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Publication numberUS2334173 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1943
Filing dateJan 2, 1943
Priority dateJan 2, 1943
Publication numberUS 2334173 A, US 2334173A, US-A-2334173, US2334173 A, US2334173A
InventorsChampayne Roy J
Original AssigneeChampayne Roy J
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Rubbing shoe
US 2334173 A
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Nov. 16, 1943. R. J. CHAMPAYNE RUBBING SHOE Filed Jan. 2, 1945 Eag- INVENTOR 7 N X C. L V1 ATTORNEYS struction 'of .the shoe which facilitates Patented Nov. 16, 1943 UNITED; STATES PATENT OFFICE I RUBBINGJSHOE Roy J. Champayne, Rockford, Ill. Application January 2, 1943, Serial No; 471,117 v 11 Claims (c1. 51-189) The general object of the invention is taprovide a rubbing shoe having a-'newand improved means for fastening a sheet of rubbing material thereto.

A more detailed object is to shoe having a single device for applying the pressure for clamping each end of the rubbing sheet. The invention also resides in the novelconmountin of the clamping'device thereon. g f

Other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent from the following detailed description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, inwhich Figure 1 is a side view of the improved rubbing shoe. i i

Fig. 2 is a similar view with the detached from the shoe. i. a Fig. 3 is a. fragmentary longitudinalxsection. Fig. 4 is a fragmentary perspective view: i In the drawing, the invention isshown incorrubbing sheet porated in a. rubbingzshoecarried by a suitable support 5 and adapted'to be actuated either manually or by power. It comprises generally a body 6, apad I secured to the underside of the shoe,

and 'adevice for fasteningopposite ends of an abrasive paper or .other rubbing. sheet.8 to the" shoe. The body is, composedsof relatively solid but somewhat resilient material such as leather or firm rubber. As shown, it ,is-Ja molded sub- ,stantial flat rectangular blockof rubber rounded at one end 9 andhaving narrow flanges l formed along theksides adjacent the top surfaces and a flange l l overhanging theend l2; disposed in this instance somewhat'above the flanges l0. Preferably, the pad I, which provides a yieldable backing for the abrasive sheet, is composed of softer material such as sponge rubber.

Atthe other end of the block 6, the pad is inclined upwardly as indicated at 13 and merges.

with the end 9. Two jaws I4 and I extending transversely of the block are molded on or secured to the top of the latter adjacent the rounded end 9. The jaw has a top surface inclined upwardly from the end 9 and separated from the other jaw [5 by a narrow longitudinal slot l6 disposed vertically and adapted to receiveprovide. a rubber a hole I9. is formed in the block extending transver'sely across the latter and disposedabove the bottom of the slot. One end of a wirerectan'gle or bail is seated in this hole, being preferably pressed in through a slit 2| out along the top of thejaw l4. The 'bail'is only slightly wider than the block 6 so as .to lie within the edges of the flanges") when the free end of the bailis swung l upwardly. This end carries a roller 22 which,in

the clamping position, is adapted to seatfin a slight depression 23in the block l2. and contact the underside of the flange; II which constitutes I a limit-stop.

Preferably, the bail 2a is slightly bowed longitudinally and is shorter in length than the spacing of the block end I! fromthe hole 2| when somewhat yieldable, will be compressed 'longi-' tudinally as the roller'is rolled around the end 12 and against the flange .l I. Thus, the resiliency of the block is utilized to produce a forcewhich is directed longitudinally of the blockand ap- :plied. to the outer jaw [4 along a line disposed 1 above the bottom of the slot l6. Accordingly,

' this'jaw is flexed about-the bottom of the slot as a fulcrum and presses the abrasive" sheet against the metal surface ofthe'other jaw I5.

To attach an abrasive sheet, the bail 20 is swung downwardly as'shown in Fig. 2 thereby 1 opening the'jaws l4 and [S to permit the insertion of one end of thesheetj 8 between them.

Since the side flanges l0 ei'g'tend across the ends the slotfthey serve to locatefthesheetlaterally. The sheet is extended aroundthe end 9, along the bottom of the pad, and through the bail. The latter may then be rolled around the end of the pad and upwardly against the flange H where it is held in the seat 23 by virtue of the tension under which the bail is placed by the block Gby virtue of its compressed condition. To remove the sheet, it is only necessary to pull downwardlyon the end 24 of the sheet thereby V lowering the roller and releasing the jaws.

In the clamped positions of the parts shown in Fig. 1, it will be observed that the ends of the abrasive sheet are snubbed around the ends of the block and one end is bent sharply around the jaw M. In this condition, it has been found that ample gripping pressure is applied to hold the sheet firmly even in service use in power driven sanding tools. The clamp is simple and inexpensive since it requires only one clamping device, namely the bail 20, and. yet it is reliable in operation and permits of ready removal and replacement of the abrasive sheet.

