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Publication numberUS2329221 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 14, 1943
Filing dateApr 10, 1941
Priority dateApr 10, 1941
Publication numberUS 2329221 A, US 2329221A, US-A-2329221, US2329221 A, US2329221A
InventorsSanford Hugh W
Original AssigneeSanford Hugh W
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US 2329221 A
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Sept 14, 1943- H. SANFORD DEODORI ZER Filed April 10, 1941 5 Sheets-Sheet l Sept. 14, 1943. lH. w. SANFORD DEODORI Z ER Filed April 10, 1941 3 Sheets-Shet 2 J'OO fan/.srv raf Sept 14, 1943- H. W. SANFORD 2,329,221

DEODORIZER Filed April l0,v 19411 3 Sheets-Sheet 3 2 f7 a f Jgd, 4,9 L. L y 52. L 2 l {v2-afm] 1715 TJ d J0 I QQQQQQQQH .23 g

Patented Sept. 14, 1943 ,2,329,221 DEoDoRIziin y HughW. Sanford, Knoxville, '.lerin;k Application April ill, 1941, sei-iai N5. siglati s claims. 1(01. tj-i213)AY This invention relates to Ventilating and dej A odorizing constructions for toilets.

One' ofthe. features 'of theinvention the provision vof means by whichr gases are withdrawn I'r'om'ithetoilet bowl-" anddiseharged into a duct,

ano', 'includingpower means for eifecting the withf di'awal of the gases 'andtiming' devices whereby the energization of the power means vis `continued. rolia predetermined time after 'the operation has been performed and shutting'of the power.

' Alnotherfeature of the invention isl the prow/.by sifon'of means bywhich gases are Withdrawn iroixi lthe toiletl bowl` and discharged( into `a lduct,

gasesto tnetoiletbcwl; o f n therfeftureoilthe invention is tile provi# sion of means Vlor causing Withdrawal or gases ilronith'eftoilet `bowl while occupied, and auto. iilatifcally e'lective for preparing a path for suchv gases whereby the lsame are ldeliveredgintoa discharge duct, with a construction and: arltalig'e-y VfA4 further' -i'ea-ture of the., invention ,is thefp'roff Visiontoff-nieans forgwithdrawing gases frorn'nthe' vtoilet bowlfgand-for prep'aringa path lla-y which? 1 Itiiey; are discharge'clfintojaduct, together with `time-,delay yrneansfor assuring a continuancefoji operation during the period'wnen normally' odors i I inight he] discharged from; the rbowl,`. said partsn beingconstiuctedand arranged to be,A restored tot an"` initial .conditionat which gas cannotpass irom the duetto the room. i f

, A stili vfurther feature ofthe intention` is a provision 'of'. electrically# operatedv ineans forv effectingV K Withdrawal'ofg'ases fromVV the toilet bowl,togetlier with conjointly actuated means for opening `a pathto ja discharge duct while Vthe ing vdevices are'in operation. l.

Another featurejof the inventionistheprot/ifi `A sion of 1s ililple and convenient parts for installa-,y

tin asf'a Whole;v or asian attvachrnentto a prior installation'of an existing toilet bowl of. pro-pen deenff i 4*With these `'Fi'guxrefl is an upright sectional View through'a toilet having the'cleodorizing structures attaclied?` thereto. c, l

.V'Figurez isatop` plan View. il isfa'fside elevation of a party, of thev andU other features as objectsy new, .illustrative` forms of practicing the inve'nf tionare-shown in theaccompanying drawings, inl whichiiw Y and for preventing'at all times the return ci sewer 'rlnentf-/for interruptingI the said pathwhen' the: oischargingfsystem becomesquiescent again.'l

' bow1,"a`nd showing. the Henterrialy appearance.v of the structural` parts.

Figure ,4 is ane'iidf 'viewgcoriespondingf t0 Figures. I

l Figure 5` is a sectionalvieil/1substantially1on1 line 5"-'5 of Figure l, showingv the relationship of water and air passages.

