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Publication numberUS2334380 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1943
Filing dateSep 2, 1943
Priority dateSep 2, 1943
Publication numberUS 2334380 A, US 2334380A, US-A-2334380, US2334380 A, US2334380A
InventorsHenry Brinker John
Original AssigneeGlobe Wernicke Co
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Clip board
US 2334380 A
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Nov. 16, 1943. H, 'BRINKER 2,334,380

CLIP BOARD Filed Sept. 2, 1943 mum-1mum-mnun I g l taa qym .Tamv Helm? file/Mela INVENTOR.

imp-marinas.amal am mime 5+ Thfl Gl hfiewflnickezCo.', Norwood ohibaawonl evenin -tents t lipbba comprising: a" pat pa hoard mb v a ms-tar o r s e n and" th'l'ik: a a nsti tne; boar'g r r disp a poses or" for retaining ,papers'in position it) ingormarliin'g; l A It is air-object. of: my invention to i boar s liic rtme of wood or plastic an 'i'u'rth taken on' tl'iesf'ectio I u U i J Figure ois'a plan-view ta en 'roir'i'tIie of the clip usedin my novel clip board.

Brieflyl in the praetieedf niy invention, I provide a base board I of the usual-type which I 7 preferably form of wood. Attached-to the'base board I by means of grommets or the like 2, is

a wire element generally shown at 3, which acts both as a pivot for the clamping element 4 and as a spring for urgingit into clamping position against th base board I. The wireelement 3 comprises a bail like portion 5 terminating in coiled springs 6, the coils of which are in alignment; The free ends of the coil spring 6 terminate in loops 1 through which the grommet 2 is positioned for holding the element 3 torthe base board I. A portion of the bail like portion 5 is bent inwardly, as at 8, to form are-entrant portion which is at an angle to the plane of the bail like portion 5, as may clearly be seen in Figure 4. In order to insure theqalignment of the coils of the springs 6, I insert a woodenpin 9 within their coils, as is apparent in Figures 3 and 4. r

The clamping member circular configured slot l0 projecting upwardly within the handle portion II. I provide a side'- 4 is provided with a the coat piiiiatiiiir attache, mesa? Gl ailnsz-n been these I *rt iwni iiaeparnt that? of there-entrant portion 8 abutting theresentrarit pofnong'atan'd er en U completely alcng triiconr tin edge ciampirig portibn' fair- 2: 1

I preferably form the base board as well as the clamping member of wood or of plastic or any analogous material, and it will be apparent that the only metal used in my novel clip board is the wireelement 3and the grommets 2. Of course; bolts or rivets may be used in place of the grommets 2', and in some cases it may be desirable to eliminate the pin 9. It is to beunderstood that modifications may be made in my invention withent is:

out departing from the spirit thereof. I do not intend to limit myself otherwise than as pointed out in the claims which follow. a

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Pat- 1. In combination with a base board and clamping member, a spring hinge, comprising j a} wire element having a coiled spring portion,

means whereby one end of the wire may be attached to the base board, and a bent wire baillike portion having a re-entrant part disposed at an angle to the bail portion proper, the clampalignment.

ing element being slotted to accept the bail and the slot having a sidewise opening within which the bent portion of said bail will engage to form a l0ck, the wire element 2. In combination; with a base board and clamping member, 'a' 'spring hingefpomprising a' wire element having a "bail-like portion termimating in aligned coil' springs, means for fasserving to pivot the clamping element to the base and to urge it to clamping position.

tening the free ends of said springs to the base board, the clamping element being slotted-toaccept the bail, means for retaining said bailiri saidslot, the wire element serving, to: piv'ot'th'e:

' clamping element to the baseboard and to urge it to clamping position.

'3. In combination with a base board and clamping member, a spring hinge, comprising nating in aligned coil springs meansfor fasten! ing ,thelifre'e ends" of said springs to 'Ith'e base board,the clamping element being'slotte'd toada wire element having a bail-like portion. trniicept the bail, means forretaining said bail in' said slot, the ,wireelement' serving to pivot the.

clamping element to the'base board and to urge it to clamping position, said bailretaining means comprising a re-entrant portion disposed at an; angle to the bail portion proper, anda sidewise,

opening in saidslot'iengaging said re-entrant portion toiorrn'a -lock, a x r e, oornprising a l; springs, means f or fastening the free ends 0f said springs to the base accept thebaiL'means for retaining saidbailin said slot, "the 'wire element; serving, to pivot the am i e emen th a. -boar na firs it to clamping'position, and apin positioned ntain their i withinsaid aligned coil springsgto-mai 5;. In eombin am innie, asjejbqar ing the ireeendsof said springs t0 the basc board and like: portion termi -r V m n jbeaza spri h a ig mpnsin wire element -haying a ;bail-like ;portion .termi-"- hating in alignedcoil;springs means for fastenangle to the bail portion proper, and a sidewise opening in said slot engaging said re-entrant portion to form a lock, and a pin positioned withr in said aligned coil springs to maintain their alignment. i

'6. In combination with a baseboard and clamping member, a spring hinge, comprising a 'wire'ji element having a bail-like (intermediate portion terminating in aligned coil springs, a

single straight pin positioned within the coil of' 'Qsaid springs, the free ends formed in a loop, grommets "'said'loops .to the base board, the clamping eleor the like fastening ment being slotted to accept the bail, means-for retaining 'said-bail in said slot, thewire element serving to pivot-" theclamping element to the baseboard and'to urge it to clamping position;

7. In' combination with a base board and clamping -me'mber, a spring hinge, comprising a wire element having a bail-like intermediate portioniterminating i'n' aligned coil springs, a. single straight'pin positioned within the coil of said springs, the free ends of saidisprings being formed i'n a loop, grommets or the like fastenin}? said loops to the base board, the-clamping element being slotted to accept the-bail,means far: retaining said bail in said .'s,lot, vthe Wire el'me'ritfserving to pivot the clamping .eleinentfto the bas'e'eboa rdf and, to urge it to clamping'iposi tion; said hail; retaining means comprisingr'an inwardly bent portioif offsai'd bail disposed'atfan apglefto the;plane of .the bail? portion proper V and ankabutrnnti associated.

lock; 8' lamp g member, aspiring hingeicomprising. a

wirelelment having agebail -likehp'ortion' termi-l, r nanngin alignedacoil springs, means for fastening'the freeiends oi" said springs tothe baseboard,

the clamping "element being slotted; to accept;

thevblail meanslfoii retainirig said bail in. said slot, the wire element serving to pivot "the clamp-f ing-elementto the base 'lboard and to urge itto clamping position; saidbail retaining means comprising" a r 'e -entrant portiondisposed at "an" angle to the bail portion proper, and'asidewiseopening communicating, with said slot and the outside of said clamping member releasably engaging saidform-a locl; manually rere-entrant nq t nf leasable.

of said springs being r. i hg xsiqi gaging ,said inwardly, bent portion to form V a oifipiiiatibn 1 with? is, ffba se imidi ricij

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U.S. Classification24/67.7, D19/88
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