fig. 1 4is an assembly View of the booth shown inperspective; l

Fig. 2 is an enlarged Afront elevation `showing one of the front Acorner posts and one of the side walls with yportions broken away; l

Fig. 3 is a partial assembly View `shown in perspective with portions of the corner posts and portions lof the outer wall plates broken away, the ceiling and .roof unit being shown exploded; Fig. 4 is a horizontal sectional view taken on line li-i of Fig. 2 showing the Walls, the ceiling and roof with portions broken away; L

Fig. 5 is a horizontalcross-sectional .view taken on line 5 5 of Fig. 2 shown with portions of the walls broken away;

Fig. 6 is a Vertical sectional View taken on line --B of Fig. 2; i

Figi. 7 is a partial View showing portions of 'the inner wall plate :sections and portions of the outer wall plates 'secured to one of the 4corner postsyand A Fig. 8 isal partial View shown in section taken on line 8-8 ofFg. "6. i Y i As shown in the drawings,4 the boothoi the inventionconsists of two rear cornerposts .lil and 'l'l and two front corner posts l2 and i3, each Vformed of a thin metallic 'strip bent laterally at a number of points to form geometrical gures of substantially 'square cross section, the corner posts |12 and I3 beingV formed with.rriolding'por;V

tions |211V and I3b forming the entrance of the booth.

The corner posts I0, II, I2 and I3 are held in adjusted spaced relation to each other by metallic plates I4 and I 6 at the sides of the booth and a. metallic plate I5 disposed at the rear of the booth, each plate as shown in Figs. 3, 6, 7 and 8 having its longitudinal edges dg bent at right their ends to the corner posts so as to reenforceV the booth peripherally at that point and to form ledges I4L, I5L and ISL provided for supporting metallic cover-like shaped wall sections I1, I8V

and I9 cooperating with the lower end portion of the outer disposed wall plates I4, I5 and I6 to form casings for housing cardboard sheets such as bs shown in Figs. 2, 6 and 7 serving as ller therebetween, while other box-like wall sections 26, 2l and 22 are disposed in end-'to-end abutting relation with the box-like sections I'I, I8 and I9 to form in cooperation with their common outer wall` plates I4, I5 and I6 at the top end thereof casings for housing liber material fm such as rock Wool serving for sound-proofing the walls thus constructed'at the upper level of the booth, the sound-profiling material being held in spaced relation to the wall section plates 20, 2| and 22 by a piece of woven non-metallic material im and a wire screen w best seen in Figs. 5, 6 and 7.

The lower disposed cover-like wall sections and the top disposed cover-like wall sections are held in assembled relation on the ledges I4L, ISL and IBL between the corner posts I0, II, I2 and I3 by vertically disposed angle bars 23, 24,25 and 26 secured to these corner posts by a plurality of similar screws 21, while angle-shaped plates 28 and 29 which are welded to the c orner posts I6 and II and to the angular bent portionsv at the lower end of the outer walls I4,A I5 and IB4 serve for reenforcing the booth at that point in addition to the reenforcing of the corner postsil) and I I by the angle bars 24 and 25 against a force applied as by a person against the front Corner posts I2 and I3 forming the entrance of the booth. The metallic outerwall plates'l4, I5 and IS as shown in Figs. 3, 4 6 and 'l are bent at right angles at their top ends to form bearing points bp for receiving a Iroof plate 3D which is secured thereon as by a plurality of similar screws 3|, this roof plate being provided with portions 36 and 31 forming the front wall portion anda top disposed wall ele-ment at rthe entrance, of the booth.