'Figure 6`is a detailedtview showing awater-fandgas-proof connection..4

Figure 7` isa diagrammatical :View shollvingVr circuit connections. f Y

Figure Sis `'ai/lea cor''e'sporiding to aportion-'f Figure 1,4 showing' a modifidn-annerof mounting an electrical oontrollswit'ch, andl for' providing Ya' quick discharge of gases.

Figure 9 shows a further modifledformxwhich employs arnechanical actuationgof the gas trapV devles l Figure 10 isfan upright-sectional viewfsubstam.

tiall'y on line lit-'moi FigureQ,Y showing the gas device and @matige Struttura. Vthere trapping` foin*A` v Imiv `In .the illustratiyeforrn (shown inrligs. l to,

:the toilet Lbowl'Bis'illustratedas having theA usual reception cavitywhich-'communicates with the usual discharge passage. lll-located between the downwardly extending rean Wall -ll and the' upwaiitllyfexteitcling, web wall l2. The vwall loa-10i,

g 'tli body toacts'witii 'the .wblwalllfllz to,provideai 30.

Siphon passage vUl .leading to theconnection` l5..

yit will beunders-tood tliat flushing water may"y be Y suppliedto, c the` bowl in Aany suitable manner,

usually with the en'lployrneritof` a manually oper-r ablefluslfiing valver B yjwayiof illustration,y the; toilet'bo'wl is indicated'` as .ponnected by va. drop pipeyzwitha trankjzlv (Fig. lL3) which, contains. the usual 'Valyesand a' control 2V l a wherebylush-- ingxll/aterY niay. be delivered into the spud hole 22d (Fig..1) and-thence tothechamber 22h anldjto. the Water passage 22 lt ithe'rirn,v from which it/isi discharged through :the usual rim holes 2 3, `into the bowl, `for flushing thejinternal surfaces `thereof; :Furthentit will` be Iunderstood that waterfy Passages 24a .andzinluding ,the bashamber 2,4..-

Inay'be'lusedto deliverwater Ito the A,iet'opening I25, this opening being yso directed that thefjet; of Water issuing; therefrom accelerates the discharge` @vement 0f :the Contents ,of the bowl along the; f

passage wayv l0.-

Y In accordance with this irivnlir, "the bowlalsqlf ure 5)` illustratiyelyy extends v,around the-waten l passage I Zbandhas ,tliepomniunicatin openingL 3l 'at its forward @rui-fbi'.flllllilh` ail an@ vgases may from theatmosplere save for theport opening; 34, a discharge connection througlr anA ou tiet' pipe- 36, and a water replacement duct @5. The outlet pipe 3S in Figure 1 is shown as leading to thev sewer pipe connection l5, so that the gases are discharged to the sewer line, and thus may'escape either upwardly or downwardly. inltheusual;H

sewer stack. The outlet pipe 35isprovidedwith.

a coupling union 35a and may have its outlet" stub threaded into a sleeve 36h in the porcelain.

wall I3, or may be connected thereto. as shown. in Figure 6'; Ihe'in'let endof'outlet'ducttiexL tends upwardly above the floor of the'chanrber'l, so that a'n" annular space 3'1 isprovided by' thel end of vthe duct 3S, the floor of the chamber3g5, and theiwali of" the chamber 35' for 'containing'v a, sealing'lquid Within the chamber 35v isa-solenoid lllliaving" ,a plunger 4e connected' toa'beu #owl/lien nasa closed top and skirt, withjthaskirtadapted', to enterthe annularsea'lin'g space 3l as aforesaid.

