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Publication numberUS2328806 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1943
Filing dateJun 19, 1941
Priority dateJun 19, 1941
Publication numberUS 2328806 A, US 2328806A, US-A-2328806, US2328806 A, US2328806A
InventorsHoofer Charles F
Original AssigneeHoofer Charles F
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Display card holder
US 2328806 A
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Sept 7, 1943'. c. F. Hoor-'ER DISPLAY CARD HoLDER Filed June 19, 1941 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 CLHoU er C. F. HOOFER DISPLAY CARD HOLDER Sept. 7, 1943.

Filed June 19, 1941 2-Sheets-Sheet 2 FM vile?" ATTO R N EYS Patented Sept. 7, 1943 OFFICE `l DISPLAY oARn HOLD-ER v Charles F. Hoofer, Chicago, Ill. Application June 19, 194,1,- serial No. 398,829

(ol. 4to- 23) 4 Claims.

This invention relates to display card holders, and its general object is to provide a holder that is primarily designed for supporting price and advertising cards relative t'o displayed merchandise, in a manner whereby the cards are not only protected against becomingV soiled, butto allow instant changing of certain of the cards, for example the price cards, without removing the holder from the merchandise.

A further Aobject is to provide a display card holder that includes a transparent sheath for the cards, the sheath being Iixed to means for applying the holder to merchandise in an easy and expeditious manner, but casual removalor displacement thereof is practically impossible, particularly as far as certain of the forms of the holder is concerned.,

Another object is to provide a card holder of the'character set forth,in several forms and some of which are applicable to crown capped bottles and each is simple in construction, inexpensive to manufacture, and extremely efcient in use and service. l This invention also consists in certain other Vfeatures oflconstruction and in the combination and arrangement of the several parts, to be hereinafter fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings and specifically pointed out in the appended claims.

In describing the invention in detail, reference will be had to the accompanying drawings wherein like characters denote like or corresponding parts throughout the several views, and in which:

Figure 1 isa front view of one of the' forms of my holder to be applied to a crowncapped bottle and illustrates the 'same in use.

Figure 2 is a sectional view taken approximately on line 2 2 of Figure 1, looking in the direction of the arrows.

Figure 3 is a sectional View taken approximately on line 3-3 of Figure 1, looking in the direction of the arrows.

Figure 4 is a sectional view taken approximately on line 4 4 0f Figure 3, looking in the direction of the arrows.

Figure 5 is a perspective view of the sheath and bottle cap clamping or embracing means, with the sheath removed.

Figure 6 is'a sectional view taken approximately on line E-S of Figure l, looking in the direction of the arrows. Y.

Figure 7 is a fragmentary vertical sectional view takenV through a'modied form of holder applied to a crown capped bottle.

Figure 8 is a sectional' View taken approxmately on line 8--8 of Figure 7, looking in the direction of the arrows. Figure 9 is a sectional View taken approximately on line S-B of Figure 8, looking in the direc.- tion of the arrows, i

Figure 10 is a fragmentary front view of another modied form, which I term the easel type in that, in application, it'merely sets or rests upon the merchandise or 'on a suitable :dat surface in proximity thereto. ,l v

, Figure 1l is a sectional view taken approximately on line l l-l l of Figure 10, lookingin the direction of the arrows.

Figure' 12 is a perspective View of the sheath clamp and supporting member of the form` of Figure 10, with the sheath and cards removed.

Figure 13 vis'a fragmentaryfrontview of still another modified form including penetrating prong or pin supporting means. v Figure 14 is a sectional View taken approximately on line lll-I4 of Figure 13, looking in the direction of the arrows.

Figure 15 is 'a rear view of the form of Figur 13 with the sheath and cards removed,

lReferring to the drawings in detail, it will be noted that each of the forms include a iiat sheath I made Vfrom any suitable transparent flexible material, such as Celluloid or `the like, andin the form shown, the sheath is made from a single sheet of said material folded in rectangular form` to provide open upperH and lower ends, and closed sides, the front and rear walls of the sheath centrally of the upper ends thereof are provided with substantially semicircular registering recesses 2 to facilitate removing the detachable price card 3, while the advertising card llis'permanently secured within the sheath, in a mannerwhich will be later described.

In each of the forms shown, the card 4 is larger than the card 3, and the latter is supported on the upper' edge of the card 4, as well as Vis of a height to extend substantially to the upper edge of the sheath, so that the card 3 can be conveniently gripped through the recesses for removing the same, as will be apparent upon inspection of Figure 1. l

The form of'Figures 1 to 6 is applicable to crown capped bottles or thelike, and forfthat purpose it includes what may be termed a sheath and cap clamping or embracing means made from a single blank of sheet material, such as resilientA metal, to provide a iiat substantially rectangular' 'plate-like sbody member 5 having Lformed along 'the ends thereof downturned anges that include parallel upper' portions 6 9 to provide stops to limit movement of the d'e-,

vice when in fully applied position.

