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Publication numberUS2328688 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1943
Filing dateJul 19, 1941
Priority dateJul 19, 1941
Publication numberUS 2328688 A, US 2328688A, US-A-2328688, US2328688 A, US2328688A
InventorsColeman Sheerin Thaddeus
Original AssigneeCuneo Press Inc
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Bread wrapper
US 2328688 A
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Sept- 7, 19434 T. c. SHEERIN 2,328,688

BREAD WRAPPER Filed July 19, 1941 latented Sept. 7, 1943 Y, webcasts` ff u 'BREAD WRAPPER r Thaddeus y,c'oleiiulin sheerin, chicago, nues-` signor to The Cuneo Press,` Inc., Chicago, Ill., a d `corporation of Illinois.

Application July `19, 1941,.Serial No. 403,107 teams. (01.22947) i My invention relates to bread "wrappers and has particular lreference to a' wrapper" made-pfrom thin,4 transparent foldablernaterial capable of receiving'ink or other coloring material on it'ssurface whereby the wrappermay be ornamented in .such manner that the name `or brand of the baker-lor manufacturer may appear-on another band around the loaf and be visible through one portion of the wrapper.

Another and further object of my invention is the provision of a bread wrapper which is ornamented on certain of its areas in conformity with certain holidays, seasons of the year or the like,

and made up in large quantities for use by various manufacturers who may place their own brand or name on a strip of material and then place this band around the loaf of bread, preferably under the wrapper, and in register with the area of the wrapper which is not ornamented, so that such strip of material or the printing or mark thereon is visible through the wrapper.

Another and further object of my invention is the provision of a bread wrapper which may be printed or ornamented with certain charactersk or types of ornamentation in large quantities, thusA materially reducing the cost of the wrappers, particularly for special purposes such as holiday tradeor the like.

These and other objects of my invention will be readily and better understood by reference to the accompanying sheet j of drawing, and in Figure 1 is a plan View of my improved bread wrapper;

Figure 2 is an elevational view ofthe under strip which may contain the bakers name, trade mark or the like;

Figure 3 is a perspective view of a loaf of bread with the name strip applied centrally thereof; and

Figure 4 is a perspective view of a loaf of bread with the namestrip and wrapper thereon.

Referring now specifically to the drawing, a sheet Iii of thin, transparent foldable material is shown, having ornamented areas II, II thereon in spaced relation with each other, whereby an area I2 is provided in the wrapper I0 of substantially the same width .as the marker strip i3 shown in Figure 2. 'Ihe Vwrapper I0 is printed `in continuous sheets of varying widths, depending upon the size of the loaf the wrapper Iis intended to enclose, and cut to suitable lengths lduring the wrapping process, if machine wrapped, -or cut into units of suitable length if hand or individually machine wrapped, to adequately cover the surface of the loaf with suihcient` margins at each end and overlapped meeting edges, us-

ually at the bottom of the load, to provide proper sea-ling of the Wrapper so that it remains in place during shipping and handling operations.

The printed or decorated areas II, -II are positioned 'inward from the ends of the wrapper I0 so that areas It vand I5 are provided which when folded in the usual manner form a complete closure for the end of the loaf (Fig, 4), with the outer `1narginal edges I6, I6 of the ornamented areas so positioned 'that these lines. are in register with the ends of the loaf, while the ends I1,

I1 of the ornamented areas terminate short of the sides ofthe wrapper I0. The printed areas II, II are of sufficient length to extend across the top ofthe loaf I8 and down on each side thereof to each of the lower corners. of the loaf I8, thereby decorating the entire wrapper which,v

is exposed to View when the loaves are packed for shipment or displayed in a container for sale purposes, while the under side of the loaf is visible through the transparent portion of the wrapper if for any reason it may become desirable to examine a loaf during the handling or the sale thereof.

4The marker strip I3 is substantially the same width as the area I2 of the wrapper, and is printed while in a continuous strip, with the name of the manufacturer appearing' thereon in any manner or form of lettering desired. Areas I9, I9 are provided for the proper name or descriptive matter indicating the kind or charatcer of the particular loaf ofbread, or the price of the bread may appear thereon if desired. The printing or marking on the marker strip I3 is visible for use in handling and packing the bread in the bakery, to the merchant in making his display, and to the ultimate purchaser when the sale is made by the retailer.

In packaging a loaf of bread, the initial operation is to place the marker strip I3 around the loaf centr-ally thereof and draw it fairly tight, preferably overlapping the ends of one of these strips, and to secure the ends together in any approved manner, as by sealing, so that this strip I3 is held against displacement during the future handling operations. Thereafter, the wrapper II) is placed around lthe loaf with the adjacent marginal lines of the areas Il, II in register with the outer edges of the strip I3. In vthis position the edges I6, I6 of the ornamented areas terminate substantially at the juncture of the top and side edges of the loaf at the ends thereof. 'I'he edges of the wrapper overlap on adapted to encircle a loaf of bread centrally thereof, and an outer Wrapper, free of said inner band, said outer wrapper having ornamented areas spaced with respect to each other substantially the same distance as the Width of the flexible band and terminating short of the marginal edge of the Wrapper in a longitudinal direction,

n with sufficient material in said Wrapper to enthe merchandise more attractive from a sales standpoint. The Wrapper may be decorated with encircle a loaf of bread centrally thereof and a appropriate designs forgspecial seasons of the year, for the various holdays' and for many other-` occasions which may appeal to the buying public. While I have described more or less precisely the details of construction, I donot Wish to be,v

understood as limiting myself thereto, as I con--` templatechanges in form and the proportion of parts andthe' substitution ofequivalents as circumstances 'may suggest or'y render expedient without departing from' the spirit or lscope of the appended claims. 'f l What is claimed is: I A -V l. A bread Wrapper. comprising an inner band of flexible material. of f predetermined width adapted to completely envelop a loaf of bread, of

velop each end of the loaf and be folded on onel side of the said loaf, the loaf kbeing vesible at -each end and on the folded side of the Wrapper.

2. A bread Wrapper comprising a band of flexible material of predetermined width adapted to Wrapper free of said band of flexible material I' thin material having ornamented areas spaced .with respect to each other and also spaced in relation to the liexible band, vof substantially the same'distance as the width of the nexible band,

v,the wrapper being of'sufcient length to over--V lap on lits underside and of suflicient vwidthto be folded over Jthe ends cfLthe leaf, with. trans? I THADDEUs COLEMAN sHERini.I`

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U.S. Classification229/87.9
International ClassificationB65D75/52
Cooperative ClassificationB65D75/52
European ClassificationB65D75/52