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Publication numberUS2330585 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 28, 1943
Filing dateJun 3, 1940
Priority dateJun 3, 1940
Publication numberUS 2330585 A, US 2330585A, US-A-2330585, US2330585 A, US2330585A
InventorsHolstein Moise S, Morrow Timothy T
Original AssigneeOppenhcimer Casing Co
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Combined shipping and display container
US 2330585 A
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p 1943- M. s. HOLSTEIN ETA L 2,330,585


2 3,9629% 720/ fi Z:

a444,, a, vX- ATTORNEYS.

p 1943. M. s. HOLSTEIN EI'AL 2,330,585



Sept. 28, 1943. .M. s. HOLSTEIN ETAL 2,330,585

COMBINED SHIPPING AND DISPLAY CONTAINER Filed.June 3, 1940 3 Sheets-Sheet 3 INVENTORS may ac/yaaszwv.

Willow/"i01 ATTORNEYS.

Patented Sept. 28, 1 943 o Miran] stars s ears-Ni ores-1 c @E "COMBINEDSHIPPING AND DISPLAY CONTAINER, I Moises. Holstein and Timothy l'lwlvlorrow, Chicago,.lll., assignorsto Oppenheimer Casing '00.,

Chicago, 111., a corporation of Delaware Application JuneB, 1940, Serial No. 338,454

3 claims. (01. 206-44) The present invention relates to a novel container of the type adapted to initially form a shipping container and to be readily converted verted into a display and dispensing .device by opening and mounting "or arranging the lid in 'such a manner that it forms a support andadvertising background for .a display shelf or'tray, and permits access fromthe rear to the interior of the containerfor dispensing therefrom. We have found this device ideal for "theshipping, display and dispensing of various meats and food products, especially .frankfurters, sausages I and other meat and meat products.

Another novel feature of the present invention consists in so forming and constructing the component parts as to provide an integral container which may be readily converted by a Storekeeper from a shipping container in which he receives his product into a display and dispensing container ordevice.

Further objects are to provide .a construction of maximum simplicity, efficiency, economy and ease of assembly and operation, and such further objects, advantagesand capabilities as will later more fully appear and are inherently possessed thereby. l

The invention further residesin the construction, combination and arrangement of parts illustrated in the accompanying. drawings, and while I have shown therein apreferredembodiment, it is to be understood that the sameis susceptible of modification and change and comprehends other details, arrangements .ofparts, features and constructions. without departing from the spirit of the invention. a

In the drawings! Fig. lis a view'inperspective of the container closed "for shipping purposes.

Fig. 2 is a similar 'view of the container converted into a novel display and dispensing device. Fig. '3 is a view in vertical cross section taken on the 'line 33 of Fig-. 1.*

Fig. 4 is a View in vertica'l cross section taken in"ajplane'representedby the line 1-4 of Fig. 2. i

Fig, 5 is a fragmentaryenlarged view of a portion of Fig. 4 and showingrnore clearly the lockingengagement between the lid and display tray. l

Fig-Bis a perspective view of the'novetdevice in open position as in Fig.- 2 but'arranged to show more clearly the dispensing opening.

Fig. 7 is a view in perspective of a portion of the shipping container whichisremoved to'allow access to the contents of the containerand to form the dispensing opening.

Fig. 8 is a disassembled or fully openedview 'to show more clearly the construction-of the container.

Fig. 9 is a fragmentary view in'perspective of the device or Figs. Ito 8, inclusive, but showing a modified form of locking means forthedisplay trayor shelf;

Fig.10 is a view in perspective of an alternate construction of a shipping'and display=container in opened and display position.

-Fig. 11 is. another view in perspective of "the alternate form but showing more clearly the rear of'the container. T

Referring more particularly to the embodiment shown in'Fig's. lto 8 of the drawingsythe novel invention comprises a combined shipping and display container which may be constructed 'of cardboard or any other fabric or material suitable for the purpose." This containe'i fis in the form of a 'boxhaving alid-l, bottom '2; oppo- I site ends 3, front wall or side 4 and rear wan or side 5 upon which the lid is-"supported for pivotal orhinged movement. In order to retain the lid in closed positionyitis formed with sde flanges or" extensions-B and a front'flange or extension '1. p

'I'he'lid I and rear wall 5 are perforated or slit along the line 8 and the'li'd is :slit or perforated alongtheirregular line v9 :soithat when it is sev ered or separated along 'th llines 8 and Band.

the lid is opened and foldedalong the scored or creased lines 10', which merge or are aligned with ing the flange with a lip or tab l4 which is defined by a slit or perforations and adapted to be bent out from the lid proper, and the flange [2 with a lip or tab I 5 which is similarly formed and bent downwardly at 16 from this projecting flange I2. Thereupon by inserting the lip or tab [4 into the opening I! formed when this lip or tab I 4 is bentupwardly or outwardly, results in an interlocking engagement between the lid l and the shelf l3, and by the engagement of the edges 18 of the flanges 6 of the lid upon the upper edge of the end walls 3 of the body of the container, this shelf I3 is mounted and maintained in an inclined position in which the portion l9 of the lid forms a background providing for an advertisement of the product displayed.

