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Publication numberUS2331921 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 19, 1943
Filing dateMay 10, 1939
Priority dateMay 31, 1938
Publication numberUS 2331921 A, US 2331921A, US-A-2331921, US2331921 A, US2331921A
InventorsMercier Jean
Original AssigneeMercier Jean
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Storage device
US 2331921 A
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Oct. 19, 1943. .1. MERCIER STORAGE DEVICE Filed May 10, 1939 Jean METCAV NYELNTOQ @1 s MATH.

Patented Oct. 19, 1943 STORAGE DEVICE Jean Mercier, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France; vested r in the Alien Property Custodian Application May 1i), 1939, Serial No. 272,79. In France May 31, 1938 (Cl. 13S-30) z claims.

'Ihe present invention relates to accumulators of liquid under pressure o! the type including a rigid container provided with at least one inlet and outlet conduit for the liquid, and a ilexible deformable bag fixed at one end to said container and illled with gas under pressure.

The object of the present invention is to provide an accumulator of this type which is better adapted to meet the requirements of practice than those existing prior to this invention, and, in particular, better protected against possible injury of the deformable bag.

Another object of the present invention is to devise an accumulator advantageous for use on aircraft.

With this object in view, according to an important feature of my invention, the oriilce of the liquid conduit above mentioned which opens into the rigid container is provided with means for preventing the bag from engaging thereinto while permitting the flow ot liquid into and from said conduit as long as the bag is not applied against said orifice.

` Other features of the present invention will result from the following description of an embodiment thereof given by way of example and illustrated in the accompanying drawing.

The only ilgure is a diagrammatic sectional view of an accumulator according to the invention.

The drawing shows a rigid container I forming the outer casing of the accumulator and a nexible and advantageously elastic bag E provided inside this container. Bag 6 may be simply attached to the accumulator I at 6. It forms a continuous partition between chambers 2 and 2, thus preventing the formation of an emulsion of gas in the oil. This bag is expanded or compressed according to the variations of volume of chamber 2 under the eilect of variations of the oil pressure in chamber 2. In normal conditions. the pressures are practically equal inside and outside of bag 5.

YIn order to prevent an excessive expansion oi bag 5 with a consequent risk of bursting, in the case of a sudden drop of the oil pressure in chamber 3, means may be provided in the wall of this bag, in the form of a small orifice, of a slot. of a valve or the like. adapted to aiIord the escape of air from bag 5, but preventing all circulation of oil from chamber 3 into the said bag. Buch means are described in my co-pending application Ser. No. 229,641.

In the illustrated embodiment of the present invention, which offers particular advantages by reason of its simple construction, bag I is secured at its upper end, at 6, to container I, and is fitted at this point with a valve means for nlling the same with gas under pressure. The lower end 25 oi bag 5 is free in container I and its end portion is reinforced.

In the end of container I opposite to 6 is provided a port 21 for the inflow or outflow of liquid under pressure to be stored in the accumulator. The communication across port 21 is controlled by a member 26 which closes this lower end of container I. At its upper portion, member 28 comprises an axial bore in which is slidably mounted a plunger 28, urged upwardly by a spring 28 so as to cause its upper face to project above the upper face of member 26 into container I. In the periphery of member 28. there is formed a groove 3| the height of which is such that, whatever be the position of plunger 2B in member 26, said groove 3i is always in communication with radial channels 38 provided In member 26. Groove 3i also communicates through radial channels 82, formed in plunger 28, with a central bore 3|* provided in said plunger, which bore 3|n communicates with port 21 and contains spring 29. The upper part 26* of member 28 is engaged preferably with a certain play 28 in the lower portion I of container I. This play may, however, be dispensed with and in this case channels 30, 2i, 82 become superuous. The upper part of plunger 28 is provided with radial channels 34 which communicate with the inside of container I when plunger 28 is raised, but which Aare closed when the latter is forced into member 2B. Plunger 28 is movable in member 26 with a certain lateral play, such as 1%; mm. or the like.

The operation is as follows: When bag l is expanded and comes to bear against the upper surface of member 26 and plunger 28, it drives plunger 2B into member 2B, against the action ofl spring 29. The reinforced portion 28 of bag 5 is applied against a wall, which is continuous except for the slight play between member 2B and plunger 28 and between part 28'l and the inner wall of container I. 'I'he said play, i1' any, should be so small as to avoid all damage to bag li. even if the same be applied with considerable force.

tainer Laswcllastheplaybetweenmember Il and plunser Il permit the outiiow of a small supply of liquid which is sulcient to operate controis which require only a small power. such as the wing naps o! an aeroplane or the like.

The normal position shown by Flc. 1, in which plunser Il projects from member Il and uncovers the channels 8l, aiiords a much greater inand outilow.

The foregoing description is not intended to limit my invention which extends to any changes or modifications comprehended within the scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

- l. An accumulator of liquid under pressure which comprises. in combination. a rigid container. atleast one port for simply and discharge of liquid opening into one end of said rigid container, a nexible deformable bag in said container iixed at one point thereof to the other end of the same and filled with gas under pressure, said bal being incapable to resist said pressure unless supported, and valve means. in said port, for controlling the flow of said liquid therethrough, said valve means being adapted to be ilush with the inner wall of said container at least when said bag is bearing thereon.

2. an accumulator of liquid under pressure which comprises. in combination. a rigid container. atleast one port for supply and discharge of liquid openina into one end of said rigid container. a iiexibie deformable bagr in said container fixed at one point thereof to the other end of the same and iilled with gas under pressure, said bal being incapable to resist said pressure unless supported, and valve means inserted into said port. said valve means including a member iixed to the container and forming the valve seat, a movable valve element adapted to cooperate with said seat so as either to project into said container or to be driven into said fixed member, in flush relation to the inner tace thereof, and elastic means for urging said movable valve element toward the rst mentioned position thereof. in which it affords communication across said port between the inside of said rizid container and the outside. said valve means being mounted with a certain play in said port so as to permit a small flow of said liquid even when the movable valve element is in the closed position.


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