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Publication numberUS2332579 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 26, 1943
Filing dateApr 9, 1940
Priority dateApr 9, 1940
Publication numberUS 2332579 A, US 2332579A, US-A-2332579, US2332579 A, US2332579A
InventorsKirby Charles F
Original AssigneeKirby Charles F
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Shield for wall moldings
US 2332579 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Oct. 26, 1943. c. F. KIRBY 2,332,579

SHIELD FOR WALL MOLDINGS Filed April 9, 1940 H Il Il Il" Il Illl Ill li /NI/ENTOR CHARLES E K/Rev A TTOR/ EY tion to Patented Oct. 26, 1943 fsHIELnronWALLMoLDINGs j CharleslFoKirby, erkeleyyCalf." o L, l n v Apmieatifonepfii 9, v1940,- serialiva'saoavi'` claims 101.91565) `4 The invention relates -atshieldor mask for temporary uset'o protect a molding installed on `a wall fromthe accidental deposit on the m'oldi ing of material which is being applied to la wall portion or Vceiling immediately adjacent the molding. "I .j

An object of the inventionY is' to'lprovide `a molding shield' of particularly simple and effective structure and form.` i

Anotherobject is to provide a molding shield which may be mounted on horizontally installed moldings without requiring' the use of` speciall securing devices. v

'three feet,` for instance-and moved along@ molding being protected as the *work` adjacentv thereto progresses. I When a shield has and?, iii/protects the top"l and front ofthe molding l from the accidental deposit thereon of a more or less'liduid material withwhich the wall Yor ceiling portion above the `moldin`gand `shield is being treated'by brushingon or spraying .a i

-, paint, caloimine, glue sizing,` paper-securing AThe invention posseses other objects andfeaf,

tures of advantage, some of which, with the fore-` going, will be set forth or be apparent in the following description of a typical embodiment thereof, and in the accompanying drawing, in which,

Figure 1y is a Afragmentary perspectiveview Wall.

,pasteQcrack ller,'wal1 cleaning material, etc.

While valuable for general use, the present shield is particularly usefu1 while working on a side wall portion above amolding which is `relatively close 'to a ceiling, as is illustrated.

`2() showing installations of the shield of my invenprotect the picture molding of `a room side f Figure 2 is Aan enlarged fragmentary perspective showing the present shieldivdisposed `for hanging support on a picture ymoldv having'ia hook-receiving top bear portion.`

Figure 3 is an enlarged fragmentary perspective showing the shield as engaged in operative relation with a square-cornered molding.

As particularly shown in Figure l, shieldsor masks `embodying my invention are operatively disposed on and with respect to a usual picture molding 6 which is mounted in horizontal disposition on coterminous and at side walls 1 and 8 which extend tothe topwall or ceiling 9 of a room. The molding 6 has a more or less triangular cross-section and includes a cylindric top bead portion 6 for the mounted engagement thereover of a usual picture-hanging hook (not shown). As is a common present practice, the molding 6 is relatively close to the ceiling 9.

Each shield E is shaped from a stripvof sheet material to have opposite edge portions II and l2 extend xedly from a at intermediate portion Yiii of rectangular outline to provide a structure of uniform and somewhat Z-shaped `crosssection. The portion II is'cylindrically curved about an axis extending longitudinally of the shield to provide a cylindrically concave trough for complementarily receiving the molding bead t while the portion I3 lies opposite the outer face of the'molding E, and the portion I2 extends outwardly with respect to the `molding and wall. The shield may be of any convenient length- It will be noted that material-deposited on the shield portions I I and I3 and moving downwardly alongthe outer faces thereof is held against dripping from the'bottom edgeA ofthe unit by reason of the outward extension of the portion I2 which is cooperative with thev portion `I3 to provide what maybe termed a drip-catching shelf or ltrc'iughfor protecting the wall portion beneath theunit. In connection with the latter feature, it

will be understood that the present shieldlunitmay satisfactorily protect and more or less secure the upper edgeofa drop' cloth (not shown) which is f `applied between the molding and 4unit for pro- In the case Where a supporting molding has a tecting the molding and the wall beneath it.

flat upper edge which is substantially perpendicular to the supporting wall, a shield 6 may be turned over and applied as in Figure 3, with the portion I2 engaging the top of a molding I4 while the trough of the portion Il may then function as a drip shelf or trough with respect to the other portions. The portion I2 has its outer part turned inwardly upon itself for providing a stiffening ,bead I2 for' the unit thereat, `and said beadprovides for a Vdownward sloping of the top face of the portion I2 from the wall when the unit isoperatively mounted, whereby to insure an outward ow of any lowable material deposited on the portion. w I

The `molding I4 may be ay picture mold,` a plate rail, a` casing for a` wall opening, vor some other horizontally disposed wall element having a ilat top edge. In theV present instance, the molding I4 is disclosed as comprising the head casing for an opening in the wallbelow the line of the molding 6; while said wall opening may be that for a window or be left open, it is particularly shown as being closed by a door I5.V

When a present shield unit is mounted on a its pare-| |"`nop1;ed over a fmoldingrin the manner` `disclosedinjliigures 1` melding s ,criait will be graviiaiiy heid in piace. The shield may, however, be used for its vprotective or masking purposes ai; the sides of upright moldings or other elements of a wall. l'hus, for example,the present shield 'may be operatively applied along the side casings I6 for the opening at the door l5, it being necessary only that itbe` vantages of the construction and operation of' the present device willbe readily understood by.

and principles of operation of a structure Which I now consider tocomprise a preferred embodistood that the showing is primarily" illustrative,

and that such changes may be made, when del sired, as fall `clalfnS.

within the scope ofthe following I`clai"r1f'i":""v f. .f 1. A shield for protecting installed wall moldings While the adjacent Wall-portions are being treated, which comprises an elongated; v member of generally z -shaped'cross-section for complementarily receiving., andiengaging a molding portion Within the lesser angle defined by the central shield portion and one of its flange portions, said those skilled inthe 'art to which this invention; appertains. While I have describedrthefeatures ing shelf. i

Y l3; -A shield for temporarily protectinga mold'- ingon awall face, comprising a unitary.str ipoi'4 sheet materiall of uniform angle lsectionhavirig onefflange portion thereof 'arranged forlxnaskin'g disposal. against a molding edge extending` transl'V vers'ely fromthevvall Whilepirnittingifreeaccess to the lwall. portion extending fromsa'id molding edge, vWhile!the. other.flangey is simultaneously f disposed opposite thel outer faceof the mold; asal s masking means therefor, the extreme freesedge j Y ment of my invention, I desire to ,haveit under'- i centralshield portion vand one I'flange portionv ybeing planar and the otherV flange portionA bein cylindrically concave at its` inner face.

2. A shield for protecting al molding mounted-1 Y 'Y horizontally onl a wall'While the Aadjacent. Wall portion is being treated up to .the molding with a liquid preparation, which comprises ,anV elon-` gated member of generally Z-shaped cross sectioh. v

for installation to enclose upperiand front face portions ofthe molding inthe angle defined by t its centralportionand one of thegiange portions With theflangeportion'engaging the upper mold. t'

ingedge as the-sole support for the shield, and c the other" ange portion extendingoutwardly '1 1 provide a drip-ca ;tch-4 1 from theycentral portion to of theirst flange ,portion being provide'd'vvith'a unifrriifand inwardly prpieiipg 'eeedfthet

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