In displaying products such as frankfurters, sausages, meat and/or other meat products, an uninterrupted or permanent display of these products is placed upon the shelf or tray 13 and maintained intact, while the remainder thereof are retained in the body of the container and dispensed through the opening 20 (see Fig. 6) formed by removal of the portion II. The portion 19 of the lid adjacent the display shelf or tray may contain any desired advertising matter, including the name of th manufacturer or processor and may further be formed of any desired design or contour, as will be readily appreciated.

The tray or shelf l3, as more clearly shown in Figs. 3, 4, 6 and 8, is preferably formed integral with Or attached to the front wall 4 and provided at its opposit ends with downwardly projecting wings 2|. When the container i packed for shipment, these wings seat against the bottom or base 2 and support the tray or shelf. Although this tray or shelf, when in display position, is shown as preferably mounted in an inclined position, it is to be understood that the invention comprehends mounting or retaining this tray or shelf at any desired angle or position for most effective display purposes.

Fig. 9 shows a container similar in construction to that shown in Figs. 1 to 8, inclusive, but provided with an alternate form of interlocking and supporting means for the tray or shelf l3 and the lid I In this construction, the lid is provided with a pair of spaced lips or tabs 22 adapted to project through aligned slits or openings 23 in the shelf or tray and interlock thereat while th flange or projection 24 on the shelf is positioned to the rear of the background IQ of the lid.

In Figs. and 11 is shown an alternate construction in which the lid l' is of slightly different construction and the advertising background 25 is of a modified contour. The lid is provided with a pair of spaced upwardly projecting lips ortabs 26 bent outwardly and'upwardly from the material of the lid at 21, and adapted to project through and interlock in slits or openings 28 provided in the tray or shelf 13 In this form of the invention, the lid is slit or perforated along the outline or in conformity with the periphery of the background 25, and the opening 29, formed when this background is ele: vated for display purposes, provides access torthe interior of the container for dispensingthe enclosed products.

It will be readily appreciated that the invention provides a unique and novel combined shipping and display container admirably adapted for numerous and varied products, in which is provided a tray or shelf forming a relatively permanent and undisturbed display, and a receptacle from which the products are dispensed.

Having thus disclosed the invention, we claim: 5 1. In a combined shipping and display container especially adapted for the shipment and display of food or meat products or the like, a box,

a lid connected to one edge of the box, a display tray connected to an opposite edge of and elel0 vated above the bottom of the box, said lid bein slit in such manner that when it is folded intermediate and transversely of its front and rear edges with its intermediate portion elevated, the portion defined by the slit provides an elevated background and its front edge a support for the tray, projections at the opposite sides of the lid adapted to extend beyond and seat upon the upper edges of the opposite sides of the box and intermediate the front and back sides thereof when the lid is in open, folded position, and coacting interlocking projections upon the abutting edges of the tray and front edge of the lid and combining with the projection at the opposite sides of the lid for retaining the lid in open elevated position and the tray in a position to display the products to be dispensed from the interior of the box, and a cut-out provided in the rear of the box providing access to the products in the interior thereof.

2. In a combined shipping and display container especially adapted for the shipment and display of food or meat products, a receptacle for the products, a lid hingedly connected to one edge of the receptacle and a display tray hingedly connected to an opposite edge of and elevated above the bottom of the receptacle, said lid being slit and provided with scored lines in such manner that when it is opened and folded intermediate and transversely of its front and rear edges along the scored lines and with the intermediate portion elevated, the portion which is slit forms an elevated background, one or more projections at the front edge of the lid adapted to be received in similarly arranged slits in the tray and interlock therewith for providing a support for the display tray with the opening provided by elevation of the slit portion allowing access to the rear of the receptacle for dispensing the products, and extensions at the opposite sides of the lid for retaining tacle.

3. In a combined shipping and display container especially adapted for the shipment and display of food or meat products, a receptacle for the products, a lid hingedly connected to an edge of said receptacle, the lid being slit and scored in such manner that when it is opened and folded down where scored intermediate of its front and rear edges, the slit portion of the lid forms an elevated background extending above the folded ,edge for advertising the products, oppositely extending flanges at the opposite sides of the lid for retaining the lid in its folded, elevated position, a tray at the front of the receptacle for displaying the products kept in and to be dispensed from said receptacle, a cut-outprovided at the rear of said receptacle for dispensing the products from said container, and interengaging and interlocking projections on the lid and tray for maintainin them in display position with the tray disposed in the upper portion of the receptacle to provide space therebelow for dispensing the produc s.



the lid in elevated, folded position upon the recep-

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