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Publication numberUS2336357 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 7, 1943
Filing dateNov 28, 1942
Priority dateNov 28, 1942
Publication numberUS 2336357 A, US 2336357A, US-A-2336357, US2336357 A, US2336357A
InventorsHixson Charles I
Original AssigneeHixson Charles I
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Combined closure and massage device
US 2336357 A
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D.7,1943. c. l. mxsoN i 2,336,357

COMBINED GLOSURE AND MSSAGE DEVICE Filed Nov. 28, 1942 /N l/E/vToR y .er i y Arron/vn.

Patented Dec. 7, 1943 NITED STATii garant OFFICE 2 Claims.

This invention relates to a combined closure and massaging device.

The general object of the invention is to provide an improved dispensing closure for use on a collapsible tube and wherein the closure includes an end face which is shaped to massage the face or a portion of the body over which the closure is moved.

A more specific object of this invention is to provide a novel one-piece closure for a container.

Another object of the invention is to provide a novel massaging closure for a container.

Other objects and advantages I" the invention will be apparent from the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing wherein:

Fig. l is a top plan view of a combined closure and massage device embodying the features of my invention;

Fig. 2 is a section taken on line 2-2 Fig. l;

Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view of the closure, and

Fig. 4i is a fragmentary central sectional View showing collapsible tube with my novel closure thereon.

Referring to the drawing by reference characters I have shown my invention as embodied in a combined closure and massage device which is indicated generally at Il).

The device is preferably made of plastic, metal,

ber or other suitable material and is intended primarily to be used as a closure for collapsible tubes.

As shown the device includes a body I l having a tapered discharge aperture I2 which extends therethrough. The inner end of the discharge aperture includes a threaded bore I3 which is adapted to engage threads i4 on the neck of a collapsible tube.

As shown the collapsible tube has a shoulder id on the end thereof adjacent to threads Ill and this shoulder is shown as engaged by the planar end Il on the body I8 of the closure. The body I8 has a cylindrical wall I9 and at the end remote from the threads I3 has an outwardly directed flange 2U. This flange 2G has a cylindrical outer wall 2| and has a planar inner face 22 which is spaced from the cylindrical portion I9 by a semicylindrical groove 23.

The outer end of the closure is convex as at 24 and is provided with a plurality of concentric grooves 25 which are coaxial with the dispensing aperture l2. A plurality of arcuate grooves 26 intersect the grooves 25. The grooves 26 communicate with the dispensing aperture I2 at their inner ends. The grooves 2G are substantially radially arranged.

In use the usual threaded cap is removed from the collapsible tube and my improved closure is placed thereon. When the tube is squeezed the material 2l passes through the dispensing aperture I2. When the end surface 2l! of the closure is moved over the face the material 21 being dispensed passes into the grooves 2G thence out these grooves and into the circular grooves 25 and as light pressure is applied to tube 25 and further material is discharged this material is distributed over the end of the end 24 of the closure and is worked into the skin so that simultaneously with the application a massaging effect is produced.

My device may be used for dispensing a number of preparations and is particularly adapted for dispensing shaving cream and its construction is such that the shaving cream is thoroughly worked into the skin so that a maximum eiiiciency results.

The dispensing aperture I2 is tapered so that the material will be discharged in a smaller quantity and also so that when the closure is left with material in the discharge aperture the congealing of the material in the end will form a kind of plug which will protect the rest of the material in the closure and in the tube.

From the foregoing description it will be apparent that I have invented a novel combined closure and massage device which can be economically manufactured and which is highly eicient for its intended purpose.

Having thus described my invention, I claim:

l. A combined closure and massage device adapted for use on a collapsible tube which has a threaded discharge neck, said device including a one-piece rigid body having a threadedbore adapted to engage the threaded neck on a tube, said body having a cylindrical wall and having an outwardly directed liange on one end thereof, said body having a central bore the outer end of said body being convex, the outer end of said body having spaced continuous grooves therein arranged in concentric manner, and a plurality of other grooves in the outer face and extending substantially radially, said other grooves intersecting said central bore and intersecting the spaced grooves, said other grooves serving to conduct material to said circular grooves.

2. A combined closure and massage device adapted for use on a collapsible tube which has a threaded discharge neck, said device including circular groove which is semi-cylindrical in cross section, the outer end of said body being convex, the outer end of said body having spaced circular grooves therein which are coaxial With the discharge aperture and a plurality of arcuate grooves in the outer face and extending outwardly from the dispensing aperture and intersecting the circular grooves, said arcuate grooves serving to conduct material from said discharge l0 aperture to said circular grooves.


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U.S. Classification601/154, 401/266
International ClassificationA61H7/00, B65D35/24, B65D35/36
Cooperative ClassificationB65D35/36, A61H2201/105, A61H7/003
European ClassificationB65D35/36, A61H7/00D2