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Publication numberUS2329351 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 14, 1943
Filing dateJun 20, 1942
Priority dateJun 20, 1942
Publication numberUS 2329351 A, US 2329351A, US-A-2329351, US2329351 A, US2329351A
InventorsKorvin-Kroukovsky Boris V
Original AssigneeKorvin-Kroukovsky Boris V
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Loose-leaf binder
US 2329351 A
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p 1943- B. v. KORVlN-KROUKOVSKY 2,329,351

LOOSE LEAF BINDER Filed June 20, 1942 0 k U M, K

V K M, 5 l- INVENTOR. @%%w k v new leaves inserted.

taxes of the present 'invention"will' be illustra;

I riiis' mvemiqh-reiategte ssess; u p m ma e-1m pate leaves int'o bboks from which the leave 's i ly' rmbv dl I It is the 'obiect'ofmy nve' tlon to'provitie" an improved loose -le af binder capable o fhaving the entire spa e between the two]. covers filled with leaves,- "in which the leaveslie f-ifat' i-n an positions or the covers, openfor the turning overcame esana th -insertien andremoval" thereof unmove fashion.

- It is another object or myi'nvention' to provide in-wlriich-tlie total are through which the leaves contractswhen it is' closed."

These and other xlesi'rabl'e object are=he1d widens when' the anners i ndfina' in the accompanying drawing and described in thespecifica.tio'n,'-a certain preferredfembodiment being disclosed by way" of illustratiorifonlyy for; since the underlying principles maybe incorporated inaother 'sbecific devices, it {is aibt intended to be limitedto the' one here shown, except as such limitations areclearly imposed'by t e pended claims. .1 V

In the drawin like numeral refer to similar parts throughout the several views,jofiwhich Fig 1 represents a fragmentary perspective I bent into L-shape and of a similar back'cover- I00. To'either cover is fastened an L-shaped metal strip 8 and 80 respectively; A first plurality of prongs II are riveted-intostrip 8 and.

thus fastened or fixed to front cover III A sec- 0nd plurality of prongs III) are riveted into strip 80 and thus fastened or fixed to; the r'earcover I00. The two covers are hinged to eachother at the back ofth'e binder on a hinge line occupied by a hinge .pin 9. The paperretaining prongs I I and I ID are substantially concentric tothe center line of pin 9,.forming circular arcs inv'a plane at right fanglesto said pin, the center ofJthe arc being positioned at the center line of the pin;

a and which shows v combln" fationi to com 1 i I L0bSE=LEAFBINDER a etastasis w it ne s;

lApiilicatibjn-llune 2o, 1942, Serial Nd. 447,804

" shims... (01.129411) w' an "improved -loose-leaf binder having paper en? the covers by the pin -8 ,-th'eir' paper etainm'gf flanges bing' inilikeconcentrici'elatio tfo the gs lrand lI flf As shown ni-Fig the crosssection 'of pih 9 isnot'cii'cul nib wco Pin 9 is axiany shiftable oi slidabl thetwo coversl I AIthirdfplurality ofpa'p'er e peripheral-flange type retainers Jar pin as thefpro stitutes'fa fiattened dimers; "Retainers I- corresponding perforations for fenga'gemen w the pin is-{left fre- 1 for axial 1 motionrelativefthe covers and to all retainers.

, At the endof the pin isproviued acranlnmeans, I1; which inthe open position ofthecever's b'uts against' -the corners I! "of the st'rips lalndvm'.

and in" cons'equencethat of *the retaine restricted." p a In the and know n mannenithe pa per retainers I As will be seen fr can be turned relative to each otherthrough an angle of 180 degrees. All" retainers extend through arcs larger than degrees. When the binder is closed, the formtogether, andeach of them byitself, a retaining assemblyextendingv through more than 90 degrees. .Wh'enthebinder v v is all the way opened; they form together a retaining assembly extending without interruption or gap through 2'70 degrees. In that position, the arcs of retainers I5 are in angularoverlapping relation with the prongs II and I I0, as canbe I clearly seen in Fig. {1. This placing of retainers I I5 into overlapping relation with both groupsof prongs, II as wella IIlLis lbroughtabout and; secured by the abuttal of corners' l8 .andicrank member ll.