I claim as my invention:

1. A rubbing shoe comprising a block yieldably compressible longitudinally, a transverse rib extending along the top of said block adjacent one end thereof, said rib being slotted longitudinally to receive one end of a rubbing sheet, a bail wider than said block and pivoted on the latter between i'saidzxslot and the block-end and above .th'elbdttomYbf .the slo't,. -'said:baiY'being shorter than the spacing of its pivot from the other block end and swingable around the latter to compress the block longitudinally whereby to grip one end of said sheet and close said "slot to grip the other sheet end, and :side and end flanges on said block overlying the sides and end of said bail when the latter'i's in'sheet clamping position. l n

2. A rubbing shoe comprising a block yieldr'abl-y 'compressible longitudinally rand having an upwardly zopenmg transverse :slot 'ziormed .a'd- .jacent'ionetend'tfcr .:receiving one end of ca .rubbing sheety'a bail wider than 'said block and pivoted ron'ithe flatter between said slot'zand the "block :end i-lmd zabove .the' ibot'to'm of 21.116 :slot, :ss'aid bail-being mhorter than the spacing of its 'ipiwot ifrom the :other rblock :end :and swingaible :around the flatter xto icompress the block :l'ongi tudinallywhereby tozzgrip one aend' of'said sheet and close saiid slot to grip "the other"sheetaend,

and-aside mangesmn :sa'i'd rblock overlying said bail when the latter is in sheet clamping pox3. :21 nhoe "comprising ta :block iiy'ield- Eab'ly icbmpressiblezlongitudinally, transverse jaws iextendingf alongrithe top for-said block adjacent one end there:of and :separatedbva slot adapted rtolrece'ive -orre'end of 'a rubbing "she'etman'd a *bail (than zsaid rblock zand zlpivoted [on "the .alatter :between ':said islet and $118 "block end and "abovertlre sbottnm fof ithe "slot, said bail leeing shorter ztlra'n :the spacing cofits pivot from the fother block endw'and Swingable aroun'd :thelatter I 'itoflicompress tithe block longitudinally whereby )tO grip "\one end of said; sheet and c1ose "said slot f4. n rubbing shOecII-1prising a-resilient block,

abailpivoted on one end'ofthe blockLa-nd swing- {and \clesedaautomatically .under the -.compressive force applied-by saidbail. I l

40 forcelrapplied'day aaitl bail. r

5.VA rubbing shoe comprising a block of re-' silient material having an upwardly opening slot extending across one end thereof, a bail pivoted in said block between one end thereof and'said 5 slot and above the bottom of the latter, and a roller on the free end of said bail movable around the other end of said block and operable to com-. press the block longitudinally to close said slot and grip a rubbing sheet disposed therein.

10 6. trubbing .shoe lcomprising arblock having a :pair of ii aws .project'ing' upwardly at one end to receive one end portion of an abrasive sheet,

- one of said jaws being movable, and a bail piv- I oted on said block end and swingable around -15 the other end to clamp the other end of said sheet andsimultaneously actuate said movable jaw to clamp said first mentioned sheet end.

l. A-rubbing'shoe for carrying a rubbing sheet on the underside thereof comprising a block having a clamp at one end for receivingone wendbfa'saidrsheen; and aimeniber movable around :the :iother :end ."of the r'blOCkl'llO grip :the other slrreetqenlzl':azidtsimultaneously:actuatesaid:clmnp to grip the first mentioned sheet end. s .A; rubbing shoeiforacarrymganubbing sheet zonitlaexunderside thereoficomprisingzmblockdmv- .irrg a sclamp :at pne rend iopeningvnpwardly :receive mne .teird of zsaid csheet, wand m: member rm'cvable zaronnd athe nther -end inf .cthe :blwk to I grip the other sheet'nnd :andt-sinniltaneously nc-,

ituate ;sai d clamp to ."grip the vfirst mnnticned 19.,LA21ilibbing' shoezconrprisingeamesilientahlnnk,

a bail pivoted on onezerrd'ofrhhe iblockzandrswingzablezamnnd'tthe 'nthe'r end' ofrivhe :b1ockt:to:com'

press it longitudinally and grip one endm'ftan v aabrasive' Sheet, land "jaws ion :said- :first "mentioned block end receiving thecotlrersnnd of :andmlo'sed bautumatica-llyamder the-icompnessive 1110. 4A rnubbingrshoe comprising a iresilient i bl'oek, a bail pivnted amioneaenrl of the lil'cnck mid 'swingable arouniiithe otlirercerizii ofxthierblock to r :cnmpr'ess fitd'ongitudina'lly' and gripacone endmt abrasive =3heet, :anzd iiaws 'on-said' first mantioned block endimeceiving the litherienduofisaid sshee't mndrlosed iautomatioall y 'mider .zpressiveiiorce appliedizbyisaid bail.

lp osed lief irresili'ent material, -:-and :a ibail spivoted mnwsaid 1mm; and swlngable around one enzd mi the block to compress the block and derive a imrce' for :gripping a ru'bb'ing shet'vdisposed 'be- 'tween theiblook errcl and the free-end (if the' biil.


dshe zcom- I A nibbiiigsh'oe' comprising a blnck com-

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