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Publication numberUS2332412 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 19, 1943
Filing dateJan 17, 1942
Priority dateJan 17, 1942
Publication numberUS 2332412 A, US 2332412A, US-A-2332412, US2332412 A, US2332412A
InventorsHenry Taylor William
Original AssigneeCrown Fastener Corp
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Display package
US 2332412 A
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W. H. TAYLOR DISPLAY PACKAGE Filed Jan. 17, 1942 ,w "v lr a ,.l I

Oct. 19, 1943.

, JToR.A ff I/l/f//fbm H. yay/0,- BY @il f W Patented Oct. 19, 1943 UNITED STATESv PATENT" omer.

DISPLAY PACKAGE William Henry Taylor, Pawtucket, R.. I., assignor to Crown Fastener Corporation, Warren, R. I., a corporation of Delaware Application January 17, 1942, Serial No. 427,093

I (ol. 20s-78) 1 Cla-iin.

This invention relates to display packages and is of particular application in display packages containing materials illustrated by tapes and the like.

In such packages it has become customary or necessary to have the goods` properly protected against soiling, dust,fdirt, etc. and at the same time clearly visible. This is readily accomplished when transparent wrapping material, as for example Cellophane, is readily available but presents a problem when such material is not available.

It is an object of the present invention to provide a package meeting the mentioned requirements without employing transparent Wrapping material. l

The invention will be defined in the claim and illustrated by the following description taken f in conjunction with accompanying drawing, in

` panel or nap 2 provided with slots'3, and another side panel or iiap 4 providedwith tabs 5 forA insertion into the slots 3 when the package is folded. A bottom ap 6 is also provided to assist in retaining the contents of the package. The top of the package is preferably scored as shown by the line 'I to, provide a readily attachable tab 8 on which sales data may be recorded The ends 9 and I0 of the tape are shown as having scalloped edges. The tape Il is preferably secured to the panel I near one end of the tape by means of a staple I2. An inspection aperture I3 is provided, the dimensions of which are large enough to provide an area of the exposed contents suflicient to permit an inspection thereof but insufficient to unduly expose the contents to dirt, dust and the like. Moreover, this aperture is bridged across by a bridge member I4. In mounting the tape II,

the latter is passed over the front surface of the bridge member I4 and is then folded back upon itself and terminates at the edgeflll, and is wholly The mere provision of an inspection aperture or window having dimensions limited to prevent` lie below the front panel to a greater or lesser extent and the casting Vof shadows on the contents by light falling angularly on the front panel would interfere with adequate inspection. It is necessary that the package contents be supported so that they Will beat least substantially flushwith the surface of the front panel and preferably slightly raised above the vfront panel I. The Y bridge member I4 accomplishes this. The result is a display package permitting adequate inspecg tion of the contents Whilerat the same time pre-` venting unduev exposure thereof and these functions are secured without the use of transparent material.

I claim: l I

A display package for tapes carrying series of separable fasteners mounted thereon, an elongated non-transparent front panel and two elongated overlapping rear panels each of which isa folded lateral extension of the front panel, said rear panels forming with the front panel an envelope, a tape folded longitudinally upon itself in fiat folds and contained Within said envelope, means securing one end of said tape to an inner .surface of the front panel, said front panel having an aperture adjacent said securing means, a bridgemember extending laterally across said aperture and forming with the edges of said aperture a pair of parallel slots extending laterally across said panel and separated by said bridge member, each slot being partlydefined by a pair of straight edges in spaced relation, the length of the slots being slightlygreater than the width` of said tape, a portion of said tape extending through each of said slots and over said bridge member and being supported by said bridge member in a position substantially flush with the exterior surface of said panel whereby said portion may be inspected, the remainder of the tape being wholly enclosed Within said envelope.


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U.S. Classification206/294
International ClassificationB65D65/06, B65D65/02
Cooperative ClassificationB65D65/06
European ClassificationB65D65/06