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Publication numberUS2330442 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 28, 1943
Filing dateMar 5, 1941
Priority dateMar 5, 1941
Publication numberUS 2330442 A, US 2330442A, US-A-2330442, US2330442 A, US2330442A
InventorsNero Joseph E
Original AssigneeNero Joseph E
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Golf player's mask
US 2330442 A
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p 1943. .1. E. NERO 2,330,442

GOLF PLAYERS MASK Filed March 5, 1941 3nnento:

ejo sqalz E Mo (Zttomegs.

Ix; ebi r m esmsw .itsaai emm; mtaaa,"mas March 5,

. Claims.

1 J 1 My present invention, relates to noveiieetiee fall'apted to be worn'by golfers, to assist them in .Qin'a'steringthe fundamental factorsfthat control f'the correctnessj'and accuracyjof each stroke.

L Golf is anfextremely interesting and popular (game, but one that is difficult to play well. Much has been written to inform player'sjof the proper technique, but in spite of. this" 'rea'dilyfavailable technical information, relativelyexpensivegexe pertin'struction is considered really essential to skillful playing. I.

In accordance with" my invention, I present 'thefactors, determinative of accuracy, visually fto a player as he is making a, shot and at the same time bothfaci1itate the formation of correct habits and discouragethe formation'of' habits destructive of accuracy. ln briefi'my invention consists of amask-likedevice'having an elongated aperture establishing adefinite focal area through which theball'is visible when the player "is positioned tohit it. Atleast one border line of thearea is in'parallel with the desired line of flightof the ball. The area, exposes .the head of the club in'that portion of the swing in which it "is essential that it travel in-a path in alinement with the'li-ne'of fiightand the end-borders of the :aperture facilitate in the centering of the'ball. f I In my invention, the several factors that controlthe accuracy of theswing are visually fes- 'tablished. Thus," the mask tends to keep'the 'golfers head downwhile the aperture facilitates the 'golfer-inaddressing the ball in a position correctly related to the-desired line of flightlllore '"specificallythe player assuni'esa--positiori wherethe b all is centered relative to the ends of theelo n gated' slot and by keeping-the ball centered, "the correct pivot on the proper axis is readily performed. i v j The' long edge of the aperturevisually defines ;apath along which the club 'head must-travel. .to contact the ball properly. "-The ends of the ---pocket define the approximate limits" offthe zone hill" which the club head mustfollow-this straight line both on; the through.

With these fac ors 3 3 3 ,Qlfi th :,.two separatemembers. spaced apart. sufficiently player quickly perceives the essential factors of a correct stroke and once these factors are appre 1 ciated, my invention assists correct strokes to become habitual. I

In the drawing; I have'illustrated an embodiment of my invention from'whichfits general features and advantages can be readily appreciated. In the drawing:

Fig. 1 is a view showing. a mask in accordance hackswing l and the :follow 1941;s riarnozesrsusf "with my invention asworn we golf playerin makir ish I Fig.2 showsthema and 5 Fig3"is aTearvienr cf'the device s'hovmin I curacy of a shot.

-*As-shown in-the'drawing; my invention consists curved as a-t-4 to fit-thebrow of thewearen- The front portion l includesa straightbottom'edge 5.

The sides 2' carry the elastic t' by w-hic-h -the 'i'na'sk' is' secnr'ed-in place. f lhe elastic fi may-be conveniently iriserted through' slitsl the sides *2 thereby t-ightlyanchoringthe ends-of the elasticffi; but permitting adjusting of itslength if .go' 'necessary." A

' "The sides 2 carry supports sl' having acurved rear portion to engage'thechecks of the-wearer adjacent the-cheek bones. "-The frontportion =9 1 of each of the supports is taperedand-terminates z5 rearwardly'of thestraight =edge 5.

1 By this construction; 'I establish masls th-at may be worn {over-glasses: and are adapted to' be comfortably worn-evenby those whosefe'atures u able material ancl either built up or 'molded in one piece. s e

IIn accordancew-ith my invention-,'Iprovide a focal area-defined by the-:edgegofthie.front porber: III adjacentthe ends 9 :of the. basesupports'B Spas desired byithe wearer. .While" the member may befoth'erwise formed and may consist-of allow ;for..unusuali facial irregularities, but establishing the same limited focal area; a narrow band is preferable. Because of its proximity to the eye, it presents a border that does not'obstruct the vision. For convenience, I have given 7' the larger focal area the reference numeral I2 as a -'Fig; *4 shows diagrammatically the relatidnjcf -the focal areato the'factors controlling the ac lare' irregulan- The-masks may beof any suit' I proand the more limited slot shaped focal area'the reference numeral [3. 'Although it is.not'essential that the cross member 'I be employed, an

Letters Patent is:

explanation of the utility of these areas justifies their separate identification. The focal areas thus established are of extreme importance in golf and in their relation to the factors determinative of the accuracy of a stroke may be best discussed in connection with Fig. 4.

