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Publication numberUS2330464 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 28, 1943
Filing dateOct 10, 1942
Priority dateOct 10, 1942
Publication numberUS 2330464 A, US 2330464A, US-A-2330464, US2330464 A, US2330464A
InventorsAtterbury Henry C
Original AssigneeAtlantic Carton Corp
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Dispensing receptacle
US 2330464 A
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Sept. 28, 1943. A.. e. ATTERBURY- I2,:.3o,464


Patented Sept. 28, 1943 Unirse stars-s parser forties f l 12,330,464, 'l Y AA'DISPYEIQSING EECEPTACLE- V Henryl C. .Atterbury. Norwich. Conn., assigner to Atlantic -Carton Corporation, Norwich, Conn., a corporation of Connecticut Applicationctoher l0, 19212, Serial No.1i6l1-'5I8 iciaimp (o1. 22e-.1.1)

This invention .'-relatesto improvements ini-dispensin'g vreceptacles v-or containers such as vare adapted for :dispensing granulated and o-ther materials.

'The :principal objects of the invention are di rected lto the provision of dispensing device which is provided Awith -a novel combination and :arrangement-'of par-ts includinga dispensing out- Y:l'etand spout 'therefor that i-s adapted for move `ment between dispensing and nondispensi-ng or tainers l'of various forms :for various materials v and it `is not fto ybe limited to the parti'cularembodimentfcf the-invention hereinafter 1to be more full-y set forth.

In the drawing:

Fig. 1 is an end elevational view of a dispensing device embodying the novel features of the invention;

Fig 2 i-s a plan View of the dispensing device shown in Fig. 1 with the end flaps thereof` in closed position;

Fig. 3 is a. plan view similar to Fig. 2 with one end ap in elevatedposition;

Fig. 4 is a transverse sectional elevational View through the upper part of the device to explain certain details of construction; and

Fig. 5 is a plan View of the device with the cated at ll2t and 'bending lines indicated @by '2B and 3U toprovide a spout forming portion or member as shown 'which is hinged on the -line for swinging movements relative to :the linem- `ber I4, i f" v The spout -meniber'includes `an upper portion 32 landflside Iwalls 34, the latter ybeing b'endable Arelative Vto the former 'on the 'lines '28 -so V-as to wardly on a line 3i! by engaging the concave forrelation to close the lower end of the receptacle.

The receptacle may be made from various ma-y At the upper end of the receptacle there are tabs such Vas I0 and inner and outer flaps I2 andV I4. The tabs and the iiaps are arranged for folding inwardly into overlapping relation to close the upper end of the receptacle and they may be secured in their overlapping relation by any suitable means such as by an adhesive or the like.

The inner ap is provided with a cut-out or outlet I6 as shown clearly in Fig. 3. As will be seen, the said outlet has diverging sides' I8 with an inwardly projecting part 20 at one end with slots or notches 22 at opposite sides thereof,

The outer flap has a line of severance indi- `ward Vend 34-of vthe spout.' AWith `this spout forming member elevated toen-angular position the side walls 34 Jof the spout are lbent downwardly and passed through the opening IG in the flap I2 so that prongs 38 at the forward ends of the side walls underlie the said flap I2.

The side walls 34 of the spout t within the notches or slots 22 associated with the opening I6 and the projection 20 of flap I2 in combination with the notches or slots hold the side walls 34 against the marginal converging edges of the opening IB,

In other words,`the projection 20 and slots 22 guide the side Walls 3d of the spout or hold them in engagement with the marginal edges of the opening at all times so that material does not leak past the spout.

I The spout is swingable between the open dispensing position shown in Fig. 4 and a closed position where the upper wall 32 thereof is in parallelism with the main body of the ap I4 and overlies and closes the opening It.

The prongs 38 extend forwardly and beneath the;v ap I2 to act as stops and limit upward movements of the spout as indicated in Fig. 4 and therefore the spout is readily swingable between its certain upper pouring position shown in Fig. 4 and its lower closed position whereqthe opening I5 is covered by the said spout.

It will be noted that the forward edges 4S of the side walls 34 of the spout are curved on a radius having a center substantially `on the hinged connection between the spout and flap so that the space between the side walls and flap I2 concaved end of the top portion 32 of the spout provides an engageable means for readily elevating the spout from its non-pouring position as well as to facilitate elevating the portion of the outer flap which is to be formed into the spout. By reason of the curvature at the forward end of the spout, when the device is inverted with the spout in pouring position the stream of material delivered by the spout is concentrated centrally and late-rally of the pouring end of said spout. It will be readily appreciated that the projection 20 and slots 22 may be varied to suit requirements and that the proportions and arrangement of the spout may be varied whilst maintaining the novel features, thus making it possible to easily and readily elevate the spout forming member into spout forming position while at the same time facilitating the swinging of the spout freely between its closed and open positions.

As special features of the invention, the side walls of the spout are at all times held in engagement with the marginal edges of the opening 6 to prevent leakage of material from the receptacle around the spout and conning its delivery when desired to the spout itself.

The invention may be embodied in other specic forms without departing from the essential characteristics thereof. Hence, the present embodiments are therefore to be considered in all respects merely as being illustrative and not as being restrictive, the scope of the invention being indicated by the appended claim rather than by the foregoing description, and all modifications and variations as fall within the meaning and purview and range of equivalency of the appended claim are therefore intended to be embraced therein.

What it is desired to claim and secure by Letters Patent of the United States is:

A dispensing receptacle comprising in combination, side, end and bottom wall members forming a receptacle and upper outer and inner secured together end members closing said receptacle, the inner member having a trapezoidal shaped opening with a rear wide end adjacent the rear side of the receptacle and a front, narrow end curving inwardly and slots extending forwardly at opposite sides thereof parallel with the sides of the opening, the outer member having a spout forming member consisting of an upper wall and side walls, the upper wall corresponding in shape to said opening and hingedly connected at a rear wide end to the outer member, the side walls each having side edges extending in diverging relation from the hinged connection with inner side edges bendably connected to opposite side edges of the upper wall whereby said walls are bendable into overlapping relation relative to the upper wall for inserting downwardly through said opening, the front edges of the side walls being curved on radii centered on the hinged connections and provided with notches intermediate their ends providing clearance with the front end of the opening for swinging of the side walls in the opening from overlapped relation into enga-gement with the sides of the opening and in spout forming position with the front edges of the side walls receivable in said slots to hold the said walls against the sides of the opening, all adapted and arranged whereby the spout may swing between a pouring position and non-pouring position with the front edges of said side walls traversing said slots, and extensions on the front edges of the side walls below and engaging the inner member to limit movements of the spout in pouring position.


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