' In the form shown, plunger 43 isiconniectedl tothe belle'by'lcose pivot means','so that'the be11= addischarge duct 35* when fithesolenoid" 3f!u isf de-l energized. l v" rI'he toilet a'lso'includesa 'seat S mounted' on" a pivot rod osothatit may be-swungin tnejusuajl'l Sterns 52."y lare "provided" with 'pins 5E "beneath the ears km-prevent separationi 'opa'rts Af stem 52 entends downwardlyand'hasfa'pin lili,

trical switchfTS. This-swi-tehfisof ati/pewhi'ciri` v includesa timingfmechan'i'sm*andcontact' parts-j at each flushing operation throughFtheduct G5' whichdeadsIf-rcm the waterr'charribert; It' is preferred to have thel outlet .p'i-pe S6-extend up- Wardlyin-to Athe chamber H-by'fa distance or one inch or more, and to-ll the annular tro-ugh to' hal-f itsfheight with'fmereury; v thus yproviicliijigf'*aA non-volatile liquid seal of` such specilo gravity Athat i-t 4is not sweptirem pesitionlbyfthe energy 'of V the air blast, the skirt dipping injtc thisv pool'V of!v inerou-ry. The mercuryis heavier'-thandirt' oroth-er solid impurities normallyvpresentin la water supply; and hencesu-clr impurities Heat' on" f 1 introduced.4


the surfaces of the mercury, so that when flushing water is discharged, the water moving through the duct 65 operates to ush away such impurities and to maintain the seal in effective condition.

As shown in Figure '7, the time switch TS is oonnected to one conductor of the supply line 62. The windings for the armature and eld of the motor 33 and the solenoid 41 are connected in paralleli between the switch: 'ISS v and jtlre other supply conductor 62. Inx Figure 7 'is also shown Va second timing switch MTS which may be operated manually or by a toiletroom door, if so desired, for controlling the operation of the system, either conjointly with or alternatively to the switch TS.; Y

The bowLB may be provided with ange walls T8 which'ext'end' rearwardly and partly enclose theyfalrand discharge structures. Flanges 'H Aon these walls receive avcowling 12. The Cowling 12extends'arouud1the structures for. protecting and concealing'them,i and isilliistratlvely"secured byboltst'o theilan'ges Tf.. j

VInA AFigureu 6 conrrectibnffor f wfatfei" lihs is, shown, which does'notirequire'jth'e use Sofa'. 'sleeve connected into the 'porcelain' structure. When employed for the water' pipe lll,y this 'pipe is. p`ro' vided with outwardly extending flange which.v restsupon a gasketi); and" this'in"t'i' 1r,npresses against theend wall of' arr `externally threaded' sleeve 84 'which'v hasa lower4 outwardly beveled IiangetoL `receivesa-i clamping and ysealing gasket" #'Ifhevpressure" nut 83d4 sengagedwith the sleeve 8-I and` compresses` f thegasket' 8.2'L into the i space between the bevelediiange'and the porcelaizL wal-ls: so theta tight' mechanical and sealingjoint isprov-ided: rrllhel second nut 8% engages' theiiange oftube- 2U- and holdsit' aga-inst'its gasketllli;` Een appearance; a bell85 may bef In operationsoii thishformiostia-estructura; the' normal. static positiernisA with the seat unoccw' pied audits real: edgehelddnraisedi positlon,byt'he springs 55:.; Theswitclr 'lISlisopem thefan- IZis .,f quiescent, andvthelbellchaslits skirt?extendingd into thesealng within; the fannulantrough 31.-

.Upon depression of the; tuile-t"I seat` ir-roccupying`l it the springs, 55r-V aite; compressed,.and the stems 52 move downward, thusmavingitha actuating leveri,l and clesingthe switcleTSt. Currentr-wwflowsthrough. the, solenoid Miamivk the, motos; 33a The solenoid ,Mii liiisi-\the.:Lbellilift' so .that-the chamber 35 is now openetbyd'ischarge pipe: 36.. The fan, 32begins;l toturn, smtlnat: ainandgases are withdrawnthrough,the; openingfi by.:

passage` Slltanddischarged into.the-sewer Gon-f nectionflli. u y y Y' Following fuse, of the toilet,. the i flushing watermaybe delivered thereltofinfnbrlalfashin bt` tripping tlie control 'Z'llgfjVl/'l'ien 'the seat Vis vacated; theA springs raiseits rear ed'ge andv thelever 58- of switchTSimoves back againfso that' the timingrnechanism `'ofthis switch vcornes into-action.= i After a time controlled by the setting oftheA switch TS; its contactsiareiiopemed; and theslenoi-dy 41 and vfan-.32 are cle-energized.: Tuberk- 4B falls withy the plunger; 38 and Vagain:sea-14s:A passage so that there can be no return the toilet bowl, The ian comes to a, standstill, and', all partsarefthus restored to an initial. posi,-l

