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Publication numberUS2333436 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 2, 1943
Filing dateOct 28, 1942
Priority dateOct 28, 1942
Publication numberUS 2333436 A, US 2333436A, US-A-2333436, US2333436 A, US2333436A
InventorsWilliam Novick
Original AssigneeWilliam Novick
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Soap holder and brush
US 2333436 A
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2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Oqt. 28, 1942 NOV. 2, 1943. w NQVICK SOAP HOLDER AND BRUSH Filed 001;. 28, 1942 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 llllllum.

IN V EN TOR. BY ZUz'Z Z z'am Novz'ck.

Patented Nov. 2, 1943 1 STATES F TE NT F ICE solar-normal: AND BRUSH William Noyick, BrooklymN. Y. 7 Application October 28, 1942, Serial'No; 463,595-

' 4' Claims. (01. 15 -122) This invention relates to a soap holder and brush, and is an improvement of the bath appliances described and claimed in my United States patent for Bath appliances dated January 24, 1922, No. 1,404,401.

The object of the invention is the production of a soap holder and brush which is sanitary and durable, and which can be easily cleaned. The soap holder and brush is made with its essential parts of plastic material, which can be easily cleaned and kept dry for transportation. The holder may also be made of other suitable material.

In the drawings, Fig. 1 represents a rear view of the soap holder and brush in position for use; Fig. 2 shows an enlarged front view of the soap holder and brush; Fig. 3 represents an enlarged fragmentary portion of Fig. with a piece of soap before being worn; Fig. 4 shows an end view of Fig. 3; Fig. 5 indicates a section of Fig. 3 on the line '5, 5; Fig. 6 shows an enlarged partial outside view or back of the holder with the cake of soap after being worn down somewhat; Fig. 7 shows a section of Fig. 6 on the line 1, 1; Fig. 8 represents a rear view of one of the straps for the holder as shown in Fig. 6 and Fig.7; Fig. 9 shows one of the straps as indicated in Figs. 1, 2, 3 and 5; Fig. 10 shows a perspective view of the basket for the cake of soap; Fig. 11 represents a perspective View of one of the soap clamping bars and Fig. 12 shows a perspective view of the cover of the soap holder.

Referring to Figs. 1 to 5, the soap holder and brush is used generally for the back of the person, as shown at l5, and comprises th support 20, generally made of plastic material. The inner face of the support 26) is shown at 2!, and has the opening 22. The latter forms the walls 23, each with the upper inclined face 24.

The opening 22 at its sides is shown with the vertical faces 25 and the upperinclined faces 26. Projections 28 are formed with the outer face 23 of the support 20.

A pair of clamping bar 30 are slidably positioned in the support 20 and each of which comprises the triangular shaped body portion 3| and the-same material and the "end member 42, also of the same material. The end member 42 bears against one of the'inclined faces 26 of: the support 20.

the rectangular portion 32-. Large clamping pins Y 33 and small clamping pins 34 extend from the rectangular portion 32. Openings 35 with the extensions 36 are indicated in the support 20 for the straps to be described.

From one of the clamping bars 30 extends a basket 38. The said basket comprises the outside members 40 of wire covered with plastic material and are connected by the cross members 4| of A"cover45 of plastic material is shown with the top wall 48 having the opening 49, the side walls 50. and the side portions 52 with the bent in ends 53. The latter engage the projections 28. Bristles extend from the inner face 2| of the support 20. Straps 62 are each shown with the cylindrical portions 63 at one end, and the opening 64 with the gripping end 65 at the other end. One end of each of the straps 62 extends through the openings 35 and 36 of the support 20.

A full cake of soap 6'! (see Figs. 2 and 3) is held in place by the clamping pins 33 and 34 which extend from the rectangular portions 32 of the clamping bars having the triangular shaped body portions 3|.

A spring 10 of steel covered with plastic material is provided for each of the walls 23 and is held in place by means of the screw H.

Referring to Figs. 6, 7 and 8, the cake of soap is worn down. The support is again shown at 20 with the openings 35 and the extensions 36. The clamping bars are again shown at 30.

The basket 38 is shown in a position inverted from that indicated in Fig. 5. I

The worn cake of soap is shown at 15 in the basket 38. The springs 10 bear on the cake of soap 15 to clamp the same in place.

, A strap (see Fig. 8) is designated in its entirety by the numeral 80, and comprises the longitudinal tapered portion 82, with the rectangular portion 83 at one end with the opening 84 having the extension 85. An opening 86 with the gripping end 81 is formed. at the other end of the strap 80.

The straps extend through the openings 35v and 36 (see Fig. 6) and are maintained in position by the rectangular portions 83.

To use the soap holder and brush, it is positioned on the back or other portion of the person 15 tosoap and wash the same. See Fig. 1 of the drawings. The ends of the straps as 62 are gripped by the hands of the person using the tive position and straps extending from the ends of the support to move the same.

2. In a soap holder and brush, .the com'bi'nation of a support having an opening, lbristle iextending from the inner face of the support, a cake of soap positioned in :hihe' iopening 10f support, clamping bars supported in thensupporfc, a basket extending from one of said clamping ihars lilo :hold ahne \of qsoap land vithe lothersside 11f mflifl-zbasketbearing against :one of the side walls 10f the SMd'DPCEmgJthBtSEGQIId clamping bar bearing against the adjacent end of the hasone end of each extending from the support at the top and bottom ends of the opening therein and the other ends of said springs bearing on the cake of soap to clamp it in position.

3. In a soap holder and brush the combination of a support, bristles extending from one of the faces of the support, said support having an opening for a cake of soap, clamping bar slidably supported in said support, clamping pins extend- 10 Ring ,frnmsaid .clamping .bars "to .clamp said cake 'ofisoap imposition, andna. 'cover slidatilyrsupported in the support and bearing against the clamping bars to hold them in position.

4. In a soap holder and brush the combination adfraisupport having an opening, bristles extendfromvthe inner face of the support, a piece of soap positioned in the said opening of the supwe, :a basket extending from the support to maintain the piece of soap in place, a. spring ex- 20 "tending from each end wall of the support bearling-on lthe piece mi map 420 mnaintain .-it in place and; straps extending from the support 2 to anove lithe-same.

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