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Publication numberUS2328871 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1943
Filing dateApr 16, 1943
Priority dateApr 16, 1943
Publication numberUS 2328871 A, US 2328871A, US-A-2328871, US2328871 A, US2328871A
InventorsWoehler Conrad W
Original AssigneeWoehler Conrad W
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US 2328871 A
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Sept. 7, 1943. c. w. WOEHLER CUSHION Filed April 16, 1943 INVENTOR. Konrad/V fibeliler P tented Sepsis 1943 foonr'aa w.woemeer r st'niusn.YQQ s Application Aware; 1943, Serial No.. 4 3.3127 1 was...

,thearmed forces in the field.

l This invention relates to a cushion for. useof 1 Generally speaking, the cushion is made in the" form of a horseshoe with an'overall width of: v approximately 9 inchesij'and a length (from the bottom of thecurve to the tips of. the legs) of about 8 inches. Itis, of "course, understood that these dimensions are only approximate, but they are given in order to indicatethat thecushion I is very small.

neck so that the points lie on each side of his neck and; his head will rest on the middle of ,Qthe-cushion, If the user wantsyto sleep on), ;his side, his ear can go into the slots Thethird p function of the openingin the middle is toper5 mit the legs of the -cushion' to be pushed to 1 fgether to reduce the overall width.

One of the essentialflfeaturesof"this cushion is. that it is made with substantial thickness adjacent the central opening and tapers down toward the outer edges. This construction couthis is not practicable.

edge thin. This invention can ing-theinvention. Fig. 2 shows the' cushion (but drawn on a smaller scale) withfthe ends compressed together; "Fig, 3 is afsectiongonline helmet lining showingthe cushion in place, and. "Fig. a view looking into, the helmetalsof showing the cushion in place.

x The cushion is shown as madeofthree pieces a of cloth. There is atop piece I0, abottom pi'ece The opening in the horseshoe is approximate I. q 1y 2 inches to3 inches wide; This opening serves [three functions. 3 If the user wants to sleep on- Ihis back,,the opening canbe sprung around his.

pled with the fact that the endstcanbepushed together to narrow the hole makes it possible for this cushion to be insertedin the ordinary M helmet lining now employed by our ermy, If fthe cushion is constructedin the ordinary manher with the thicknessrunning out to the edges,

Advantageously the cushioning is tuftedin f various points and preferably some of this tuft-- ing is adjacent the outer edge to keep! the outer i be readily understood by reference to the accompanying drawing in which Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a cushion embody pije'ce. l4 which runs across the ends and around the central opening. The use of this third piece 'gives thickness near the" central opening. The

ventionalmannerand an advantageous arrange- ;"Theregular helmet lining as .used by our Army isprovided with aJseries of straps i 6 which hold in places. headband l8 and also carry the to the small size of the cushion and the fact be worked in under the straps without removing When inplace, it not on y is out of the way, but

alsomayserve to carry some of the weight or cushion the wearers head if the helmet is struck by flying missiles. It will be noted that even when in place, although the cushion is compressed laterally, it

' wearers head is notinterfered with.

. In view of. the fact that the deviceis light weight and actually is a benefitinstead ofan impediment during fighting and 'is always ready in case of emergency, it ,is of great value to the men in the field. f l What I claimis:

field consisting of-a pad of resilient materialof such size that when the legs are drawn together in the users helmet to assist' in protecting the adapted, when removed from-the helmet and for sleeping.

i2,of the same shapeasth e top piece, and 'ag cushion is. filled wlth compressible material IE which may be hair or a mixture of hair and other types of upholstering material. l The three pieces ofmaterial'are'stitched together in con- Iment of tufting is illustrated in Fig -1. r

weight; when the fmetal helmet is worn; Due

that it has .thinouter edges, this cushion can them. To do this, one end is inserted under a strap and then the cushion is rotated until it is all in place with the legs compressed together. p;

jretains aicentral opening asindicated at120 in Fig. 5. This means that the ventilation to the l A cushion adapted for use by soldiers inthe horseshoe shape having a maximum thickness, adjacent thepcentral opening and tapering to wards"the outer edges, said cushion. being of suchthin edges permit it to be inserted and worn 1 "headlagainstthe shock of flying missiles, but

returned to normal size, to be used as a pillow CONRAD w. WOEHLER;

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U.S. Classification5/636, 2/6.6
International ClassificationF41H1/00, A42B3/04, A42B3/12, F41H1/04
Cooperative ClassificationF41H1/04, A42B3/12
European ClassificationF41H1/04, A42B3/12