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Publication numberUS2330538 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 28, 1943
Filing dateAug 23, 1941
Priority dateAug 23, 1941
Publication numberUS 2330538 A, US 2330538A, US-A-2330538, US2330538 A, US2330538A
InventorsAllen Paul E
Original AssigneeAllen Paul E
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Combined safety guard and toy
US 2330538 A
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' Sept 28, 1943. RE. ALLEN 2,330,533

COMBINED SAFETY GUARD AND TOY I Filed Aug. 23, 1941 -6?VAL,;QW% 2 $5 a Patented Sept. 28, 1943 2,330,533 I swam SAFETY GUARD AND Tor Paul E. Allen, Skokie, Ill. Application August 23, 1941, Serial No. 403,0

3 Claims.

The present invention relates to a novel combined safety guard and toy forattachment to a babys buggy, carriage, stroller, bassinet and the like for retaining an infant in a'desired position within the conveyance. Atthe present time, a leather strap is frequently provided on buggies, go-carts and other conveyances of a like character. These leather straps have several disadvantages in that they fail to entertain the child and consequently have no play value, are not adjustable. and interchangeable for use on .buggies, bassinets, cribs and other means of conveyance or on a receptacle for securely retaining the infant. The novel device of the present invention may be employed as initial equipment or as an attachment for replacement of the frequently used leather strap.

The invention further comprehends the pro-- vision of a pair of members to be attached to the free end or ends of a cord for providing noise makers and added amusement for the infant.

The beads on the cord as well as the above mentioned members may be of any material suitable for the purpose, such as wood, plastic, and the like, and are preferably of various colors for adding to the interest. w

Further objects are to provide a construction of maximum simplicity, efiiciency, economy and ease of assembly and operation, and such further advantages and capabilities as will later more fully appear and are inherently possessed thereby.

The invention further resides in the construction, combination and arrangement of parts illustrated in the accompanying drawing, and while I have shown therein a preferred embodiment, itis to be understood that the same is susceptible of modification and change, and comprehends other details, arrangements of parts, features and constructions without departing from the spirit of the invention.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a view in perspective of a baby buggy or carriageequipped with the novel invention.

Figure 2 is a view in perspective of a basket or bassinet to which the invention is applied in order to retain the infant securely in the conveyance or container.

Figure 3 is an enlarged view in perspective of the novel combined guard and toy.

Figure 4 is an enlarged fragmentary view in horizontal cross-section through one end of the device.

Fig. 5- is a fragmentary enlarged view in perspective of Figure 1 and showing one manner, of

securing the device .to a side of a buggy or other I C onveyance.

Referring more particularly to the drawing,

the novel device consists of a cord l preferably doubled, to one end of which is connected a hasp or other securing means 2 and upon which cord is mounted a plurality of beads or the like 3 of any desired shape. These beads may be of wood, plastic or other composition and are preferably of various bright colors to make them more attractive to the infant. Adjacent the beads is attached a second hasp 4 having an adjustable loop or connector 5 permitting ready adjustment of the guard to conveyances or containers of different widths. v i

To each of the free endsfi of the cords is secured a block-like member 1 also of wood, plastic 7 or other composition having a counter-sunk opening 8 for receiving a knot 9 for preventing disengagement. These members 1 provide an added toy or noise maker for sustaining the interest of the infant and are so disposed that the infant may play with them and use them as a rattle.

In Figure 1 the device is shown attached to v a baby's buggy or carriage l9, while in Figure 2 is shown a bassinet or basket ll of the type frequently used as a conveyance, either ,by being carried, or which may be placed upon a stand I2 having casters to permit it to be moved about. Such a bassinet or basket may or may not be equipped with an eyelet, hook or other means for securing the guard in place.. Where no such securing means is provided, the novel invention comprehends the provision of a split ring or eyelet secured in any suitable manner to the opposite sides at I3 of the conveyance or container. Figure 5 shows the hasp 4 attached to a hinged eye member l4 whichmay be suitably secured upon a side of the buggy l0.

The present invention lends itself to use with various forms of harness applied to infants. For example, such harness may be attached to the cord of the present device by any suitable securing means to prevent the infant from rising or falling out of the conveyance. If desired, rings may be applied to the cord for that'purpose.

Having thus described the invention, I claim: 1. A combined guard and toy comprising two cords connected toprovide a loop at one end of the guard and two free ends at the other end of the guard, beads strung on the cords, a hasp secured to the loopat one end of the guard, a slidable connector on the cords adjacent the other end of the guard, a hasp secured to the connector, and block-like members secured to the free ends of the cord.

2. A combined guard and toy comprising a flexible member provided with a loop at one end 5 of the guard and free ends at the other end of the guard, beads strung on said member intermediate its ends, a hasp secured to the loop, a h p ius a y mqqn q on Said member. d

cent the free; endsandblock-like members se- 10 cured to the"'free 'ends'bf the flexible member.


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