To the under-side of roof plate 36 is secured, as by a number' of lsin'iilar screws 33 sho-wn in Figs. 3, 4 and 6, a ceiling in the form of an inverted box-like shaped perforated pla-te 32 `forming, with the roof plate 36, a casing vfor housing fibrous material such as rock Wool provided rfor sound-proofing the top end of the booth. The ceiling plateSZ as shown in Figs. 3 and 6 is reduced in thickness at its front disposed side to form a shoulder portion for securingas by screws 35. one of the longitudinal edges of a rectangularly-shaped plate 36, disposed diagonally relative to the plane of ceiling 32 and the portion 31 v of the roof plate which forms the wall element at the top entrance of the booth.V On this wall element is secured as by welding, hook members as 38 engaged by the other longitudinal edge of the rectangularly-shaped plate 34 inthe manner shown in Figs. 4 and 6, while a bracket 4I) shown in Figs. 4 and 6, secured as by welding to the roof plate 36 and to its vertically bent portion 36, serves for mounting a lighting fixture, the lamp LP of which is disposed concent-rically to a reflector fL and in juxtaposition to a con cavo-convex translucent glass 4I secured to the plate 34, the removal of screw permitting the removal of thisplate to give access to the lamp LP of the lighting fixture. l

A shelf 5i] shown in Figs. 1, 2, 5 and 7 is secured as by welding to an upright disposed bracket 5I. to form therewith a unit structure. bracket 5I is secured to a pair of supports 44 and inturn welded to the outer walls i5 and I6 as shown in Fig. 5, while the bracket 5i is secured lto the box-like wall sections 2l and 22 as by a number of screws ses, the bracket 5I serving for mounting a telephone apparatus in the form of a. coin collector box CB shown in Figs. 1, 2 and 5. To the lower ends of Acorner posts I0,` II, I2 and I3 is secured as by welding the plates 50g, Sly, 52g and 53g, respectively, the vplates 52g and 53g being each provided with a` pair of stamped disc portions asI 52a and 53a which in cooperation with the stamped portions 55a and 5Ia of plates 56g and iy serve as 'bearingpoints on which the booth rests. A I

What is claimed is: 1. A telephone booth comprising Aa plurality of corner posts, each constructed of a single metallic sheet, a. plurality of plates each forming a complete wall for the booth secured to said corner posts for holding the latter in spaced relation to each other and to form an assembly of unit structure, said plates having bent portions of angular cross section at their lower ends formingA ledge elements, wall layer sections supported by said elements interiorly of the booth, and bars of angular cross section secured along the adjacent longitudinal edges of said corner postsand having their sides overlapping said adjacent edges for holding said wall layer sections in position onv said ledge elements and for reenforcing said corner posts laterally. I

2. A doorless telephone booth comprising a plurality of cornerposts of square tubular cross seotion each constructed of a single metallic sheet, a plurality of walls each formed of a single plate welded longitudinally to said ,corner` posts yfor holding the latter in spaced relation to each other, and a roof secured to said plates, said roof having portions forming the front wall and an element of the entrance at the top of the booth, two of said corner posts -having m-olding portions serving as bearing points for said front wall and said entrance element. 'j v 3. A doorless telephone booth, comprising corner posts, metallic plates, each of said plates forming a complete outer disposed wall vfor the booth welded to said corner posts to form therewith a unit structure, each of said corner posts being constructed of a-single metallic strip bent laterally at points to form geometrical figures of substantially square cross section with their edges forming securing portions,` a plurality of wall sections, means formed with said outer walls-forining shelves A:for said sections, and means` cooper ating with said securing portions for holding said wall sections on said shelves in'assembled relation to said corner posts and said metallicv plates.

4. A doorless metallic booth comprising tubular corner posts of substantially square Ycross section each constructed. of a'single metallic strip, two of said corner posts having portion'sformig The the entrance of the booth, a. plurality of plates Welded longitudinally to said corner posts above the lower ends thereof to form outer wall layers for the booth, said plates being bent at their lower ends to form ledge portions, a plurality of boxlike elements intertting the space between said corner posts and resting on said ledge portions to form inner wall layers for the booth, soundproong material housed between said box-like elements and said plates, means for securing said 10 box-like elements in assembled relation to said corner posts and for reenforcing the latter laterally, a combined roof and ceiling unit said roof forming a front wall and an element at the entrance of the booth at the top thereof, means formed with two of said corner posts for receiving said entrance element, and means carried by said wall plates for securing said roof.


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