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Publication numberUS2330019 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 21, 1943
Filing dateNov 10, 1941
Priority dateNov 10, 1941
Publication numberUS 2330019 A, US 2330019A, US-A-2330019, US2330019 A, US2330019A
InventorsPreston Vaughn John, Raebelle Wagner
Original AssigneePreston Vaughn John, Raebelle Wagner
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Nursing bottle
US 2330019 A
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Sept. 21, 1943. J. P. VAUGHN ET AL ,NURSING BOTTLE Filed Nov. 10, 1941 Jo /v f? VJw G A ZQ EAE'BELZE WAG/V5 @416 4; ATTO/P/Vf) non 1 1 is provided Patented Sept. 21, 1943 NURSING BOTTLE John Preston Vaughn, West End, andRaebelle Wagner, Freehold, N. J.

7 Application November 10, 1941, Serial No.;4:18,5 36,

1 Claini. (CL 215 l1) This invention relates to nursing bottles and t the like. I

One of the principal objects of the invention'is to provide a nursing bottle in which the nipple is easily accessible to the infant without having to tilt or otherwise handle the bottle.

Another object is to'provide' a nursing bottle which caneasilyb'e cleaned. 1 7

Still a further object is to provide-'a nursing bottle having twoneck openings for .the adjustment of the nipple thereon, one of the said neck openings projecting laterally'at'anangle from the side of the bottle. 1

' Further 'objects'and advantages inherent in the invention will become apparent-as the specification proceeds, and when taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing which illustrates a preferred embodiment of the invention.

In the .drawing: f 2 v r Figure iis a frontfelevatibn, partially in sectio'n,of a nursing bottle according to. the invention;

Figure2 is a frag entary view, similar to Figureil; showing t e nipple adjusted uponthe other neck-fopen'ing. j 1 I Fi gure'3'is' a top-plan view. 1 Throughout the drawing corresponding' or-alike parts are identified byv'the samereference nu- The-bottle i of sec'tioam formation and com: pris'esa bodysection' Ill and a topsectionall.

Thefparts' m andql l'are;=preferably*interr'con- 1 I a a body portion anda top portion, the open-end of said body portion being providedwithv a reneet'ed' byrnieans of ascrew thread 'ioint'. '2 The sealingof (theqscrew thread jolnt'mayfb'e insured 'byJm'eanS of ;a ,washer "or gasketklhThe ment of the nipple23.

silient gasket II, which may be anchored either in the topvsection H, or the bottom section I0, and adjusted in a corresponding groove in the opposing section; a

The body section may be provided with graduating indices l8.for the purpose of measuring the. contents. 7 i

The top portion is provided with beads, 2| and 22.

V The beads 2| and 22 provide means for attacht In the conventional nursing bottle heretofore used the neck opening is disposed centrally on top of the bottle. However, the infantwill have difficulty in reaching the nipple without tilting the bottle. By virtue of the present, invention the nipple is made easier accessible. The neck opening not employed for attachment of the nipple is closed by means .of. a resilient plug 25,

' which is provided with an opening 28, for adtion may beprovided withi' beads for theipurpose r 'whichis central disposed-in a i'conventi'onal' of r'einn'ircii'ig and 1sztengthening. "The top secmanner, and the oth r projecting laterally from "the side thereof! A n ipple-niay -be adjusted se- 6 v le'ctivell on either 'nggk opening. 'I'h'e'n'eck opening not in use in y closed by ,means of a plug.

The body sect on H) is, provide'd with an externally threaded portion:I2,"which-is recessed.

shoulder I3, which ser'ves as abutmentlforthe top section. The top section U, isprovided-with 3 a: corresponding internally screw-threaded portion it.

"th ,two neck-openings, one

The mouth of "thetop section'llis provided ,with an annular head, 15, which abuts 1 against the shoulder I3 of-the body sectionandf )r'nouth of thebqdy section as well' asthe top'secmission of air. The neck openings *as well; as

,-the closure plug may be provided with corresponding screw threads for-the purpose of secur the engagement. v l I It will be understood that this specification is a given. byfway of example and not 'by way of limitation. The: invention may find expression in. a variety of...ways within the scope/of the so a appended claim. I What is claimedis; f v 1 l A nursing bottlecOmprising, in combination,

cessed externally screw-threaded portion, a bead defining the demarcation between said screwthreaded portion'and the remainder of said body portion, the saidtop portion being provided with. internal screw-threads at the lower end-foren gaging the screw-threaded portion of said body' portion, said topportion terminatin in-Ia bead for. abutment against the bead of sa dbody portlOIl, a, washer interposed between said beads,

said top portion bei g tapered, said top portion having two necks for the attachment of a nipple,

done of saidneck openings projecting centrally from the exterior sides of the body to provide a from the top of sai'd top portion and the other '1 neck opening projecting laterally at an angle 'irom'the side thereof, each of said necks having inner threadsiormed therein, and an outer bead of enlarged diameter, whereby a plug may be screwed into any one of said necks and a nipple held by the bead of the other neck.


II, is tapered andis provided withtwo neck openings l9 and 20, each of which

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U.S. Classification215/11.1
International ClassificationA61J9/04, A61J9/00
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