In the modified form shown in FigureV Sple cap 51a has a rearwardlyxtendi'ng"finger E'lb for engaging the'actuating lever53 of the timing the timing,mechanismrthisposition,being heldso wallr` of chamberI and 4has 'an'fl operating, arm

. fixedly Ongi-,nesten 48.55 'nie-upper end of' th.

f switch arm 50a, so thatthe switch TSA is closed.

aeaogacii' f actuating lever' 58 iis moved downwardly to' effect closingiof the contacts and storage'iof .power .inv

long as the `seat Sf'is being occupied. lllhentlie, seat S isr vacated, the cap movesupwardly-andf the actuating lever is permittedtolreturn under the control of the timing mechanism until it ef-.; 1-0

` fects a vreopening of the contacts at ya predetere 20 gases remaining within a normally short connestion 36g; to require protection against return. 'l

In the modified form shown in Figures Sandi 10, 4the' chamber 35 is -prlpvidedinternallywithja Iember 45 which Supports; two, pivots 46 -upQ r1 which are mounted parallel armson-legsl 41d which preferably are of identical length and lare connected at their free; or movable endswith the y upright 'stem 49a ofthe closure ybell" 415.. This bell 4,3 cooperates with the trough 3j and; the sealing 0 liquid itherein.. A further inwardly projecting` member supports Ath'efpivot `5t :upon which lis i mountedafcrank lever. 52 having an armg53 which extendsfb'eneath one .of the parallel armsfa, A 'n The other Aend or the-'lever- 52 canbe rockedl 35 by'a plunger 54 which is slidableI inthe sleeveI 55' carried within tne'cnamb'er 35; This .plunger `54. projects outside of the chamber sothatit can loevv actuated by the'lver 42a corineotedrftoftheseat, this lever having a downwardly turnedportion forrniis purposeprovideii witnfapiii'grzb .which engags in the loop 5B'ffor`med`at` the ,fend of the plunger 54. A compression c'ol spring '5l isiin'- terposed between the lo'opStandtheoutersur;A face'of the ehambercs aridisfeffective to holdthe, seatfS in a slightly raised condition wheny In thisform, the

switciiff'rsA repented unaY d which" extends between the collars'53 carriedv 5'0 stemfll'extends intoadaslfipot 61a.,

with this; structure, occupation of the seat causes its downward vmovement; as beiore, with `fa 1 rockingi of, theI levervl arm 42a, ysothat the plunger 54 is moved toward-the left infFig.: .4; thereby-A 'I rocking the'crank lever '52, 53, and raising the parallel links 41a, and moving the bell vMl out of f the trough. At the same time, the upward movement of the stem 48a causes an actuation of the 60 In these movements, the dashpot Bla exercises f no control. `The motor33 is energized as before,

and the operation is as described-above. When ther seat is vacated, the spring 51 tends to return the seat 8 to itsl initial raised position, and this action can beaccomplished immediately, in the form shown, due to the loose'aotion between the lower arm 53 and the ylinks 41. l However, the downward movement of the stem 48a 'is retarded by the dashpot Gla, and the fan continuesA to operate until the switch lever'a. has been moved to a position for opening the switch TSA. Thereupon, also', the bell 49 enters the annulartrough 39 and accomplishes a resealing. The parts areV now in initial position, ready for further service.