For inserting or removingof pages;v this over-* lapping relationis temporarily suspended by pull ing pin 9 slightly outwardly. Thereby crank member I! is disengaged from 'cornersII}, and retainers I5 can now be-rotated into fullerfioverlapping relation with either prongs II for H0,

, By virtue of thisftheturninjg mot'iomofithe pin om the drawing, t e covers for sliding I claim: 7 a 1. In a loose-leaf binder, a frontcover, a rear hoover hinged thereto on a hinge axis extending along the back :of the binder, a first plurality of 'paperretainer's mounted on the front cover and adapted to guide paper sheets substantially concentricallyto said axis, athird plurality of paper,

retainers -hinged tothe covers on. said common hingecaxis and adapted'to retainand guide paper sheets substantially concentrically to said'axis, and disengageable means for keeping the third plurality of retainers automatically within anguj- 'laroperlapping relation to the :first and toythe second'plurality regardless of the relativeposition 1 to ,thegcovers 'on said hinge'axis having paper of the two covers.

2."In a loose-leaf binder, a front coverya rear cover hinged thereto on a hinge axis extending along the cback of the binder, a first plurality of paper retainers mounted on theiront cover-and ada ted to guide paper sheets substantially; concentrically to said axis, asecond plurality of paper retainersmounted on the rear cover and' adapted sheets substantially concentrically to said axis, 1

to guidepaper sheets'substantially concentrically tosaid axis, a-third plurality of paper retainers T hinged'to the covers on said, comrhonhingeaxis and5adaptedto retain and guide paper sheets 'pluralityof retainers automatically within angue "laroverlapping relation to the first and to the second plurality regardlessof the relative position'of thetwo covers. d .m i I 3,.,Infa loose-leaf binder, a front cover; areai' V cover'hingedthereto onla hinge axis extending along the backof the-binder, 1a firstpluralityof papercretainers mounted on-theiront cover and adaptedcto guide paper sheets substantially concentrically to said axispa. second plurality of paper retainers mountedcbn the rear coverwand adapted. to" guide papersheets substantially conabutting meansonthe two covers and on said hinge axis adapted to restrict the motion of said third plurality of retainers and dimensioned and arranged to keep said third pluralityautomatically within angular overlapping relation to said first and to said second plurality regardless, of

the relative position of the two covers, and means for disengaging said abutting means.

4. In a loose-leaf binder, adiront coyer, a rear cover hinged thereto on a hinge axisiextending along the back of the binder, a fir'stpliirality of paper retaining prongs substantially concentric to said axis fixed to 'thecfront' cover, a second'plu- "r'ality or; paper retaining prongs substantially ,concentric tosaid axis fixed to the rear cover,a i

plurality of] flange-type paper retainers hinged retaining peripheral flanges substantially, concentricto'saidaxis, and disengageable means for ping the z ansatm teta nem,i uto i Within ;,.ans la pluraliti'es oi; rongs regardless of the relative position of the two coversk 511 11 a l qs -le t h nde'rlatr c r. hi ed: there o i eihinse ax s e ndi a on the bac c t hebinds talnn lpm t nding along; saidjaxis an 'eing axially z 'slidable e ve; t .ihe-lcq ev aia rs lu al t I pa e retaining prongs; substantially concentric, to said. a s dt the ontlcb e naseqond lum i y or paper retainingPm 'i S Substantiall concentric to said axis fixed to t e;re ar cover, ;.plura1itytoi said axis hin edgto said covers and being rota? tionally engaged with but; axiallyi Slidfiblq rela' tive tosaid ping crank-gmeans, on;,the; pin,iand

abutting means on Ithe .two,j covers ,engageable with said crankm'eansfand: arranged v and, dimensioned to: keep thegfiangeitypegretainers; auto-i matica'lly within; angularloyerlapping relation to e p n snaile firdls oirthe;relativepositioniof c the t-WO' Cove gems l Kort-V1, moveovsmi [reve ie re

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U.S. Classification402/24, 402/41
International ClassificationB42F13/28, B42F13/00
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