Formed on the front side edge of' the 'vbo-dy-j member 5 is a horizontal channel clip member I having its channel uppermost for receiving the lower edge portion of the sheath l` therein"- for supporting the latter in a vertical or subY stantially vertical position, as best shown in Fig# ure 2. The sheath is fastened centrally of its lower end within the member It); and for that purpose the innery wall H' ofl the member Ill is formed with-teats l2 extending into the chan'- nel thereof, and bein-g disposedin' biting engage# ment with the sheath, for holding the sheath. in bearing contact with the Cardito/lockY the latter within the sheath.' It will be obviousthatthe teats are provided by prick punching the/wall` l I, when the sheath and card 4 are mountedwithin the member I0. The'member l0 islikewise slightly bowed outwardly from. the body member to cooperate with the teats for. fixing ,the sheath within the channel andv the card within the sheath against any possibility of casual removal ordisplacementl. Y

The, channel' member' lill is slightlyl greater in height than that-off the upper portionsi 6,'.so'` that when the holder is appliedl to the-cap. the bot'- tom of the channel member Il) will' rest upon the top of' the cap andwill holdv the lower .walls of the guide members l in tight engagement'with `the lower edge of the' cap, as willl'be apparent' upon inspection` of Figure 2. l

In the frrnoff Figures. "Lito: 9, the horizontal channel iclip member` I=3for thev sheath and; card 4 is' identical toAv that 'of the' other formggand formed on and extending; from: theA upper. edge ofthe rear wall llliof` thesmember ll3`is. a. platelike body member l5- that. is-folded andi-'crimped upon the centrallyl outwardly loopedvbightipor'- tion i6 ofy a` substantially U-shaped wire spring member: lil that has itsarms extending. normally in parallelism withv each.. other for aportion of their 'length vfrom'.'tl'\.e. bight portion` an'dffro'm theparallel portions.r the armsiarercurved" wardly toward each' other, as at'` llt, andterminate in outwardly'curved free'.r end, portions-I9. This form is: appliedv tothe bottle: foiidisposal of` they arms between thecapi and the outwardly bulged annular portionfof Ythe'neclcs as 4'clearly showny in Fi-gure',f7`andr. acts inthe sanie'capacityas that-of' the formali-f Figures l to', 6, namely for Vsecuring and supportingan` advertismg card andav priceilcard` relativeto" ai crown capped bottle, r

The :formY of Figures 10' tov '1211 likewise: includes av channell clip member `2ll1fo'r the; ,Sheath and cardi,` but. the plateelikef bodyv member" Z'l is left flat, to extendai-J right angles` from: the upper endofthe'rear wallfo'f; the clipf'mefnber, `so':tha't in this form, t-he holderfisfapplied in use; mere:- ly "by settingfthesarner upon: the merchandise or any suitable flat surfacev` in close ploxir'nity theres to;v Due-toA therfactthat the ,bodyymemberrzl folded or looped upwardly and crimped against ithe centrally outwardly looped bight portion 24 of a substantially U-shaped wire member 25 that f hasv itsarms terminating in penetrating points,

so thatl the holder of this'form can be applied in use merely by inserting the arms of the Amember 25 into the merchandise, as will be obviousupon inspection of Figure 13.

It is thought from the foregoing description that'the' advantages and: novel features 'ofzithe invention willbe' readily apparent'. lli e It is to be' understoodthat changesv maybe made in' the'construction' and inthe combination and arrangement of: thel several' parts, Iprovided thatlsuchchanges fallwithin, the scopetofthe appendedzclaims. Yz l f 1,

l. A holder forfdisplayf cards, comprisinga transparent dat sheath forreceivin'g cards therein, said: sheath being made: from; a single. sheet ofi material folded to' provide.vr open.; upper: and lower; ends, means' for` supporting the: sh'eathfin an upright position relative; to 'merchandise 'and includingia channel clip memberhaving thelower end' of the? sheath clamped'. therein',a'i1v lllp'er card and a lower card in said-sheath, tea't's'st'ruck fromone ofthe walls'ofthe channel clip'm'ember and` being: disposed'inibiting.engagement with the sheath for holdingr the' latter in'bearing'contact with the: lower cardk whereby to lock! said sheath and the lower cardfin'place',saidupper'cardbee ing removable from the sheath and resting` upon the'eupp'err` edge'of the'. lower. card; and the'upper endofth'e' sheath being recessed centrally.' thereof. to facilitate' removing the upper 'cardtherefrom.'v i

2; A `holder forv display cards, comprising-'a transparent flat sheath for receiving.' cards'therein, means for supportingv the sheath in an upright position and including ay channell clip member' having the lower end of the sheath clamped therein, a plate likebody having: the channelr` clip member formed thereon, oppositely disposed channel like guidemembgers formed on the' body member in depending relation therefrom 'and adapted toy embracethc cap of a crowny capped bottle for attaching. the holder thereto', said guide members increasing in depth toward'one transparent flat sheath for receiving cardstherein, means for supporting the sheath'- inr'an' up'- right position and including a channel.Y cliplmem'- benhafving the lower end of' they sheath clamped therein', a body member'hav-ing' the channelpclip member formed thereomua; substantiallyau,

shaped spring member securedto'the' bodyrn'ember for attaching the holder to the neck of abotfv tle, said U- shaped spring member having a centrally looped bight portion, said body member being crimped about the :bight portion for ,secur-4 ing the U-shaped member to the body member, and the arms of the U-shaped member termito facilitate applying the holder to said neckrfor the arms to embrace the same. I 4. `A holder for display cards, comprising a transparent flat sheath for receiving cardsv therein, means for supporting the sheath in an upright position and including a channel clip Cil `hating in outwardly ared outer end portionsmember having they lower end of the sheath clamped therein', a body member having the channel clip member formed thereon and disposed Yrearwardly of said clip member,` a substantially U-shaped member including a centrally looped bight portion, said body member being crimped about the bight portion forsecuring the U-shaped member thereto with the arms of said U'shaped member depending'from the 'body member, and said arms terminating at their lower ends in penetrating points.


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