'It will be Vnoted'that the structure canljbe .ap plied `to an existing 4toilet `bowl of thefdes'gn shown.'V Thus, the' toilety bowl may be manufac-, tured and installed with the openings for ducts 367 and 6 5 temporarilyplugged: at a later' tim'e,"tlie Y' switchiTS, or TSA;'the fan andfchamber assem'l bly, land the ductslcan' be mounted in placel It is' preferred, under such. circumstances, to mount the fan and chamber assembly in the "cowling struc` ture12 whichfastens tothe lflange `il, after re-A moving the' sealing-plate which is'origin'ally supi plied lon' these flanges in suchcases. Such cowl? v ing-provides means -for access to the parts for in- -spection' adjuStmeIil-'ad renat 5 *Thelemrloyment fof a mechanical Val/ elfestruc-.i

ture :with an associated hydraulic'seal is advan'f" tageousin that water need'only be introduced for' l replenishing thatwhich has escapedV by evaporaijf I tion; sincethe seal-chamber is essentially closed f to the atmospherelsave by pathsleadingto' the bowl and to the stack, eachjof which already conftainsi water, the l atmosphere kof the chamber' and these passages maintained substantially saturated in water vaporfso long as the bowl contains ftherwater seal demanded inv good sanitary prac-k tice,.. and evaporation is retarded: ylirth'er; the employment of rthe `mechanically-a'ctuated seal-j' ing'means has the advantage over prior stroi'ctur'est inches the blast of gas from-therein 'is fiorire-i quired to* 4clear a path-way 'foritselflbiy lifting or'4 expelling water from the seal, and in that the" provision ofi a quantityioi liquid ready to formth'e' seal in cooperation with'th rmechanical structure permits thefcontinuance' of operation or thei 'fan after the normal flushing period has been inished and yet assuresmaintenance of Ywater inthe hydraulic seal by divertinga'sniall quantity of water-'Ql during the normal flushing periods'in instancesf kWhere such water is embodied in theseal'itselfzi yet;with" :ample protection A- against breakageof this seal by change of pressure between the's'ta'ck* and the atmcspherefof: the apartment.

f lIt will beeundersmoa marine invention maybe I-Clal`nf1 i irv i 1 ;A'Jtoilet deodorizer for laA toilet bow-1 having water-flushing vmeans and'V a sewer c'or'in'ectio'n f with a `water seal between' the'` bowl'and sewer*l .f comprising a gas evacuationponduit leading from i said bowlto said sewer independently of saidV5 Waterseal, Saidjconduit` including 'a fama 'cham'-r`ll` ber having. a second liquid seal, anda'valve cooperatingvwith said second liquid seal to lclose communication through said evacuationconduit, andmeansior concurrently energizing said, fan and opening said valve and being eiective to permit Iclosing of said valve concurrently with the y stopping of said fan. f

n ,2. A toilet deodorizer for a toilet bowl having 1 Ywater-flushing means and a sewer connection with a'water seal between the bowl andsewer, .Y comprisingva gas evacuation conduit leading fromy said' bowl y to said sewer independently of said water seal, said conduit including a fan, a chamber having/a second liquid seal, and a valve cooperatingfrwith said vsecondv liquid'seal to close' communication through said evacuation conduit,

means for concurrently 'energizing said fan and opening said valve, and a wateriduct from the water-nushingmeans to said second liquid kseal forsupplyingwaterto the latterfduringA thezflushingp eriocl Y .f

3:1Atoiletdeodorizen for: aV toilethowil having; a .seat which is jdenressible, when .occupied,- wate-1f,

flushingmeans and asewer connectioniwith,. ai `5l v Water seal between thebnwh'and thasewenlcomv--lp risingragas evacuation i conduit .v leadingf from; saidbowlitdsaidfsewerfindenendentlig of thewateri sc algjsady conduit including.- a fan a chamben havingasecond liquidseal, and; alvalve coopen-@ttfA `10:

ing with said@ second Jiduiclr seal: to3 closes come4 munication through, said evacuation conduit, th'ef fan having an.- electric drivinglmotor andl thei valve including a solenoidfon oneninggthefsmw and means fcrconcurrently energizing'fsaidan 155 and openings said: Valve and -beingfeectiveqtpeng mit closing of the valveconcurrently withgtheif stopping., of the fan, said, energizingmeafliseinf; cluding a switch controlled` by; thefseatfon olosew i'ngi when the -seat is. occupied,v currentf simply;y 203,