In Fig. 4 I have indicated at I4 a golf ball having a desired line of flight l5. The position of the feet of a golfer is shown at It and it will be noted that their position is symmetrical with reference to a line I! at right angles to the line of flight l5 and inclusive of the ball I4 when the stance of the player is such that the ball l4 -ismidway of the ends 2. The positionof the ball; I4 relative to the edge 5 is a matter choice.

It will be obvious from Fi 4 that m inveny ly present the'factors determinative of the accuracy of the swing of a golf club in hitting :3.

tion greatly facilitates correct stance since by bowing the head either the edge 5 or the edge of the cross member or members ll may be shifted to establish a line parallel to the lineofflight I5. In Fig. 4, the line l5 demonstrates that the feet are properly positioned. V

, While the use of my invention in ensuring the proper stance is of great assistance, my invention also enables the factors controlling the accuracy of a stroke to be visually defined and presented as the stroke is being made.

To illustrate this feature of my invention, I

have indicated in Fig. 4, a golf club IS, the head of which is in the focal area l3. It is essential to a correct shot, that in the start of the back swing, the club head be drawn back in part in alinement with the line of flight 15. The edges 5 or I I permit the club head to be maintained in parallel until the club head passes from sight at which time the pivot is commenced. It will be appreciated that the hands and the club handle are visible in the area l2 and the limits of these areas help the player develop proper timing on the down stroke. As the stroke is being made,-the club re-enters the focal areas in the same position in which it left. At this point, the hands arefuncocked to increase the speed of the club head with the head in parallel with the edge 5. After impact with the ball M, the club head continues along the line of flight in parallel with the edge 5 to establish a proper follow through and. during the entire stroke, the mask assists in the player keeping his head down and steady.

My invention, by presenting the factors that determine the accuracy of the shot as the shot is being made, is of great assistance to golf players since it provides an inexpensive and accurate basis for mastering the correct technique .of golf playing. My invention may be otherwise formed, but the embodiments of it herein described combine the several features for their complete appreciation.

What I therefore claim and desire to secure by 1. A mask to be worn by a golf player to visually present the factors determinative of the aco in i e i i i demonstrates the line of rear edge of said top portion being curved to fit the brow of the wearer, and inwardly disposed supports carried at the rear of each of said side portions adjacent its bottom edge for engagement with the cheeks of the wearer adjacent the cheek bones, said mask establishing a focal area inclusive of the ball when the player is properly positioned to hit it, said front portion including a straight edge constituting a visible border for said areaiparallel to the'de'sired line of flight of the ball, and a narrow cross member carried by said side portions rearwardly of said straight edge in a position out of contact with the nose of the player establishing a second visible border -for 'sai'd'areain parallel with said first straight "edge'andspaced from said front portion.

7 2. Amask to be worn by a golf player to visualgolf ball, said maskcomprising atop and side portions, and a sharply pitched front portion, .the rear edge of said top portion being curved to fit the brow of the wearer, and inwardly disposed supports carried at the rear of each of said side portions adjacent its bottom edge for engagement with the cheeks of the wearer adjacent the cheek bones, said mask. establishing a focal area; inelusive of the ball when the player is properly positioned to hit it,said front portion including a straight edge constituting a visible border'for said area parallel to the desired .lineof flight of the ball, and an elastic band carried by said side portions rearwardly of said straight edge establishing a second visible border for said area in parallel with said first straight edge.

3. The device of claim 2 in which each of said side portions is provided with a plurality of slots cross member being sufficiently small in size and being disposed sufficiently close to the eyes of the player when the: device is worn to present a shadow line on opposite sides of which and in which the ball is;visib le and which shadow line demonstrates theline of, flight. i

5. A device to be worn by a golf player to visually present the factors determinativeoffthe' accuracy of the swing of a golf club in hitting a golf ball, said device comprising side members having a plurality of transversely alined notches, and a cross member anchored in the transversely, alined notches selected to position said cross member as required'by the player, said 1 cross member being sufficiently small in size and be-- ing disposed sumciently close to the eyes of the player when the device is worn to present a shadow line in which the ball is visible and which flight.


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