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Publication numberUS2336763 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 14, 1943
Filing dateMar 6, 1941
Priority dateMar 6, 1941
Publication numberUS 2336763 A, US 2336763A, US-A-2336763, US2336763 A, US2336763A
InventorsWilcox Isaac L
Original AssigneeOswego Falls Corp
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US 2336763 A
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l. L. WILCOX Dec. 14, 1943.

CONTAINER Filed March 6, 1941 ATTORNEYS.

Patented Dec. 14,

CONTAINER A N. Y., assignor to Oswego Isaac L. Wilcox,.Fulton,

`Falls Corporation,

oi' New York Fulton, N. Y., a corporation Application March s, 1941, serial No. 382,035 I romans. (ci. 229-37) This invention relates to containers formed from sheet fibrous material such as paper board and intended particularly for the packaging of `liquid products, such as milk. More particularly the invention is directed to the' formation of the body and bottom end closure oi such a container.

This invention has as an object a paper container for liquid products, the container and the bottom end closure thereof being formed from a onepiece integral blank which has been previously coated to render the samey entirely impervious to liquids/'for which the containers are to be used, and which has been previously processed, whereby it is only necessary to fold one end of the blank to form the bottom closure of the container, and this bottom closure is hermetically sealed by a short application of heat and without the application of any glue or adhesive in the dairy, all whereby the machinery for fabricating the container and the time employedin the fabrication of the container is reduced to a minimum, the blanks from which the containers are made being particularly adapted to be expeditiously shaped and formed into containers by machinery. y

The invention consists in the novel features and in the combinations and constructions hereinafter set forth and claimed.

In describing this invention, reference is had to the accompanying drawing in whichlike characters designate coi-responding parts in all the views.

Figure 1 illustrates a blank from which the container may be formed.

Figure 2 is-a vertical sectional View. of the blank taken on line 2-2, Figure l.

Figure 3 is a top plan view oi' the container with the end closure panels partially folded in- Wardly.

Figure 4 is a top plan view of the container as it appears with the end closure completely sealed.

Figure 5 is a view looking into the interior of the container after the end closure panels have been folded and sealed in place.

Figure 6 is a sectional view taken on line 6 8, Figure 5.

'Ihe container is formed from a at blank, as shown in Figure l, provided with spaced longitudinal score lines Ill deiining oppositely disposed side Wall panels II, I2 and a side wall lap I3. The blank is also provided with a transverse- 1y extending score line IB spaced from one end thereof to form inwardly folding end closure panels. Thesepanels, adjacent the side panels I2, are provided with converging score lines li'which define triangular shaped portions I8, I1. 'I 'heend panels I8, adjacent the of rectangular formation.

The end closure is formed by'iirst folding the triangular panels I6 inwardly and subsequently folding the panels I0 inwardly. The dimensions of the panels are such that the apex'es of the panels I6 meet at the center of the container, and the edges of the panels I8 abut. The blank side panels I l, are

is scored and coated with a substance to render the blank, and accordingly the subsequently formed container, impervious to liquids for which the container will be used.

For example, if the container is to be used for liquid food products. such as milk, I coat the blank with a vinyl resin such as the copolymer of vinyl acetate and vinyl chloride.`

In addition, to coating the inner surface of the blank, it is necessary to coat any portion of the eds'eof the blank which may be exposed on the interior of the container and which is contacted by the liquid content thereof. To block off such exposed edge portions of the blank and thereby produce an entirely impervious contain-x er, a tape 20 is applied to the lower edge of the blank and a similar tape 2| applied to the side edge adjacent the side wall lap I3. The tapes 42li, 2l overlie the surface on opposite sides of the blank adjacent the edge thereof. The tapes 20, 2l are formed of impervious sheet material which, at normal temperatures, presents a. hard,

'non-tacky, surface and which is heat sealable.

I prefer the tapes'20, 2I to be formed out oi the same material with which the blank proper is coated. The scoring, coating and application of the tapes 20, 2I, is done at the container manufacturing plant, the impervious coated blanks being shipped to the dairy or Packaging. plant in flat formation.

The blanks are shaped to tubular formation with the side wall lap I3 overlying the marginal surface adjacent the panel II and is secured thereto through the medium of the tape 2| by a short application of heatA and pressure thereto. The blank is shaped to ,tubular form upon a I suitable mandrel and while positioned on the portions;` of the panels are securely sealed together.

What I claim is: Y

1. A container comprising a tubular body, a tape consisting oi a strip oi impervious heat sealing adhesive material secured to one end of the body and overlying the inner and outer surfaces of the body adjacent said end, said end portion Y of the body being formed with inwardly foldable end closure panels arranged in overlapping relation, and said tape serving to eiectively seal the l overlapping portions of said panels.

2. A container comprising a blank of sheet material formed into atubular body rectangular panels.


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U.S. Classification229/184, 229/198.1
International ClassificationB65D5/00, B65D5/40, B65D5/02
Cooperative ClassificationB65D5/40, B65D5/0227
European ClassificationB65D5/40, B65D5/02C