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Publication numberUS2335015 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 23, 1943
Filing dateMay 24, 1943
Priority dateMay 24, 1943
Publication numberUS 2335015 A, US 2335015A, US-A-2335015, US2335015 A, US2335015A
InventorsWilliam J Lantheaume
Original AssigneeWilliam J Lantheaume
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Medical package
US 2335015 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Nov. 2 3, 1943. w. J. LANTHEAUME 2,335,015

I MEDICAL PACKAGE Filed May 24, 1945 @574. 3 Z-T' z'5r. a. Ia a z "2 l v I I t 5 3 5 "INVENTOR,


Patented Nov. 23, 1943 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE William I. Iantlreaume, D81! City, Calif. Application Ma? 24, 1943, Serial No. 488,289 20mm. (on. cos-63.2)

This invention relates to improvements in medical packages, and it has for its primary object the provision of a pocket size medical package for use in supplying materials for first aid treatment of toothaches or the, like.

Another object of my invention is to provide a novel vest pocket medical package containing various medicines and materials which can be readily applied to an aching tooth for the purpose of painrelief;

A further object of my invention is toprovide a compact medical packageof the kind characterized, having the various parts thereof arranged in such a manner as to normally protect the liquid container therein against breakage.

Other and further objects of my invention will be pointed'out hereinafter, or will be indicated in the appended claims, or will be obvious to one skilled in the art upon an understanding of the present disclosure.- For the purpose of this application I have elected to show herein certain forms and details of a medical package representative of my invention; it is to be understood, however, that the embodiment of my invention herein shown and described is for the purpose of illustration only, and that therefore it is not to beregarded as exhaustive of the variations of the invention, nor is it to be given an interpretation such as might have the effect of limiting the claims short of the true and most comprehensive scope of the invention in the art.

' In the accomp nying drawing:

Fig; 1 is a front view of a medical package emying the preferred principles of my invention: Fig. 2 is a plan view of the package when fully opened; and v Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1.

Referring to the drawing, the numerals I and 2 te, respectively, the folded over front and rear sides of the medical package. The lower end of the front side I of the package is preferably bent so as to provide an inclined section I. The front and rear sides of the package are formed from a single piece of fairly rigid material, such as paper,-cloth, plastic, Celluloid or the like. The front side I of the package is somewhat shorter than the rear side 2, and it is provided centrally with a vertical slot 3, the upper end of which is gradually narrowed as at 3'.

' Secured as by a strip 4 of adhesive tape or other other suitable material to the rear sidey2 is a combination liquid and poultice 60111281113175.

.Ihe container 5 partially projects through the vertical slot 3 of the front side, and its upperf pnd extends slightly above the top edge of the said front side. The inwardly protruding wings Ia of the front side, which are formed where the slot 3 is narrowed, engage with and extend in" front of the container 5 and serve as additional means for protecting and holding the latter in place. The container 5 is closed at its upper and lower ends by removable stoppers G, and its interior is divided into two chambers by a rubber insert or partition I. The upper chamber preferably contains a medicine in liquid form which is capable of relieving the pain resulting from a decayed tooth, while the lower chamber holds cotton or other material for absorbing the medicine-when it is to be applied to the cavity I ofthe aching tooth.

Secured as by an adhesive to the inclined section I of the frontside I is an elongated package 8 comprising a transparent covering having a number of aspirin or other similar tablets 9 held therein. The elongated package engages with the rear side 2 and normally maintains the lower end of the front side I in spaced relation thereto.

Secured to the inner or rear surface of the front side I by an adhesive or other suitable means are a number of medically treated poultices or pads III which are preferably held in transparent bags II arranged in vertical order at opposite sides of the vertical slot 3. The pads III are of appreciable thickness and their particular positions with respect to the container 5 enables them to serve as means for protecting the latter and also to normally maintain the front and rear sides in spaced relation. The pads I0 are preferably applied between the cheek and the gum where the aching tooth is located.

It is to be understood that the medical package comprising the principles of my invention may be used to hold various other kinds of medicines or materials adapted for use in the first aid treatment of wounds, injuries and the like. Instructions as to the use of the medicines and materials of the package may be printed directly on either or both of the sides. 7

Having described my invention, what I claim isi 1. In a medical package, an elongated sheet folded to form two adjacent side members, an elongated slot in one of the side members, an elongated material container secured to the other of the side members and positioned to project through the slot of the first mentioned side member, and a plurality of pads secured to the first mentioned side member at its inner surface and at opposite sides of/the slot, the said pads being arranged to protect the elongated container v when the side members are in positions adjacent one another.

I 2; In a medical package, an elongated sheet folded to provide two overlying adjacent sides: of unequal lengths, an inclined section formed on the shorter of the side members adjacent the point where the sheet is folded, a transversely disposed tablet package secured to the inclined section and arranged to contact the longer oi the side members when the two side members are in folded adjacent positions whereby the said side members are normally held apart at points adjacent the connected ends thereof, an elongated slot in the shorter of the side members, an elongated container secured to the longer side' memher and arranged to-project through the slot .when the side members are in folded positions,

and a series oi pads secured to the shorter side member at its inner surface and at opposite sides of the slot, whereby the container is protected against breakage when the sides are in folded WILLIAM mhm'rnmtmm.

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U.S. Classification206/229, 206/813, 206/438
International ClassificationB65D73/00
Cooperative ClassificationY10S206/813, B65D73/0078
European ClassificationB65D73/00F