means connected through saidswitch to the;v mor. tor and solenoid, and time-delaymeans forxInaiXJ.fl tai11ing.the supply of` current tosaidmotor fai-ndi solenoid for aY predetermined time aftercth'e fseatf is yacated. V

water-flushing. means.- and a sewer connection', with av waterv seal between-the howl andrisewen;v comprising a .gas `evacuation' conduitlleadingrom said bowl and said-sewer-independently. ofsaidj,- 30:5;

water seal, saidconduit including afan, acharne ber for a second 1iquid3sea1-, and';a valve:coopera ating with; said-second` liquidseal to close;come munication with saidv eva-rmaton conduit;. said'i chamber hav-ing ajfpartiallling ofJnercury and? also: providing; a-v layer'- of water above, saidrinriere` cury, a water duct fromnthewateifushing: means.: to saidj second liquid-seaL forl supplying? water4 thereto during theflushing .rperiody saidi valvef having a closing skirt'Which-extendsdownwardly 4 through the water layer intov` the c mercur'yi. ini-the-A closed position ofthe Valve,- ,andvmeamsefon con-v currentlyenergizing', said fan and opening: said! e valve, and beingfeiectiye for permittingmth'e Valves to-move downwardlyrintotheiliquidseai concur-a4 4.a;

rently with the stopping of theffan 5. A- toilet deodorizer-forya toiletbbowl Having waterflushing means. and; ai sewer connectionw with a water seal between the bowl andsew'eigcomprising a gas evacuation conduit leadiiigiiom ml:- `said bowl to said sewer independentlyoff said water seal; said vconduit.including` a, '.fan a chainber vhavingan annular; second liquid; seal imitsf bottom, and movable valvef means .having-anannular skirt forgentering saidzannularliquid2 sea-lV` 5.

in y its vlowered positionjfonv closingthe Aductfa'nd-' 4. Atoilet deodorizenfor a-toilet'bowhhavingi' j .y theecondliquid sealagainsuevanoratiom; v

25T-329mb being: eflectiveima lraisecimesition,timemitigare non between; the; skirtiandrtlxe. liquid; seaL. and,- mcansifnn-concurrentlyenergizingz-said; fan and: opening.:saidivalye'and:fonmaintainingsaifnena ergization 'ion ai aimezafterf-completionoi open atiomof saidiwatenushingmeansiand thereupon: effective Ifor. concurrent-1y: der; energizingvthe fan; andeclosinzesaidivalye ,e i L toilet".deodoisizlex for a tvlletxfhowlhavingf aduct ,leaingefromlthe hawilspace andtalsuihawi ingf'aaushing' meansgc comprising: theicombina'a tion therewith off means4 for: .withdz'a'winy gasi from;v the4 bowl i througlnthe ductiand discharging thel1 same outsidew the: apartment in iwhiclfiA the-1 bowliswiocted; saidductiinclueiingva portionrwitlri wall mearisgfor;establishingian annulart'roughtol contain@ ali'quidi seal; afvalve having'anliannulan skirt t'oenterfsaidtroughinfalowered position# withdraw-ingme'ans vandmpeningl said valve-memdevice? foi-maintaining the 'said' energizationgfor' a predeterminedy time" after" theV sleatis vacated,

and "foi` longer than the' normal; p eriodlofush- $8; jA' toilet deodorizer 'jfox". a toilet* kfo'wl`A having; wateniishng: means andi a' sewerf connection. with a' water.' sealgbetwe'enthe bowlandsewerg comprisinga gas, eyacuation conduitleadi'ngfrom: saidb'oyvlfjtj; saniu sewer independently; of; said: water., seal',- said conduit. includinagas-moying. means and ja valve Vmember for closingsthelpalsl-fv sagethrough said evacuation. conduit, .means for energizing ','said gals-Tilovins; means1 a'rldl onenir'ig,7 saidyvalvegmember, af chamber. providing. a'. sec-- oiidl` Wateizvseal'l for assuring ther 'cl'osii'igA ofl passage by said`valvevmernkier, lahdlagwater liictl from the waterT-,ishng meansn for, supplying Watan .to ,the (secondjliquid i seal, during 'the flush:

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