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Publication numberUS2332658 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 26, 1943
Filing dateApr 1, 1942
Priority dateApr 1, 1942
Publication numberUS 2332658 A, US 2332658A, US-A-2332658, US2332658 A, US2332658A
InventorsMuller Albert B
Original AssigneeJuvenile Wood Products Inc
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Toilet seat attachment
US 2332658 A
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Oct. 26, 1943. AB. U E 2,332,658


Patented ct. 25, 1943 are assets 2,332,658 'ronn'r sear ArrAcnMeN'r lndiana Application April 1, 1942, Serial No. 437,169

2 Claims.

This invention relates to improvements in toilet seat attachments in which a seat for an infant is provided for use in conjunction with an ordinary adult toilet seat.

An object of the invention is to provide a toilet seat for use of an infant that is removably attachable to an ordinary adult toilet seat, provided with means for centering the childs seat on the adult seat as it is positioned thereon, and for sustaining the attached seat in its operative position.

Another object of the invention is to construct the holding'means of the infant seat so as to permit easy and unobstructed adjustment thereof between the infants seat and the adults seat as it is applied.

Other objects and advantages of the invention appear in the following description.

An illustrative embodiment of the invention is shown in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 is a side elevational View of the infant toilet seat attachment in connection with an adult toilet seat, the view being shown in midlongitudinal section;

Fig. 2 is a bottom plan View of the infants seat attachment; and

Fig. 3 is an inverted rear elevational view of a chafing plate used in the construction.

The illustrative embodiment of the invention consists of a seat t formed preferably of wood shaped to have an opening 5 proportioned so that when the seat attachment is placed upon a regular adult toilet seat 6 the opening 5 in the infant seat and opening I in the adult seat are alined.

On the bottom face of the seat 6, located back of the opening 5 therein, is secured a chafing plate 8 provided with arches 9 in which is movably secured an automatically adjustable seat securing fixture ill. The fixture it consists of a spring wire frame having parallel side members I i that slidingly extend through the corresponding arches 9 and underlie the bottom face of the chafing plate 6. The spring frame has laterally extending arms 52 that are continuations of the side members i l, the outer terminals of said arms being upturned and projected into the seat 45, holes being drilled therein for their reception, to form pivots it upon which said arms have swinging movement. The rear ends of the side members I! have a pendent loop contiguous therewith to provide forwardly extending arched arms M and a rearwardly extending terminal hook l5. The wire of which the frame it is formed, at the juncture of the side members it and the arms it, is bent sharply to provide blunt stub bearings l6 situated substantially in the axial planes of the sid members H. These bearings, the arched arms and the hook combined, constitute a feature of the invention as appears in the following description of the operation when applying the attachment.

The infant supplemental seat t is provided with pendent rigid stops l1, preferably U-shaped and having forwardly extending terminal loops 18 that, when the supplemental seat is in operative position, underlie the lower face of the regular or adult seat.

To prevent marring the adult seat, when the attachment is applied thereto, there are provided cushions ii) that project from the bottom face of the infant seat wherefore to prevent direct contact of one seat with the other.

In using the invention, the infant eat attachment is initially poised 0n the adult seat so the stub bearings it rest upon the upper curved face 23 of the opening 1 in the adult seat with the lower loop ends it of its stops ll resting on the top of the adult seat and with the hook is projected beneath the adult seat back of its opening I. While thus poised the infant seat is manually thrust rearwardly, resisted by the frame H) with its stub bearings 16 then engaged with the adult seat, a sufiicient distance topermit the stops I! to pass through the regular seat opening and subsequent lowering of the infant seat into its operative position.

The spring frame structure being so formed that the blunt bearings 18 are located substantially in the plane of the side members H, while contacting with the adult seat, directly oppose rearward movement of the side members relative to the adult seat in lin with their axes as the supplemental seat is thrust rearwardly in opposition to the resistance of the spring frame. Thus is averted any tendency of the side members to become bent or frictionally resisted in their sliding movement in the arches, which facilitates the adjusting movement of the infant seat relative to the spring frame.

Variations from the particular construction above disclosed may be resorted to by the exercise of skill in the art, without departure from the spirit or scope of the invention, and the following claims are intended to be inclusive of such variations.

What I claim is: v

1. An attachment for an adult toilet seat consisting of a supplemental infants toilet seat superimposed upon the adult seat, and a fixture secured to said infant seat beneath the rear portion thereof and consisting of a spring frame having arms pivotally connected to the infants seat and provided with side members disposed for longitudinal sliding movement relative to th infants seat and being shaped to have at their rear ends blunt stub bearings substantially alined with the axes of said side members and provided with a pendent loop contiguous with said bearings extending forwardly therefrom and terminating in a rearwardly extending hook, said infants seat having means engaging the adult seat to limit forward movement of the infants seat when positioned thereon, the arrangement being such that said bearings engage the adult seat on the upper face thereof when the infants seat is initially poised thereon and thrust rearwardly into operative position.

2. A fixture for securing aninfants toilet seat on an adult toilet seat, said fixture consisting of a spring frame having arms pivoted to the infants seat and provided with side members ecured thereto for longitudinal sliding movement, there being blunt stub bearings formed at the rear ends of said side members alined with the a axes thereof, and a pendent loop contiguous with said bearings extending forwardly therefrom and terminating in a rearwardly extending hook for engagement with the adult seat, said bearings having contact with the upper fac of the adult seat wherefore to resist rearward movement of the fixture relative thereto as the infant seat is moved into operative position thereon. I


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U.S. Classification4/239, 248/506
International ClassificationA47K13/06, A47K13/00
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